Mother's Day: Some IDEAS for YOU!

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Yupe, it's coming. Mother's Day is coming (somehow, it rhymes with "Winter is Coming")... IT'S this SUNDAY!

It's on 10 May, just in case you don't know (and for those who is too busy but still have time to read my blog, thank you! You're awesome!)

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So, yay! It's time to pamper your mother. Of course, I do think it's a bit commercialize - but other than birthday and well, birthday (again), what other occasion that you actually have a solid reason to pamper your mom? Of course, for some, it's time to make "money" - true, but not entirely.

There's some deals out there that's totally awesome, let alone some savings! Perks - only if you know what to do, where to go, and how.

Here's some ideas for you - and yes, some of it is FREE. We all love that word, don't you? LOL!

I'll start with something easy (or hard - depends on how challenging you want it!)....

DIY card!

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There's many types of DIY cards you can opt for.... there's plenty of stuff you can play with, not just a card. You can personalize your message and add in some quirky messages like: "You are always right from the beginning! or "I love you so much that there's no words can describe how much I love you because it has not been created!". Or you can always write something simple but yet only your mom and you can understand.


Of course, some of you might say, IT'S EXPENSIVE. Well, not every time and it's not V-day! There's many florists doing promotion.

One of my favourite florist is: Far East Flora...

Go to:
And if you don't see what you like in the promotion section - browse some other promotion items or special offers... Mother's Day doesn't mean you MUST have carnation. No.... of course not. You should consider what your mom like - she might like roses or lily, or some exotic type of flowers! Time to ask her or your dad....

You can also try this new and cool site for luxurious flowers, check out this link: 

By subscription - which is quite cool! Image from:

Best part of all, you can get it deliver to your doorstep! Skip the queue! Nice!

A woman will always appreciate some good skincare for her skin. She needs it everyday as well, so why not? I found out that L'OCCITANE doing some promo!

Heavenly Divine RM524 (worth RM599): Divine Extract 30ml, Divine Lotion 50ml, and Divine Eyes 3ml
Heavenly Divine skincare set aim to  restore her skin with the youthful glow and vitality - giving her back that radiant skin she wants and the divine formula helps correct all signs of ageing, making skin appear smoother, firmer with a renewed youth of glow. 

The Golden Iris RM410 (worth RM455): Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc EDT 75ml, Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Shower Gel 250ml, and Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Body Milk 250ml

For the queen of our heart, she deserve the new premium, exquisite Iris Bleu and Iris Blanc scent from the famous perfumed land – Grasse. Iris Bleu and Iris Blanc is a contrasting flower-to-flower encounter that follows the path of the sun. With the evanescent rise of white iris, the top notes – as transparent as dawn – ascend over the fields of Grasse. The fragrance opens its petals onto the green, fruity notes of blackcurrant and citrus before luxuriating in the intensity of Iris Pallida. The floral heart of Grasse Iris, subtly spiced with ylang-ylang, floats to the zenith after caressing the velvety skin of white peaches. What is there not to love?

If you are late and somehow fail miserably to book a table for dinner or lunch, in the entire Malaysia, it's ok, chill. Attempt to cook your own dinner WITH HER guiding. This is fantastic because most of the time, she cook and prepared your breakfast to dinner and everything in between, cook her a simple meal - you might even have lots of fun together! Unleash the MASTERCHEF in you!

Travel! Do a road trip - if you are not local, even better, bring her to her hometown and listen to all her fantastic story when she is young and more.

No, mom, if you are reading this, we are not going to China (ever again...)

See what happen!

My mom made me wear this!

I hope you remember this mom!
So, yeah, she did made me wear this but it was all fun and we had such a good laugh and....we enjoyed it!

You can see this from my mom's face. LOL!

The QUEEN and her very nice SON. #KTHXBYE

Awesome! To all moms dan siapa-siapa yang bergelar ibu..... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love your mom everyday, not just on Mother's Day each year.

Be deelicious,