#Deelicious at KL Big Kitchen!

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I love food, there's no denying. I am a Malaysian - that means, I love good food, at any given moment of the day or night. So, travelling around, near or far, for good food, no problem!

But what if there's a place where you can taste everything from different states and hotels? You get to taste it all in one place?

Yes, the KL Big Kitchen.

Click here for more info and listing.
I usually don't go to crowded places. But the temptation is too strong, I mean.... good food, lots of famous chefs? Hell ya!

Some of the highlights in KL Big Kitchen!

Me at KL Big Kitchen! :P
Her first book, Inspirasi Dapur! Check her page here. Image taken from her FB page.

And I get to meet with Dr. Ezani, who is the first winner of MasterChef Malaysia! Woooots! I bought her book there and then! And I am gonna try it soon! Excited pulak!

Finally, I got a copy of her book! She signed on it too! Yay! Thanks Dr. Ezani!

I get to taste Malaysia Airlines' award-winning SATAY! The SKYTRAX World Airline Awards awards our national carrier the "Best Airline Signature Dish" for the satay, which is a traditional Malay dish, served in First and Business Class cabin (although, I think the last time, it is also served in economy cabin). So now, without having to buy any tickets, you get to taste the satay too, served with generous amount of the peanuts sauce! YUMMY to the max!

Yupe, MAS winning at SKYTRAX.
Image credit: MAS Website.

And while you are at it, take a shot with our MAS cabin crew, I mean, after all, they are our MAS' icon! I personally, is a big fan of MAS - why not? There's a contest running with MAS as well, click here. #staystrong #keepflying #satayintheskies

Satay and road to London!

Ok, I admit, I do want to win and go London!

This is how they do it!
We went crazy with MAS' Satay!!!! Thanks to these two gorgeous cabin crew! Love them for playing along with me! LOL!

Proud of MAS!

Join this contest now!
Image credit: MAS Instagram

So, head on to KL Big Kitchen now! It last till today, up to about 11pm tonight. You can park at the underground parking below the Dataran Merdeka.... plenty parking there....

I just realized that I never really took a pic of this icon! Now, I do!

And while you eat, let the performers entertain you! Different performance at different tent ya!

And you get to eat Churros here too!

Mari kita pergi KL Big Kitchen!

I feel a bit touristy as well! LOL!

Better head down to KL Big Kitchen before everything kena sapu habis!

Happy eating!

Be deelicious,



Bloggers Pool Party! Let's Par-tay!

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Bloggers work hard.

But we all play hard too.

And we know how to play hard.

And we got some of the best contacts around.

Don't believe me? Ask Sidney Kan (and read his blog here...)

So, we had a party. Being new doesn't hinder me to know more bloggers at the party, very nice people around.

Dengan Misz-Ella.

Dengan Sidney Kan! 
And we have lots of balloons!

Bakarlah! Oh baby, bakarlah!

Oh so yummy!
Some of the catch!

Grilled Saba fish!

In the process of bakar-ing!

What do you call this in BM? Hmmmm.... this is Shishamo!
Prawn oh prawn!

Although I don't eat much prawn, all bloggers seems to enjoy it much!

Yum yum!
Yupe, I enjoy tengok the bakar process....

And I don't even have to bakar, Bakarlah helped us to it!
Sedap ayam nie!

If you need his service.... contact them here.
And we got meatball spaghetti as well!

Aha! Zung in action with.....Ayu! And of course, the Star Wars Light Saber! Woohoo, canggih! Click here for his work!

Close up on the Light Saber!

Zung look so serious! Of course, he need to, otherwise, how to shoot for Donald Trump? His FB is here.

Rane getting her shot.
I am just so happy to take a photo with him. And I can't wait to receive the photo taken by him.

And this is me, Rane and her daughter! So cute!

Me with Nannie and Sidney!
Do you recognize the bloggers? Taken by Zung.

Me, Misz-Ella and Sidney!

Thank you Sidney and all sponsors!

Lastly, group shot!

We shall see each other again and again! Good catch up!
Lastly, thanks to all sponsors ya!!! Check out their links, who knows, you might need them! :)

Sidney Kan, the organizer, other partners and sponsors: Zung ThePhotoz, Bakarlah, GST Group, Shills, NY Steak Shack, Hei Sushi, Fannie Face Art, EJS, Kelvin Gems, Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan.


I am GOING MAD for MAD MAX and Pitching High for Pitch Perfect 2!

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Let me scream.


Ok, back to movie review.

Finally! I get to watch some cool movie, the last month, I watch some of the worst movies ever!

So, I am glad to have watched not one but TWO awesome movies.

First one is.... Mad Max: Fury Road.

I am not a bit fan of Mad Max this is the sequel to the last one. But I enjoyed it regardless, especially with D-Box. Awesome!

Action movie + motion chair (D-Box) = enhanced excitement......
Image credit click here

If you haven't watch the trailer, watch the trailer now:

Tom Hardy in the movie is like.... never gonna die. His aim is to survive and live on. That's all. The ironic thing about him is.... he is also the blood bag for....Nut (I happened to like this character as well) so much blood to give, never die. I know, I know... movie. Got it.

So this movie is from director, George Miller - the mastermind of the original Mad Max.

Basically, the movie begins with Mad Max fleeing from the orang jahat. In the end, met with Furiosa, yang kemudiannya memberontak her own group by fleeing with "The Wives" - guess what? One of those wives, leading wife is... Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (why am I not surprised?). Furiosa wants to go to this land called Green Place with the "Wives" and pursuit by the gang, assisted by Bullet Farm and Gas Town.

What's with the "Wives"? For breeding purposes, go figure.

Watch out for Melissa Jaffer, Australian actress, there's something I like about her. Something that she make the character to be so real. I like her!

This is Mad Max.
Image Credit: http://www.madmaxmovie.com/
Say hello to Charlize, in this case, Furiosa!
Image Credit: http://www.madmaxmovie.com/
Nope, not a big fan of this character but I do find this character disgustingly important.
Image Credit: http://www.madmaxmovie.com/
So, Nic is Nux. Always ready to sacrifice. He acted in X-Men - recognise him? Yupe.... X-Men.
Image Credit: http://www.madmaxmovie.com/
But what I really noticed about is.... the excellent performance given by award-winning actress Charlize Theron. She truly menghayati the character, BAM. She #nailedit totally!

So all in all, it's all about the chase. And it matters. That's where the action is. And I dig it.

Here's something interesting about Mad Max Fury Road - something you might not know. Read about it here.

Another awesome movie for me, is definitely Pitch Perfect 2. And what's there not to love? I openly admit, I love Rebel Wilson. Here's the trailer:

I mean, there's not much plot, if you ask me. Just go in, enjoy the songs, drama and laugh all you want at all the silly jokes. It's a fun movie. I can watch it again and again. Serious. :)

LOL! Oh ya!
Image credit click here
And yes, please watch this funny video too.

While you are at it. Watch this too:

So, back to my babe, Rebel Wilson. Without her, this movie won't be as fun and as funny as it might.

I tell you why.

She is funny.

Yeah, I can see that.
Image credit click here.

Yupe, told you so.

Attitude? Oh, she has tons of it.

Shit, I did that too.
Image credit

Oh goodness me! LMAO! #yousofreakingrockthestage
Image credit: http://www.gurl.com/2015/04/13/best-funniest-moments-from-mtv-movie-awards-gifs-vines-pictures/

She got the "Keyakinan Penuh"....

Take that!
Image Credit: http://rebelwilsondaily.tumblr.com/
And sometimes, when I really want some good old ice cream. I have the same reaction like her.

Yeah, Like that....
Image Credit
And I AM SO PERFECT action!

Yes, I am perfect.
Image Credit

So, you want a good laugh? Go watch this Pitch Perfect 2 and be totally awesome. More on Pitch Perfect 2, click here.

Be deelicious,