"Sifu" is here to save your day!

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Today, I am pretty glad that I woke up early, did my review on a F&B outlet (yes, not easy to be a blogger) after some planning and re-working on the postings scheduling and so on, the night before.

Yes, happy that I did my homework and.....

I stumbled upon "Sifu".
It's like calling out to me.

"Come, lai.... come in, sifu help you."

This is a new branch - located at Hartamas.

Must be my imaginary friend telling me that, anyway.... I decided to give it a try (it's new in Hartamas area, so why not?)

Guess what? Got promotion ler.... *gasp*

I tried the "Si Fu Relax"
And I tried the "Si Fu Relax" treatment. Macam very worth.

I start with foot reflexology. First first, a warm foot bath. :)

Quite ok jugak kan?
Deelicious rendam kaki, warm and relaxing :)
Lepas rendam tue.... jom urut kaki, my therapist name is Jamil. He is friendly, with strong hands yet gentle during the treatment, but firm with the pressure. If you are there and you need strong hands, you can ask for him.

Kuat sikit ya.... :P
I have to say, it's clean and tidy. I like.
After 30 minutes of foot reflexology, I proceed to a small room for my body massage. Sifu guna Australian Essential Oil blend - when I asked, I was told that the oil used for my treatment is master-rub, base is almond oil blend with nutmeg essential oil - although I macam terbau lemongrass lah... but regardless, still best lah...


For body massage or treatments, I been to places where the oil is just normal body oil, no essential oil, just light aroma or lightly fragrance oil.

But here in Sifu, the moment the oil is rubbed on my body, it's not only smooth, light texture but the fragrance, immediately made me relax and calm. That's awesome - that's the plus point.

Another plus point is Jamil really massage my neck - which is good. I have stiff neck. And he focused a bit more on my neck as he asked me, so he is actually very attentive. I like.

The body massage is exactly 1 hour - that's 60 minutes, if you want to extend, you can do so by informing your therapist.

As for the not-so-good, it's actually not very private. By saying that, I mean the "rooms" are actually cubicles (not individual room like those in spa or hotel treatments), so it's not exactly sound proof - and it's shop lot, apparently, Hartamas people kind of like to honk a little, so expect some honking. It's bearable, not like it will kill the whole experience totally. I can live with it, for the price and service, it's ok for me, after all, it's the massage that counts.

Teh Halia or hot ginger tea after the massage - nice!
So, after the body massage is done, I pakai baju, keluar and served with hot ginger tea. Best jugak lah....

I am not sure if I can say I am relaxed after the treatment. Matter of fact, I am not just relaxed, I am rejuvenated and refreshed! Thanks to Sifu Jamil!

You can also check out their full services and info here.

Yes, I do recommend this place for all who seek for some pampering or massage for the tired body - it's year end already, relax a bit and let sifu handle the rest! 90 minutes for RM75 - it's a deal! :P

Be deelicious,


The "12" Holiday Gift for YOU to Look Good, Strikingly Gorgeous!

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This is the time of the year, we spend some money for our loved ones and for ourself (kena sayang diri jugalah...) and for me, it's also a time to stock up my skincare and personal care stocks - great deals and awesome discount everywhere, why not right?

A quick few chats with my friends - it's always a daunting task and the attempt to find the perfect gift always lead to one big question: "what gift to buy ah?" is almost as good as every Malaysian will ask during LUNCH TIME: "wei, what to eat today ah?" and never getting a straight answer for sure.

Among the huge list of things you can buy, I covered Starbucks mugs and their selection for Christmas (click here) and books (click here)....

And then it strikes me that... "all I want for Christmas" is some self-pampering and good healthy skin, more importantly is.... great savings for the same thing you will be buying during normal, non-sales period.

So with a quick look, here's what I suggest, things I would definitely buy for others or MYSELF (yes, I did some shopping myself too!)

The moment you Google, a list of "12 gifts", a whole list of "12 this, 12 that" will magically fill your screen, probably very much because of "12 days of Christmas" song and I happened to have 12 "for HIM" grooming and skincare gift sets! I strongly suggest that you copy this link and "accidentally" hit SEND to everyone you can think of to buy you these amaaaaaaazing gifts.

Let me remind you, this week is your last weekend before all the gift exchange begins, parties to attend, leading to Christmas Day, which is on Thursday, hence the weekend is CRUCIAL and IMPORTANT.

Ok, let's start,

First stop, I have L'Occitane.

They have a good list of selection to choose from (you can shop online here), I have selected a few that I think will be a hit with you guys.

Aromachologie Volumizing Mask Trio (RM259) - Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask!

Verbana Body Travel Kit (RM83) - Body Lotion and Shower Gel (both 75ml) and Shea Butter Hand Cream (10ml) - and that gift box too!
Verbana Hair & Body Set (RM355): Shampoo and Conditioner (both 500ml each) and Shower Gel (250ml) + L'Occitane Holiday Pouch!

And here's something I cannot tahan and I buy this on the spot, which is the ALMOND CARE set!

Almond Care (RM341) - Shower Oil (500ml) and Almond Milk Concentrate (200ml)
Jumbo size is only available during holiday season, so grab it before it is out of stock! Original price is RM379!

Like I said - I cannot tahan, grab it and now currently using it! Awesome, wait for the review soon!

Yes, with the gift box too! So if you are buying for others, it's presentable and look good!!! Worth the dollars you pay! I am so in love!

And let's move on to..... Biotherm Homme! For homme, it offers Age Fitness and Aquapower in set.

Age Fitness Christmas Set, it has Age Fitness Advanced Anti-aging care (50ml), Age Fitness Eye Advanced (7ml), Cleansing Gel (50ml) and Foam Shaver (50ml)

Aquapower Christmas Set: Aquapower Moisturizer (75ml), Aquapower Shower Gel (75ml) and Foam Shaver (50ml) - simple and nice - but I wonder, why not include a cleanser and toner to make it a complete set? Want to know more about Aquapower? Click here.

You may want to consider these amazing gift sets too. I usually get it during my trips but since I am celebrating Christmas here in Malaysia this year, I am considering to get Clinique's Happy for Him gift set here instead (come to think of it, I actually buy it EVERY year!) - time to get one too!

Here's what Clinique has to offer.

Happy for Him gift set: Clinique Happy for Men Cologne Spray (100ml) and After Shave Balm (50ml) - one of my favourite cologne/smell, the moment you smell it, you KNOW it's Clinique's Happy, it has that citrus and really fresh smell!
Normal price of the Cologne Spray alone is RM215, so this gift set is.... just too awesome! 

Clinique for Men Essentials Kit (RM160)
Face wash, face scrub (both 50ml each), moisturizing lotion (40ml) and Anti-Age Eye Cream (15ml), it is suitable for normal to dry skins. Perfect travel size and the plus point? Complete set! 
Clinique for Men Oil Control Essentials Kit (RM160)
Why is it essential? I tell you, men's skin can produce so much oil at times, it's enough to fry some eggs with it. Uuuurgh!
This is *damn* suitable for those with oily skin - it has Oil Control Face Wash (50ml), Face Scrub (50ml), Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer (40ml) and Anti-Age Eye Cream (15ml)
I didn't know you can buy Clinique's products ONLINE too! Now, now, this is exciting.... click here to buy online now! :)

I would like to introduce to you.... Melvita - eco-friendly and organic based products, which I find very interesting. I am not familiar with Melvita but I will be, very soon, the review will be out soon too!
This is "Manly Essentials" (RM118, instead of RM169, you actually save RM51, which is 30%), it has a cleansing gel (100ml) and one shower gel (200ml). Seems like a good deal!

Melvita's Matte & Fresh (RM185, instead of RM218): it has one Purifying Foaming Gel (200ml) and one Mattifying Fluid (40ml) -  I am very attracted to this purifying foaming gel... ahem! This foaming gel help to balance skin with purifying active ingredients - peppermint hydrolat, wasabi extract and birch sap! Not only that, it has zinc extracts to help regulates sebum production, so our manly skin is SHINE-FREE!

So far, so good.

One more to go.
You probably didn't realized 11 gift sets is revealed here, I only got one more to go.


Yupe, who doesn't want to look like this? #dreamonlah #GodfreyGao

Oh well, you may not be Godfrey Gao, but you can look neat, smart and most importantly, clear and flawless skin (that's pretty close to what you can be, I guess). And you can do that with....
SK-II Essentials Set (RM784), it has Facial Treatment Essence Black Limited Edition (215ml), Moisturizing Cleanser (120g) and UV Protect Moisturizer (50g) - the design that you see here is by collaborating Taiwanese artist: Po-Chih Huang.
Yes, it's limited edition peeps! For those big, huge SK-II fans, this is a must have for you then! While you are here, watch this video from SK-II, "A Gift to Celebrate LOVE". And yes, you can buy online too!

And I am done with the BIG 12!

This list that I highlighted here is those that I come across while I am doing my survey and shopping, I did see some other interesting ones but after I take a look at those deals and offerings, this is my own top or big 12 that YOU should consider getting for yourself or buy as gift. I hope this help you, so you don't have to go through the WHOLE MALL and have a hassle-free, pick-and-go shopping experience (especially those people who shop last minute! I KNOW!)

And if you got more idea or come across some awesome deals too, buzz me or drop me email, I will look into it as well.

Happy shopping for your skincare! For women reading this, I hope this help you to groom your man, show him how much you love him!

Be deelicious,


Corn Muffins, anyone?

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SUNDAY, oh Sunday!

It's usually a day spent with family and friends. If you are looking for some activities to do, why not try baking?

Recently I tried some awesome corn muffins (or was it cornbread? #forgetful) and I am inspired! So I hope, you can impress someone with this simple, fun and easy-to-bake muffins!

This is a pictorial, step-by-step recipe and guide, hope it is exciting enough for you! Baking is fun and everyone in the family can just join in... This recipe is for 12 muffins!

Before you begin, make sure you got the below ingredients:

1. Multi purpose muffin base (500gm)
2. One can of corn cream (roughly 200gm)
3. Butter (roughly 80gm or more if you want it more buttery)
4. Two eggs (medium or large is fine)
5. 200ml of milk (best to be fresh milk if you got it)
6. Muffin cups
7. A bit of olive oil

Preheat oven to 180C/350F before anything else.

And then prepare the rest in separate bowls, this way it's easier to manage.

Next, put in the muffin base and eggs into your mixer. Put in the rest of the butter, olive oil too.
Remember your milk? Slowly add that in. Yupe, I use Dutch Lady Milk, full cream for a more creamier taste.
Mix it till smooth, roughly around 5 mins.
Put it some corn cream now. Don’t put everything in, leave some for the top later.
Mix again for another 5 mins.
Now, make sure your oven is hot and ready.
Prepare all the cups, susun dengan cantik dan selari....
Put in the base, finish with some corn cream on top of the base. Tips for you, don't fill the whole cup, around 3/4 of the cup is good enough, it will rise nicely to cover the rest of the cup.
Let it bake for 25 mins (that's what usually baking time, but I usually bake for 30 mins).Tips: Please don't open the oven door, the heat will escape....
Ini dia, magic!
Yum yum!!!
And this is the inside, the texture is smooth and soft. You can basically use the same recipe for almost all type of filling, it can be raisins, dates or even dried fruits. Give it a try, afterall, you can keep this for breakfast the next day, no need to rush or keep it for teatime at office!

If you got anything else you want me to explore and try out, let me know, I'll try it out and make necessary adjustment before sharing the recipe or guide. Leave a comment or email me! Yummy!!!!

Enjoy trying and be deelicious, 


Big Bad Wolf 2014 – Everything you need to know!

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This is the one book fair that everyone has been waiting for. By now, some of you would probably had visited this awesome book fair a few times and maybe some of you are planning to do so.

If you haven't done so, this is one good book fair that you should go. And I do recommend you to visit this awesome book fair - with more than 3.5 millions of books to choose from, you can't possible give this a miss! (But I have to say, Chinese selection is pretty much limited)

Yupe, this is me -- Deelicious.

But before you get going, here's what you consider, prior your visit to Big Bad Wolf 2014.
  1. Clear car space
    • Make some space - either in your car boot, passenger seats? If you are going to carpool, then at least make sure there's enough space in your car boot, you don't want to end up carrying all the heavy books on your lap or hug it all the way home.
  2. Identify how much space you have at home.
    • You can get very excited in the book fair (easily) and start picking up books that you never imagine buying or reading - that's ok but make sure you have a place to store or keep the books you bring home. You don't want to have the books lying around your home or look messy at the small cupboard of yours.
  3. Budget
    • I get very excited in this book fair, the mindset is like, "everything is cheap" - it is indeed cheap but it's best to set a limit, know how much you would like to spend. I had about 44 books at RM600+, I probably have to step on the break when it reaches RM700! So, spend within your budget, pick and choose all the books you want. Those nice to have, put it back where it belongs.
  4. Equipment/Tools
    • So, you have lots of books you aim to buy? Sure, no problem - bring whatever you need, from luggage bags to makeshift trolley or even non-woven bags, size depends on your shopping list. Look at those smart, experienced book fair peeps!
    • Boxes are provided, at entrance, on your right - make sure you grab one before you start picking your books.

Some of you might need bigger ones....

Nice pink head gear dude! :P

This is ok jugak!


Ok, we got the trolley, boxes juga siap! Let's start shopping for books!

Here's some selection of books available in the book fair...
Yupe, they got this too! Box set for collectors!


At young adult/romance section.... Hmmmm.....

And I got this! Interesting book!
LOTS of cook books!

Oh my, oh my! I had to take this!

And I am one happy guy - I got so much of cook books from this fair!
And all the MAYO CLINIC series....

What to expect and TIPS?
  1. Crowd
    • It's definitely crowded BUT since it's 24 hours -- trying going at dinner timing or midnight! I went at midnight last year, much less crowd and better cruising around for books!
      I hope this helps!
  2. Books Storage Area
    • I am so amazed by this! I didn't bring my luggage with me but with the boxes and books, this is definitely helpful! Thank goodness for this!
      I am so thankful for this!
  3. FOOD?
    • One floor up! Food and beverage is pretty near.... take a break and fill your hungry stomach. Good choice of food available, from KFC to Sushi King. However, here's some of those that I had and my take on the food.
      Didn't managed to try this though!
      I had the meat loaf! Quite yummy!
      You gotta try this!

      In minutes, this is done! Yum!
      This is.... RM7 I think!

      Orange juice - fresh! From Freshcart!
      Must have coffee!
      I am so glad they are here!
      Barista making my latte!
      From RT Pastry!
      I am SINGLE bananas! RM1 each @ Freshcart!
      You can actually order online from Freshcart - and have your fruits delivered to you!
      Sorry, I had to do this. But Freshcart made me do it! Look at the oranges behind me!
  4. Porter Service! I almost didn't believe it. Yes, they have porter service if you are buying a lot and you can't possible carry everything, ask and get them to help you. Just holla any of the friendly assistants there... But don't drama, ok? If you buy 2 or 3 books, please don't ask for porter service, malu saje ya...

    Get a number, collect at the main entrance. Simple!

And this year, what I find interesting is....

You want a BOOK CHAIR? Yupe, RM1499 - it's all yours.
Fancy this chair?
Any Star Wars fans out there? Get this Star Wars Blueprints at RM1499!

And on your way out.... You might be interested to pick up some interesting signage, if this is your thing!

Haha, not too sure what it is indicating though....
I would advise you not to.
And I wanted to get this!
I think I cover almost everything that I can think of - feel free to comment if you got more tips or new stuff to add on! This book fair is at MIECC, Mines, from now till 16 December 2014!

Oh! And if you buy more than RM100 in a single receipt, you'll get bookmarks, at the cashier counters! Also, if you purchase more than RM200 (I think), you will get to sign up for membership (FOC) before you exit! Don't forget.... 

Shop for books! More info, click here.
That's about it folks!

Be deelicious,