Samsung Launched Galaxy Note7: The smartphone that thinks BIG.

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I am pretty sure by now, you already know everything about Samsung Note 7 launched days ago and if you want to hear and watch it yourself. You can do so with the video:

Best of all, you can pre-order it via this link. There's some perks (although some peeps are asking for clarification, just so as I am wondering too...) doing this pre-order. Recommended retail price is RM3,199 and with pre-order.... you will be getting 10% discount, battery pack (10,200 mAh in USB Type-C) and Wireless Charging Stand.

From the T&C:

By participating in the Campaign, Customer will be entitled to 10% discount from the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (RRP: RM3,199.00) With every purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note7, Customer will also be entitled to get one (1) unit of Samsung battery pack 10,200 mAh USB Type-C (worth RM359), one (1) unit of Samsung wireless charging stand (worth RM279) and one (1) unit of Samsung micro USB fast mode travel adapter (worth RM139) for FREE subject to stock availability. The Pre-order in this Campaign is limited to 4,000 units of Samsung Galaxy Note7 nationwide, first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.

Galaxy Note7 and S Pen
Image from Samsung site.

Anyhow, for the sake of calculation, here's what you need to know.

RM3,199 - 10% disc (RM319.90) = RM2,879.10, minus your RM300 deposit = RM2,579.10, this is your payable balance amount when you redeem your phone at retail store.

Tips? Wake up early and standby by your laptop by 9am. Serious, be ready to battle for that limited stock of 4,000. Yes, I kid you not.

I am not sure about you but I am definitely getting up early and pre-order mine.

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6 August, 2016


REVIEW | Clarins: Fresh & Soft Moisture Toners With Apple Vinegar

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Men and water are inseparable in their daily life. And I am NOT talking about, you drinking water but we men have this complicated yet inseparable relationship with water. We usually start off the day by refreshing ourselves with a shower and (some of you shave in the morning as well), continues during the day after sport or at the office and then ends at night with a wash.

That's a whole lots of water, well, whether you know it or not, you probably think, "should not be damaging" except that, this precious liquid contains invisible mineral crystals which have an effect on the skin and when these elements are left on the skin which dries and damages the skin surface.

Hydrate my skin? [Checked!]

Did you know?

  • All types of water contain differ concentration levels of minerals, the higher the level of minerals, the more potentially drying and irritating the water becomes.
  • Repeatedly use of water on the skin damages its two main lines of defence: the hydrolipidic film and the corneal layer. It does not have time to rebuild itself at its normal pace and cracks appear which weaken and alter the organization of the corneal layer, encouraging loss of skin moisture.

Good thing is that, NOW, with ClarinsMen two “repairing” toners, Fresh Moisture Toner and Soft Moisture Toner which are both enriched with apple vinegar contain water-softening properties that refresh and comfort different skin types. It effectively neutralize the harmful effects of water on the skin.

Your very hydrolipidic film and corneal layer is your personal protective shield! 

Why do I say so?

The hydrolipidic film covers the corneal layer. Composed of water and oil, this film provides
skin with comfort and also acts as its first line of defence against external aggressions. And the corneal layer is the skin’s second line of defence. Composed of several layers of dead cells called corneocytes which are joined together, it plays a barrier role against dehydration and external aggressions.
This is the all-new toner from Clarins: Fresh Moisture Toner with Apple Vinegar
Suitable for oil control, An intensely refreshing, invigorating toner for soft skin protected against shine. Ideal in hot weather, this toner can also be used as an after shave lotion.
I tried this for a couple of weeks - Tonique Confort (the Soft Moisture Toner with Apple Vinegar):
Great for hydrating skin, this is a comforting, soothing toner for smooth, comfortable skin. Ideal in cold weather.

Must-Have ClarinsMen Toner

This skin care step neutralizes the harmful effects of tap water on the skin, prepares skin to fully benefit from the day or night care applied afterwards.

Available in two textures, one for men that love a fresh feel and the other for men looking for softness and comfort. Fresh Moisture Toner is an oil control hard water soother, works as an intensely refreshing, invigorating toner for soft skin protected against shine which ideal in hot weather, can used as an after shave lotion.

Soft Moisture Toner is a hydrates hard water soother, works as a comforting and soothing toner for smooth comfortable skin which ideal in cold weather.

The Clarins' Herbarium in clockwise: Apple, Bison Grass, Meadowsweet and Gymnema

Powerful Key Ingredients:

Apple vinegar, considered an “elixir of health”, helps neutralize feelings of tightness and discomfort caused by tap water as well as it helps to control moisture loss.

The combination of bison grass and gymnema extracts helps to stimulate skin dynamism. Combined with two hydrating ingredients: glycerin which limits water evaporation at the skin surface to help preserve skin hydration, while panthenol reinforces the skin barrier function.

The ironic thing about water is that it can be damaging to your skin as it has mineral crystals that is invisible to your eyes. When this soothing water with these elements is deposited on your skin, it can make your skin feel tight and very likely to damage your skin surface.

The meadowsweet extract in Fresh Moisture Toner, helps to maintain healthy-looking and shine-free skin thanks to its anti-seborrhoeic action. The betaine in Soft Moisture helps to maintain optimal hydration.

Here is something you need to know. In a test conducted to ASIAN MEN (yes, Asian men, so you know the test result will apply to you, Asian men), those who tried and tested Soft Moisture Toner: 



More than 86% of men were won over by the toners*

* Satisfaction test – 101 Asian men – After one application.
** Satisfaction tests – 93 Asian men (Fresh Moisture Toner) and 101 Asian men (Soft Moisture Toner) – 4 weeks.

I have to say, at some point during the trial period, I did forget to put on moisturizer after using the toner (I know I shouldn't but as I pointed out, I forget), as my skin feel comfortable already....

Oh, just a last bit......... I received email to ask me on how to moisture your skin properly. ClarinsMen has the perfect video for you.

Hope this helps and soon, I will be sharing more tips over my IG page. :)

For more info and to buy online, click the link here. It's also available at all Clarins counters or spa centres nationwide, to locate a store near you, click here

So, please don't forget to prendre soin de votre peau (take care of your skin!)

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6 August, 2016


Club Med & Air France: Want a Ski Holiday in the French Alps absolutely free?

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Ok, I seriously want this. I mean, who doesn't want a FREE Ski Holiday for Two with Club Med and Air France? Like, hello......... French Alps? Yay man!

I want to drop everything now and go over there!

But not all of course. Only ONE lucky pair (means two very lucky people) will enjoy a 6-night stay at Club Med’s resort in the French Alps and return tickets with Air France 

That dream of yours, skiing the high peaks and endless runs of the Alps could be yours! One of the world’s leading ski resort chains, famous for its low stress, all-inclusive deal, ClubMed is partnering with Air France to launch a contest giveaway to one lucky pair to one of Club Med’s premium high-altitude resorts at the top of the French and Italian Alps. 

The Club Med resort in the French Alps feature stunning views across glaciers under clear blue skies, offering the best chance for skiers to enjoy some fresh power thanks to their high altitude.

Look at the sky and snow! OMG!
So, YES.... you now stand a chance to win a trip to your dream destination by logging in to and answer a few simple questions on what would make a perfect snow holiday for you. Lastly, fill up a form with your particulars and share your story on your Facebook account.

Contest period started already and it will end on 21 August, 2016. Winners will be announced on

In case you need a step by step on 'how-to', here's my experience (there's no purchase needed by the way!)

Go to the contest page HERE.

You will see this page, select your perfect snow holiday.... you can slide your choices in each window - whether you want the French Alps or Italian Alps? Perhaps you would like to fly in Business Class or maybe Suite will be better for you? Make your choices in this step.

After you select, here's the page where it will show your selection.

Fill up your details.

Finally, share it on your FB!

And if you think one is not good enough....... just submit more! And check out Club Med's official FB too...
The winning prizes include a pair of return tickets from Air France and 6-night accommodation at selected Club Med resorts in the French and Italian Alps for two adults worth up to RM 15,000.

The lucky pair will also enjoy twin-sharing accommodation in a Club room, three gourmet meals per day with free-flow wine, beer and soft drinks, all-day bar and snacking, complimentary sport and leisure activities and unique nightly entertainment. Prior to a ski session, free ski passes and lessons with pro instructors are provided.

The strategic partnership between Club Med, the specialist in high-end all-inclusive vacations and Air France, a major player in the air transport industry is one of the joint projects that would benefit their customers, whose profiles are similar.

Ah! French Alps, we are coming soon! Good luck guys!

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2 August, 2016