Look younger with FRANKINCENSE INTENSE CONCENTRATE by Neal’s Yard Remedies

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Are you ready to get younger, the more natural way?

After the enormous success of Frankincense Intense™, Neal’s Yard Remedies recognises there is a gap in the product for a luxuriously premium and super age-defying skincare tier.

In case you want to know what is Frankincense Intense by NYR, here's a video that can enlighten you a bit...

If you are not very familiar with NYR, click play on the video below, I think it's their "Are you ready to discover organic?" campaign, yes, NYR are organic.

And because Frankincense Intense™ by Neal’s Yard Remedies is such a success, NYR introduces the next natural step in the age-defying skincare routine, with Frankincense Intense™ Concentrate.

This is the real deal, why? Because, this concentrated treatment consists of 100% more peptides than Frankincense Intense™ Cream, with clinically proven results. Frankincense Intense™ Concentrate has been clinically proven to reduce the wrinkle appearance (depth) and smooth skin surface after just 30 minutes and qualifies as instantly age-defying effects.

This is the Frankincense Intense Concentrate - clinically proven to defy ageing, organically! 

Well, you, me and everyone basically is always on the look out for a more guaranteed results when we invest in our skincare range, and at the same time, hoping among all, something to suit our skin. Yes? So, no harm trying out Frankincense Intense™ Concentrate that will meet your need that promise to gives you instant clinically proven results with visible anti-ageing benefits –doing it all organically!

Here's a list of benefits that  Frankincense Intense™  Concentrate has to offer (clinically proven age-defying results and benefits):

  • Instantly smoothes and reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles
  • Boosts skin’s suppleness and firmness in just seven days
  • Provides instant and lasting hydration
  • Optimises skin’s radiance
  • Moisturises for up to 24/48 hours
  • Blend of essential oils with therapeutic benefits
  • Dermatologically, hypoallergenic and opthalmologically tested (so this product is thoroughly tested!)
  • Nickel tested (new to me!)
  • Gluten free (yay!)
  • Soil Association approved (new to me!)

Instant results....

Organic & Wild Harvested Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is of the most important oils for improving skin tone and treating ageing skin; it is also astringent, tightening and toning. NYR combines organic frankincense from Kenya with wild-harvested frankincense from Somalia to create an unique blend.

Neal’s Yard Remedies uses innovative technology and an eco-friendly approach in preserving the bio-diversity of nature; for instance plant stem cells which is the most sustainable way to use the purest part of a plant that has never been in contact with pesticides. Stem cells are not affected by winter/summer crops and no limitation of what can be produced.

So, do check out Neal's Yard Remedies Facebook and their website here. You can get some sample too, here's the list of outlet: Gardens Mall, Bangsar Village II, Isetan 1 Utama and Isetan KLCC.

If you would like to know more of the brand and their amazing story, click here.
Meanwhile, be deelicious and stay young!

Be deelicious,


Uniquely Yours, Your Very Own Fragrance

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Smell is such a gift.

Not only it relaxes you, it also can excite you or make you feel.... at ease, that very moment.

However, I like it seductive and sexy. Oh but sexy is so cliché, ain't it? So, what about seductive and desirable? Yeah, that's seems OK, sounds good.

Some of my favourite perfume or scents usually fall into categories like, fresh, woody, relaxing and seductive - usually you buy from popular brands or pick it up at retails.

What if you can make your own perfume? Like those perfumers, who spend hours and hours of their time to make the "perfect perfume" for you?

You can do so now with Bisou Bon Bon and that's great, because I wanted my very own "signature" perfume *think seductive people!*

Before we into the details, to illustrate how important smell or scent can be.... and how a crazy person (who is gifted by the way, an artisan in his own way) will do to create the greatest perfume on earth, watch this movie, basically, simply because I love this movie as well.

So, with Bisou Bon Bon, you can create your very own perfume, it's hassle free too.

I actually wonder how, so curiosity answered when I got invited to the Butterfly Project event to make your own perfume and tea party (yes, my very first....to Butterfly Project event!).

Here's how to make your own perfume:

First, get into the mood. This is me... (just joking)

Look into all these bottles..... amazing... (from the movie: Perfume)
As you probably know, there's 3 notes that makes the perfect perfume.

The base note, the middle note and the top note.

Lots of choice available....

Briefing first.... by Shelby
And take a carrier, put some oil...
2ml is enough....

My selection of base note.... I got the patchouli...rosewood, and frankincense! 15 drops in total...

these are my middle note! Rosemary, geranium and palmarosa, about 9 drops in total...

And finally, these are the top note! :P
Bergamot and Clary Sage.... and it's about 6 drops in total.
After dripping a few drops of this, that.....

You need this, 20ml of alcohol and some water
And some of the behind the scene pics! LOL!

Yes, I smell each and everyone of it, quite particular on which scent I wanted. Thanks to Jeremy for taking this for me....

Hardworking dropping down my scents!

Thanks Shelby! :P

And we are done! Keep for about 2 weeks - best to keep 6 weeks so the perfume can really mix well.

After all the perfume work, time to enjoy some good tea and dessert!

Of course, we need a proper introduction to drinking good tea - and I find the environment of this cafe, Betjeman & Barton is cosy and relaxing, not crowded or noisy....

And we are served with desserts!
Macaron (Green Tea and Raspberry), Orange Chocolate Cake, finish with Pure Milk and White Chocolates!

The Orea Mousse de Fromage is plated well!

One of the best-seller in Betjeman & Barton - the Pouchkine Tea - light on strength, aromatic and soothing for me

With some of the bloggers attending to the event! Yes, I still wear the flowers band, just for a while....
Behind the scene with Jeremy

The ever sweet Sabby Prue....

Have to hiao a bit....

Some of the tea sets available...

Colourful tins available for you to house the tea leaves....

I like these tins and sets!

Drink more tea, relax a bit....

And of course, take a pic with Tammy, a must.....

And go totally crazy with Tammy's flowers band!

Even crazier!

And in the end, I love the chocolates so much that I actually bought some home....

Nice packaging.... (the 6 pieces box)
These are my choices..... RM3.50 per piece
1. Noisttes Gianduja (Hazelnut Chocolate)
2. Pralinosa Sombre (Dark Pralinosa)
3. Lait de Melon (Melon Milk)
4. Lait Oren (Orange Milk)
5. CNY Exclusive (Dark Truffle)
6. Lait de bleuet (Blueberry Milk)
For more information on Bisou Bon Bon / Bisou Rose, click here and for Betjeman & Barton, click here. And do follow Shelby here....

And meanwhile, stay lovely and deelicious this Chinese New Year, Happy Holiday!

Be deelicious,