FatBoi Tavern now serving at Solaris Mont Kiara

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If you are looking for a feel-good time with a bunch of friends or family in Solaris Mont Kiara, FatBoi Tavern is now serving the community there. And FatBoi Tavern pays homage to Hip Hop and RnB music which can be seen in the deco and vibe that it gives out.

Showcasing an endless lineup of cuisine, FatBoi Tavern features a fusion of Asian & Western cuisine. From Indomee with pulled pork and home-made sambal belado to pasta, burgers, pizzas, and more). At FatBoi Tavern we focus on keeping it simple and tasty with value for money portions. 

Keeping up with its motto of keeping it real. It is a place that you could come to every day and dine without feeling the pinch on your wallet or running out of choice.

Situated in one of the finest locations in Kuala Lumpur, FatBoi Tavern has an intimate ambiance with modern d├ęcor to ensure comfort while you mingle. Offering great Happy Hour promotions that includes a selection of Gin’s, along with good classic cocktails, ice-cold beers and more

Their mixologists are great at what they do and based on the interactions that you have with them, they will handcraft a drink, just for you! 

FatBoi Tavern is more than just your usual nightlife experience, we bring a culture where guests becomes family. So, groove along as you enjoy the imaginative drinks and delicious food and join the FatBoi family #teamfatboi.

The theme that FatBoi Tavern is going for is “Chilled-Out” where people of all walks of life would feel comfortable and welcome. Bringing that warm bar feel where drinkers and foodies alike could let their hair down and just enjoy the present with friends and family and eventually come together as a community which is so much fun!

GIN O’CLOCK - FatBoi Tavern has introduced a special line of 6 different gin combinations that are infused with herbs, spices, and more at only RM15nett. 

You can sit back and choose from one of the below choices. The Kaffir lime & Asam Boi gaining popularity amongst patrons of both our outlets with its distinct taste that gives a lovely balance between sweet and sour with the Gin kicking in as you sip. A total steal at only RM15 nett. So you know where you got to be!

FatBoi Tavern at Solaris Mont Kiara also has a Mezzanine floor that caters to private parties, private events, product launches, training and more. We even have a pool table to keep you busy while you dine with us. 

You can find FatBoi Tavern at 2 locations at the moment: 
K-G-12 Solaris Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Solaris; and 80, Jalan SS2/60, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation hours are from Monday to Sunday from 3pm to 12.00am during the RMCO until advised further. Happy Hour promotions is from Monday to Sunday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Be sure to find the best promotions around the Mont Kiara and PJ area or some might even say Kuala Lumpur.

For reservations, call us at +6012-9319443 /+60166071804 or visit us online and order at https://fatboitavern.oddle.me/en_MY/

FatBoi Tavern’s delicious food is also available on grabfood and foodpanda.


Announcing the 2020 Fall/Winter UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON Collection: Reinterprets British Classics in Exploring Contemporary London

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Global apparel retailer UNIQLO is set to launch the 2020 Fall/Winter UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collaboration line from Friday, October 16. This latest LifeWear offering combines the innovative designs that the leading London-based fashion brand JW ANDERSON brings to Britain’s traditional apparel with the UNIQLO commitment to fit, materials, and functionality.

Designer Jonathan Anderson says that, “The theme of the new line is A Day in London. It builds on the The Great British Outdoors theme of the 2019 Fall/Winter collection through LifeWear that reinterprets British classics in exploring London, notably through iconic checkered patterns and duffle coat styles. My design process drills down to the essence of things, and the final looks for this collection embody my personality and that of the UNIQLO brand.

British classics designed for life today -- A Day in London has imagined a brisk walk to the market in the morning, or an afternoon spent relaxing with a favorite book wearing items from a luxurious wardrobe patterned after everyday life in that refined city. A general atmosphere of relaxed trad brightens with such JW ANDERSON signature touches as warm hues as olive, navy, charcoal grey, and amber, as well as patchwork and asymmetry to help revitalize wearers in the subdued months to come.
Kids line easy to coordinate and fun to wear too! The kids wear line that debuted last season is back by popular demand. It includes fleece blousons and pleated skirts that coordinate easily with adults, as well as striped knitted hats and snoods that make winter living both comfortable and fun.

Just a bit more on the line itself. It was developed on the theme of “British classics. Designed for life today.” This LifeWear offering combines the innovative designs that JW ANDERSON brings to Britain’s traditional apparel with UNIQLO’s commitment to fit, materials, and functionality.
Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson established JW ANDERSON in 2008. At first an elaborate collection of accessories, it quickly attracted attention and enabled the fledgling label to show on-schedule during the 2008 London Fashion Week season. The success of this debut collection earned both critical acclaim and commercial success for Anderson, whose label is now regarded as one of London’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands. UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON first launched in Fall/Winter 2017.

Photo: Scott Trindle

Time to go shopping again at Uniqlo! 


Experts advise: Don’t over-prioritise learning over other development (Anmum™ ESSENTIAL GOLD launched video series for parents)

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What is your priority when comes to parenting? 

I see a lot of my friends emphasize how smart their kids, must feed them with some power food. Not that it's a bad thing but, is there more to just being smart? What about overall health? What about other development? 

It's true that technology has changed the way we live, including how Malaysian parents raise their kids. In conjunction with the launch of New Anmum™ ESSENTIAL GOLD with 33% more DHA*, MFGM+ Gangliosides (GA), prebiotics and 15 key nutrients to support 8 important developments of children aged one to six, the formulated milk powder brand is releasing a series of videos featuring professionals in the fields of paediatrics, child development, psychology and nutrition to provide valuable insights into supporting children’s all-rounded development.

Developing Next-Gen, Conversations with Professionals is a video series hosted on Connected Mums Club Facebook page and AnmumTV YouTube channel. It features four professionals in a virtual conversation on child development topics relevant to Malaysian parents, one of which is the over-emphasis on supporting brain development when it comes to children’s ability to learn.  

Paediatric Consultant and panellist in the virtual conversation, Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil says one of the signs that parents are over prioritising brain development and learning over other areas of developments is the focus on tangible or measurable milestones and achievements. “A lot of parents are missing the big picture of stimulating their children’s holistic development. Many children are sent to enrichment classes before they reach formal schooling age. While these classes can provide stimulus for children, they often have a competitive edge  that shifts the focus from getting a child to enjoy what he or she learns or socialise with their peers,” she says.

An interesting finding from an Anmum™ ESSENTIAL GOLD online survey showed that parents don’t place equal importance on every aspect of their children’s development. While 9 out of 10 mums surveyed want to support their children’s development beyond learning ability, 64% of mothers don’t see social and emotional developments as their priority.

Another panellist, Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan says children grow and develop as a whole and it is important for parents to note that different areas of development are not independent but interdependent. “My advice to parents is not to just push for a child to excel in learning, especially the focus on academic skills, but also look at nurturing other areas like social and emotional development,” adds the consultant paediatrician.

Another topic highlighted is the link between social emotional development in early childhood and emerging mental health issues later in life.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem by 2030. Professor of psychology, Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon says in Malaysia, 7.9% of children 5 to 15 years of age were found to have mental health problems. “So, it is important that parents pay attention to their children’s social and emotional development as early as toddler stage,” adds the panellist.

In addition to these engaging topics, the panel of professionals also deals with how increasing influence of digital technology is influencing children’s development. One of which is the effect of increased screen time and its impact on eye  function and vision as well as socialising with peers, which are also important aspects to a child’s all rounded growth and development. In the Anmum™ ESSENTIAL GOLD online survey, 7 out of 10 mums admitted they did not bring their children for vision examinations despite agreeing eye development is important.

Celebrity mum Megan Tan, who moderates and hosts the virtual conversation series urge parents to hear from these professionals. “As a mum of two toddlers speaking to the experts in these videos, it gave me a ‘wake-up’ call to not be over zealous with getting my kids to recite ABCs and 123s, but to offer real life experiences which is the best way that children learns.

Tune in to Developing Next-Gen, Conversations with Professionals to get helpful parenting tips on how to support your child’s all-rounded growth and development, including the important role nutrition plays in this aspect. Go to Anmum™ ESSENTIAL official website at https://www.anmum.com/my/ to watch the full series of five video episodes.

Parents who want to know more about AnmumTM ESSENTIAL GOLD can join the virtual roadshow at www.anmumessentialgold.com.my and stand a chance to win amazing prizes up to RM100,000, including AnmumTM ESSENTIAL GOLD supply for 1 year! Exciting and fun activities suitable for parents and child to experience at home; and explore the 8 areas of important developments.