Monday 31 October 2016

Review: My Experience with Impulse Studio, that helped me lose 4kg in 10 sessions

Yes, I lost 4 KGS of fats in total. Perhaps, to some it is not a lot but it's pretty much a lot. And it means a lot too.

But before I go into all the details about my drops in KGS, I think it is important to know, why I do it and why I took this approach.

First of all, I used to be very thin, but I put on some meat and I like it - but perhaps a little too much (I largely blame it to lifestyle and food, but who am I to kid?) - I have no one to blame but myself.

By blame, I don't mean I go by the stereotype skinny or muscular figure - I mean, I want to be healthy. By healthy, I mean I don't have to feel gasping for air when I climb the stairs, or I don't have to feel I can't run the 10km I used to run effortlessly.

I want to be able to do things that I enjoy.

The healthy way.

I was given the opportunity to review Impulse Studio - was reluctant at first because I am not sure if this will work (given the fact, I tried many ways, from strict dieting, gym with weights or machines, and even try on diet pills, just for the sake of trying).

But after some readings, I give it a try anyhow.

So, here's what you need to know.

It's all about EMS + Diet - making it part of your lifestyle.

What's EMS?

Well, EMS is Electric Muscle Stimulation, it is commonly used in training, rehabilitation (commonly in US), preventive or even as beautifying tool (think of those small devices for massage or patches for fat reductions).

From the device itself, it generate impulses via  electrodes direct on your skin (targeted at your muscles, or areas that is intended to be stimulated, especially in the case of toning your body shape). 

What happen is.... the impulses will send your muscles to contract (literally forcing your muscles to contracts even if your brain says NO). However, it's not to say it's hurting you - it's working your muscle harder, performance harder to get the result you want FASTER.

Apparently, EMS is up to 18 times more efficient than a conventional gym workout.

Ok. Stop.

Yes, which is why - I can tell you - my every session of 20 mins with Impulse Studio is like.... 3 to 4 hours of intensive training in conventional gym.

This is the programme I am currently doing - which is weight loss, so far, proven to work. Once I graduate from this programme, I can proceed to the next programme.... 

If you ask me, why it is different?

Personal trainer.


Not like you have to beg or pay your trainers. It's part of it, to maximize your performance, guide you throughout the session - yes, of course you paid for it - but you pay for results, THAT YOU WANTED.

Their trainers will monitor your performance, results and guide your through your process in achieving your goals. Their trainers are certified for training on XBody devices.

During my review sessions, my trainers encourage me. Push me to go harder, better and the result? A better me.

Me after another session - success! Woots!

And my trainers is also my friends now. They are your partner - your trainers is your driving force in getting you to the finish line.

Some of the trainers who trained me!
I give you one example. I hate planks.

Like........ seriously?

Every time my trainer says: Plank time!
This is my face.

So, first time? I can do 10 seconds only. OMG. Just merely 10 seconds. Pfffffft.........

Second time?

20 seconds. (Hey, things are getting fun in here.....)

By the 6th session till the last session, I can do a full 60 seconds.


And now, planks? No problem!


Here's my result, I know you WANTED TO SEE PROOF.

Just for the fun of it, so you know I am not writing this for fun.

Weight increase due to muscle gain, but look at the fats, close to lost of 1kg after 4th session. By the 10th sessions, I lost almost 4kgs in total. Other than the fats - what's more important is I feel more energetic and fitter! Training my core muscles to the max! Can't wait to go back to train and get fitter than ever!
Bonusssss!!! For the busy, urban people who always (like always) chasing after time, here's the deal. There's nothing to worry about and you don't have to even bring your gym bag. Just yourself. You don't even need to bring your sport shoes - change and voila, train hard, shower and go.

Yes, just 20 mins.
The location is easy to access as well, tt is available in:

  • Impulse Studio Bangsar,
  • Impulse Studio Platinum Sentral,
  • Impulse Studio Changkat,
  • Impulse Studio G-Tower; and 
  • Impulse Studio Damansara Perdana.

For more info and book your session online... click here for the website.

For those who want to train core, increase your performance, and more importantly, build muscle...
I am probably gonna graduate soon and take this up. I want to sculpt my body, continue to reduce far and define my body even more.... Me likey!

Only for women, you can now slim, shape and tone!

If you are keen to try and get fitter, you can try the introduction package, but I reckon you to call, make an appointment for consultation so you know what your body needs is. 

If you really want to try, you can opt for 10 sessions for RM999 - which is what I did and lost 6kgs!
In every session, it's only 20 mins - and I can see results as fast as in 4th session. I have to say that Impulse (EMS) Training is definitely making my muscles work hard and it's more effective. If you tried it, I want to hear your experience as well.

Have a great, fit day people!

Be deelicious,
31 October, 2016

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  1. Wow! Impulse Studio really delivered results for me. I lost 4kg in just 10 sessions! Highly recommend.