Review: KL Tower Ramadan Buffet

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For such a long time, I did not visit KL Tower. Yes, I see it everyday but it didn't come across to me, that it is not just a tourist spot or "lambang" Malaysia, our nation. Oh boy, I am not disappointed with one of my recent visit for buka puasa session! The food is kampung inspired and beautifully selected and crafted by Chef Ismail!

All of us taking one for the memorable and awesome dinner at KL Tower with the organizing team, media and bloggers!

From now till 3 July, spend wonderful time with your family and friends at KL Tower Ramadan Buffet (from 6.30pm to 10.00pm) at Mega View Banquet Hall, KL Tower. Bring your family and friends (or the entire satu kampung) to enjoy the many ‘kampung’ cuisines and many other mouth-watering delicacies featured in this KL Tower Ramadan buffet and guess what, meet Chef Ismail everyday Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to complete your “Buka Puasa” experiences at KL Tower!

Here's the food journey! Feast on this before the real deal!

Nak tak? NAK!

I seldom see telur itik featured in some of the cooking but you can expect it here. I tried it and I love it, I had TWO! And the vege is soft and soaked in lemak!
Dodol! Coming from Melaka, you know I will have high standard when comes to dodol!

I just want to show you up-close! It's not overly sweet, yet it's soft, not too gooey that stucked everywhere! Good one!

Roti jala is not hard, although it's prepared ahead and the dalca sayuran is not spicy nor overpowering.

By just looking at the cili yang bertaburan already make my hearts skipped a few beats!

Love prawns? Here you go!

Don't worry, there's a selection of sayur for you but I still prefer the vege masak lemak...

I have to compliment this. Of all, I love this the best! I LOVE ASSAM PEDAS, so far, not many place in KL offer good assam pedas!

Just wanted to show how much I love the assam pedas with nasi ulam!
For meat lovers, you will be spoilt with choices!

I challenge you to try every single part of it!

I love it, and I overheard from other bloggers, they are loving this too!

Fried stuff? Heard you.....
Let's not forget this?
And this, don't you forget this!

Soft, aromatic and flavourful - this is how I describe this. I am particular with my kuih, and how this fair? It hit the right spots!

Fancy some durian? Settle! Pretty good choice, it's not too sticky but it has the right amount of durian, enough for you to want second bowl.

Fruits and all the kuih-muih!

Ade lagi ulam!
Have it mixed!

Got you covered if you are not into rice!

I can go with anything with this!

Gerai-gerai outside the foyer, don't forget to check it out...

Another personal fave! Ondeh-ondeh!

Yupe, I had 4 plates of these! Imagine!!!

It is definitely worth it, especially if you are going to impress your guests and family with good food and great views! I mean... look at this!

Seat by the window and you get this wonderful view, overlooking the entire KL! Exclusive or not? Meletup!

The Ramadan Buffet is priced at RM99++ for adult and RM59++ for children. You can enjoy the new excitement which is the KL Tower Sky Box with only RM20 add on when you purchase the buffet. Free for children (aged 1 to 3 years old) and free entrance to KL Tower Observation Deck!!!

It is, of course.... wajib to selfie with KL Tower.... regardless!

Kenalah juga pose with KL Tower!
We had to have the ondeh-ondeh IN!

Happy to get a shot with them too!

To avoid disappointment, better to RSVP before going especially if you have big group. And.... there's promo of course, with every 10 paying adults, get one (1) pax free! Oh, btw, prayer room is available as well.

For more information and RSVP, please call 03-20205444 or 03-20205055, visit the website or go to their Facebook. Happy berbuka and feasting!

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25 June, 2016


Introducing Mamonde | Harnessing the Power of Flowers for All Your Beauty Needs

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Recently I got invited to special preview of a new beauty brand that will be coming to our shores VERY SOON. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I attended the preview and it blow me away!

AmorePacific Malaysia invited members of media and bloggers to a launch preview of its latest brand, Mamonde (french word for ‘My World’) today. Mamonde products which is fully imported from South Korea (I sense quality and "mutu terjamin" seems to be implied here) is set to reach Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its first beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama.

New brand coming to Malaysia, Mamonde: beauty care that is completely inspired by flowers

Mamonde is the leading global premium cosmetic brand that offers a wide array of skincare, and makeup products to suit your daily needs (yes, perhaps we men don't use make up but that doesn't mean we don't clean our face, kan?). Price range of its products is expected to be between from RM6 to RM169, well, depends on what you buy and need, of course...

We were given an immersive brand experience as they enter the ‘World of Mamonde’ - starts with an introduction of the brand followed by a walk to the 'Mamonde Garden' (as you can see in my introduction video) and given a detailed briefing on the R&D of Mamonde which covers the 5 key flowers used in Mamonde formulation, flower science technologies and its floral properties. The walk continues until they reach Mamonde’s product experience area and finally a 'Flower Beauty Class' that captivates participants with all things floral.

Margaret Chin, General Manager of AmorePacific Malaysia said that:

Mamonde’s skincare is the first of its kind in the cosmetics market as it uses only flowers as its key ingredient in the formulation for all its products. With the launch of Mamonde, AmorePacific Malaysia will have four brands under its company portfolio which includes Laneige, Sulwhasoo and Innisfree.

Some of the star products to look out for is: 

Mamonde First Energy Essence/SerumAge, Control Power Eye Cream, Moisture Ceramide Cream, Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam, Rose Water Toner, and Floral Hydro Cream

First Energy Essence
(Image provided by brand)
It is available in its home country, South Korea but Mamonde had been launched in the U.S, China, Thailand and we are next.

Just a bit on the brand...

“Inspired by Flowers”

The flower, a sign of beauty and a symbol of grace; is also magical with its ability to speak to the soul in a way which words cannot express. The blossoming flower, its colours and pleasant scent emits a natural inherent vitality and surging energy that lifts the mood and comforts the heart. But there’s much more to this extraordinary plant.

Inspired by flowers

AmorePacific Research Institute discovered the close relation between flowers and a woman’s beauty (but I am pretty sure we men can use it too!). Advanced research was then carried out on various flowers; from the root to its stem and petals to discover the amazing power and energy that the flowers possess. Findings reveal that flowers contain moisturising and skin-nourishing ingredients that not only provide nourishment to the skin but also moisturize and balance oil production to maintain a vibrant skin.

Researches help to us to get the best out of nature...

Years of research concluded with the inception of a unique innovation and formulation that use floral extraction to re-invent beauty. AmorePacific named its innovation Mamonde, a brand that inspires feminine beauty (and men these days want to look good too!) with flowers through its flower science technology.

True beauty with nature + science

Brand Video

Mamonde brings beauty into a bloom by instilling the wisdom of nature found in the flowers’ vitality into their products. It aspires to provide skincare solutions for every woman so that they may radiate in blossoming beauty.

Mamonde products are formulated with various types of flowers that possess the following properties:


The Honeysuckle and the Evening Primrose both have amazing vitalizing properties that help maintain healthy skin. The Honeysuckle is an absorbent plant with its ability to absorb nutrition from barren soil to deliver nutrients fast to vital parts of its plant. Similarly for the skin, the Honeysuckle delivers nutrients found in the flower to the skin for a smoother and firmer skin that is vitalised from within. The Evening Primrose contains high concentration of fatty acid and other nutrients that is essential to improve cell structure and skin elasticity.

Moisturizing & Hydrating

Mamonde uses Demask Rose (Rose Water), Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossoms in its hydrating and moisturising range. The Rose water is extracted with super-high pressure to preserve its amazing properties of soothing and moisturising the skin. The Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossom on the other hand, contain natural hydrators and ceramide that offers flawless hydration. The Narcissus offers excellent moisturising benefits of up to 24 hours.


The Camellia is a resilient plant that thrives in a wide range of weather conditions even through winter. Its resilience and other therapeutic properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging for a youthful-looking skin

Cleansing & Exfoliation

The Lotus flower has the ability to cleanse and purify while providing antioxidant protection. It contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, allowing younger cells to rise to the surface of the skin to restore a youthful look.


The Magnolia, an ancient type of flower which has been around for more than 100 million years, has numerous medicinal values. It also has an excellent effect in skin whitening and post-inflammatory pigmentation inhibition. The Water Lily is another plant with amazing benefits to the skin which include brightening the complexion as well as soothing irritated skin.

Pore Care & Oil Balancing

The Heartleaf Houttuynia and Sage are perfect for regulating sebum production and especially for the oily skin. Extracts of the Heartleaf Hottuynia also help tighten the pores that have enlarged and that have lost resilience. It offers instant contraction and it is also cooling to the skin.

Flowers for your beauty needs

Delicate, soft but yet resilient and unyielding is what I would describe flowers.
Mamonde Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam
Image from Mamonde Korea
I will be trying out the First Energy Serum and Essence (*excited*), once the review is out, remember to read it, jangan tak baca ya! :P

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16 June, 2016


Melvita Debuts with a BRAND NEW IDENTITY at Mid Valley Megamall

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Inspired by Melvita's heritage and bees, you can see the elements come true in the new location in Mid Valley, recently moved from Ground Floor to First Floor and was given a total facelift - which they go back to the roots of the brand, more specifically the origin of its name, Melvita, meaning Honey and Life, its new concept is inspired by the bees and beehive. At 504sq ft, the new store floor provides an open and inviting space that creates a natural ambience and improved shopping experience to the customers.

The elements used in this new store are those typically found in nature: real tree trunks; preserved moss and bark forming beautiful green walls, leading the customers to discover the brand’s remarkable organic and natural beauty identity. Choices of materials are also carefully selected by Melvita such as low VCO paints and finishes, and low energy LED lighting that could provide a long- lasting and ecological solution whilst maintaining a high-end lighting result. Both materials and finishes beautifully convey the authenticity and particularities of the homeland of the brand: Ard├Ęche.

Two iconic ranges are definitely the organic Beauty Oil and organic Floral Water. That’s why a Beauty Oil Bar with 3 giant oil tanks are set up in store to let the customers to explore Melvita’s large collection of organic plant oil. Also can be seen is the unique Rose display unit; its background is different from the standard display unit and the products are highlighted in a lighted central hexagon.

Mid valley new concept store also offers other beauty and skincare products for women as well as men (woohoo!!! MEN! Yes! FINALLY!) with a wide selection that includes face care, body care, hair care and even hygiene products, among others. Product formulations are proudly organic and the ingredients are hail from organic farms and other sources that practice a true respect for nature. Most product collections are certified by ECOCERT France, and fulfil the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics).

To decide which products are right for you, step into the consultation table and get seated comfortably where Melvita beauty consultants will gladly advise you on the products’ suitability and offer customized beauty tips. While waiting for friends in store, you could also take a look at the brand’s philosophy and commitments which are displayed behind the cashier.

Here's some information that you might not know.... but it's why you should get Melvita's products....

melvita: the purest expression of nature

Leading French organic skincare brand Melvita was founded in 1983 (I have special attachment to this special numbers) by French biologist and beekeeper, Bernard Chevilliat. Besides being one of the pioneers in the world to gain the French ECOCERT and BIO certificates for organic products, it has been leading the world in setting trends of organic beauty care, with its unique formulas developed using more than 900 types of quality natural organic ingredients.

It is known to be the organic beauty care brand with the largest range of organically certified product series in the world.  Melvita’s organic products include skincare, hair care, body care, and beehive products. Its 3 signature products include Floral Waters, Plant Oils and Honey series. All Melvita’s products are certified by ECOCERT France, and fulfill the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics). 

Melvita’s organic products have a high ratio of organic ingredients. We believe that using organic products is a crucial approach to maintain the earth’s future ecosystem, and insist on:
NO paraffin, silicone, PEG (polyethylene glycol) or PPG (polypropylene glycol), ethoxylated products, parabens or phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde or chlorine derivatives, synthetic fragrances or colourings. Protesting against any tests on animals. Using recyclable packaging to the best we can.
 certified organic by ecocert

ECOCERT is an organic certification organization founded in France in 1991. Its Ecological and Organic Charter is considered as the standards of the organic industry. Its certification standards are extremely stringent, completely prohibiting disputable ingredients and most synthetic preservatives in products. Detailed analysis is also carried out. 

This is to ensure the ingredients, place of origins, production methods; refining methods, quality preservation and other aspects fulfil relevant eco-friendly organic standards before being approved for certification. BIO is the certification dedicated to beauty care products, to certify there is at least 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin, and at least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients are organic, while at least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. *Generally, beauty care products contain 50% – 80% water. Water cannot be listed as certified-organic ingredients.

If you are at Mid Valley, do visit Melvita and explore the new concept and play a part in protecting the environment today! 

Address/Location: F-058 First Floor, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City.
Telephone: 03-2282 2166


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14 June, 2016


Review: Sajian Nostalgia Kampung @ Spring Garden Putrajaya

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This month, can be easily is one of my favourite month - I love all the buka puasa options that is available, eat till my heart truly puas-puas waktu dinner....

I was given the opportunity to try Sajian Nostalgia Kampung at the Spring Garden Putrajaya, boy oh boy, I have to say, I am curious where that is when I look at the address, a quick check - it is true... it's INSIDE the park, beside the lake!

Here's my adventure of palate!

First, first, sapu lah sikit sate dulu.....
Fruits and kuih-muih tue, mesti kena ade....

All my favourite kuihsssss

Kek Durian - NICE!

This kerabu has refreshing after feel, I suspect with crunchy taugeh, it bring out the flavours! Thumbs UP!

Ikan sumbat sambal and and ketam pun ade, actually got sotong also, I didn't take...

Siap kena bakar.... yum yum!

Taufu sumbat and aneka makanan on buffet line.... and sup tulang tu.... memang BEST!

First plate, but I think I got 4 or 5 plates!!!

Buah kurma is a MUST masa buka nanti.... I forgot to take pics, so I pinjam from CFD, read her entry here... 
Only during weekend, ada durian.... better RSVP fast....

And while you enjoy your food, surrounded by family and friends, do enjoy the beautiful scenery, Spring Garden is by the lake and inside this famous Putrajaya park.... 

For those who interested to know about the promotion and pricing, please refer to the listing below....

Buffet dinner and early bird...
Menu & Pricing in the Sajian Nostalgia Kampung (Weekdays)

Menu & Pricing in the Sajian Nostalgia Kampung (Weekends)

Menu & Pricing in the Sajian Nostalgia Kampung (KLCC branch)
When in doubt..... watch the video....!!! It will give you an overview on what to expect when dining at Spring Garden...

As you can see from the video, Spring Garden has great view (lake side), music and performance and of course, juadah and sajian yang menyebabkan air liur meleleh tanpa henti.... (LOL!)

I suggest that you guys call for reservation in case tak cukup tempat especially when you have big number of pax going.... 03-8889 1188, restaurant is located "inside" Taman Botani Putrajaya, where you will pass by Astaka Morocco and a lake beside the restaurant....

Here's the map:

Weekday Special: RM78 nett per adult, RM48 nett per child
Weekend Special: RM88 nett per adult, RM58 nett per child
*Promotion runs from 8 June to 1 July, 2016. 

Operating Hours:Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinners: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

If Putrajaya is far for you, you can go to the other outlet at KLCC. Yupe, there's two Spring Garden, one in Putrajaya, one in KLCC. You can check out their website hereHave a great meal with your friends and family at Spring Garden Putrajaya!

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10 June, 2016