Living in a Capsule - A rather wonderful experience at KLIA2

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Travel! I love travelling, be it far or near..... I even sometimes just drive around aimlessly, because I love to.

However, let's not go there for now.

I want to write about my little "adventure", staying at a capsule.

As you know, I was at Perth for a holiday and my flight is very early one. So, I don't intend to wake up so early and since KLIA2 has a lot to discover (and my ever adventurous colleague, Peggy suggested that we should just put a night there). So... here we go. I managed to try out living in a capsule a.k.a container hotel.

How it look like? Like this:

Yupe, this is a very nice shot taken, not by me but it belong to them. Photo credit:
Although there's some hiccup during booking the room (technology sometimes, really do fail us at the moment when we most need them), but fret not, the operation team and their friendly reception assisted me, via call and email, so thank you peeps! :)

And yay, a good rest before a trip is like a good trip throughout! Yes? I hope so.

How the room look like? Something like this...

No, not like what you thought it will be. It's pretty cosy and nice! Male Capsule....
Photo credit:
This is the female capsule. Single occupancy...
Photo credit:
Capsule Mix Plus and yes, this is Queen size bed.
Photo credit:
This is the Capsule Mix - meaning single occupancy and it's mixed with guys and ladies (like a dorm).
Photo credit:

Here's some images taken by me during my stay. :) :) :)

This is me inside the capsule....

That is my "door" - yupe, no door, it's like a blind that you can pull down and up...
This is how it look, the capsule. That "box" you see at left corner, you can place your handphone and wallet inside, lock it with your own lock. It has almost everything you need - small table that you can lipat/fold out and charge your phone/powerbank - crucial kan?

It's ok for me but I was hoping for more "air".

Which explain why I need to have a drink at Coffee Bean before sleep.... and I seldom drink cold stuff, but I need one that night....

This place memang designed for travellers - be it business travellers, on transit (and do not want to go out of the airport, maklumlah KLIA2 jauh, kan?), backpackers or even peeps who fly a lot or for those who got a lot of time to waste at KLIA2 and wanted a quick nap. Why not, right?

I like the fact, the design is pretty raw and simple, yet modern, and convenient. I won't totally put comfortable as one of the key highlight. Yes, I do like ample space and find comfort in large (not confined spaces) but travelling can be tiring, so a quick rest is good.

One more thing I would like to point out. It can be quite stuffy, I am not sure if it's the ventilation or aircond not very oooomph enough. Although it's not hot but it's not very airy to me, it would be nice if I actually can feel some air coming into my capsule, but nope, don't have.

Anyway, one thing for sure, you don't have to unpack or repack everything in a hotel, this is take out what you need, the rest just keep in storage - choose your hours. You want 3 hours? 6 hours? Or prefer a 12 hours sleep/room? Up to you.

Rate wise, it's quite affordable: between RM50 (3 hours) to RM95 (12 hours) for single occupancy. Do refer to the schedule here:

Screenshot from

The concept is pretty simple: check in, rest, shower, pack and off you go! Simple as that.

There's a total of 79 capsules available. My advise is to make sure you make a booking direct at their website:

I found this from their website:


I found a video on the hotel too, here you go.... (video by FlightTravels)

Well, quite the summary of the concept for this hotel, yes?

And no, just in case you are wondering, nope - not sponsored.

I will be posting more of my holiday to Perth in subsequent blog posting. Do check out my IG and FB from time to time! :P

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Want a HOUSE, the fun way? Drink more F&N! Let's get CERIA Raya with F&N!!!

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Look like this..... (just in case you are wondering).....

Yupe, besar tak? I want this.........
The editing of the house so yeng ler.... got glow/halo on top.... so damn shining! LOL!

F&N giving out a house worth RM1 million, and cars, and....home theatre system........AND of course, CASH. Every single day some lucky peeps or family will be receiving some money, to be exact RM200 for 5 person each day till 31 July - that sound helpful with the current "economy" situation.... Kan? GST-lah..... etc etc.....

So if you drink brands and minuman like the pic here.... keep it!!!!!!!!!

If you buy any of the brands here, keep the label or tab, and join the contest!
Jenny Wong, F&N Head of Brand Marketing said that: "For us at F&N, giveaway contests are something that is synonymous with the generous spirit of Hari Raya. This year and for the first time, we have a stable of brands including those that have been traditionally popular during the Hari Raya festive season, to support the contest and campaign. We understand that with the current economic situation, it is more difficult than ever to own a house -- that is why we wanted to give the chance to our loyal consumers to own a brand-new house. We are also giving away two magnificent cars, a state-of-the-art home theatre system and attractive cash prizes! We’re positive that Ceria Raya bersama F&N contest will spread the cheer of Raya to our consumers!”

Yupe, some lucky peeps already win cash prize.... please join to win!!!! Check if you are the lucky ones!!!

Wooot, more the reason why you need to join this freaking cool contest!!!!!!!!

To join the contest, it's simple:
  1. Buy any participating F&N products. Participating brands are 100PLUS, F&N Fun Flavors, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy, F&N SEASONS NutriWell, F&N SEASONS Tea and OISHI.
  2. Answer 3 ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ statements on the entry form.
  3. Complete the entry form with your personal details.
  4. Submit your entry together with Proof of Purchase (pull tabs, bottle labels or Tetra Paks of participating brands) via mail to:
PERADUAN CERIA RAYA BERSAMA F&NPeti Surat 8861, Pejabat Pos Kelana Jaya,46899 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

What happen is.......

Five very lucky finalists will be picked from qualified contest entries and invited to participate in an on-ground event in August, where they will be put through a series of challenges to win the top five unbelievable prizes of the contest. The winner are selected based on a series of on-ground challenge and will be given a chance at ‘pick and win’ the right key or combination to win the Ultimate Grand Prize. He or she will have a chance to walk away with a 20’ X 80’ dream house (2429 sq. ft. built up space) located in prestigious development of Laman Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor worth RM1 million! The other four finalists* will also stand a chance to win other exciting prizes:
  • The second highest score will win the First Prize, a Toyota Innova 2.0E M/T worth RM97,000;
  • The third highest score will win the Second Prize, a Nissan Almera 1.5L E A/T worth RM63,000;
  • The fourth highest score will win the Third Prize, Home Theatre Set comprising 1 Samsung 65” UHD TV, 1 Samsung Home Theatre System & 1 JBL Sound Bar worth a total of RM30,000; and
  • The fifth highest score will win the Fourth Prize of RM10,000 cash.
Innova, want or not?

Or do you want Almera?
Kalau tak menang pun, takpe, maybe you are one of the 5 daily winners? Mungkin kan? F&N giving out five (5) daily prizes of RM200 cash each, for 61 consecutive days to lucky winners - till 31 July 2015! Beli cepat, sayang kalau tak join......

Cash wise, OF COURSE I WANT.

Yang nie, menang banyak-banyak pun takpe....

Contest entry forms can be found at all participating outlets nationwide, and downloadable from FNBM website, More information on the contest is available on the website. Oh yes, T&C is here... Good luck peeps!!!!!

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REVIEW: Truefitt & Hill, Grooming Men for Greatness!

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Yes, one of the most exciting and long-waited review. I owe this to you guys - I have been freaking busy and working on multiple stuff day in, day out.

So here it is. The Truefitt & Hill review and this is truly exciting.

Just so you know, it's my first time at Truefitt & Hill, Bangsar...

So, just in case you are wondering, I purposely have my beard all long and messy for them to just shave it clean for me (must it worth every penny, of course...) - but I noticed that lots of gentlemen actually have their beard and janggut maintained here. It's really becoming a trend, even in KL!

This is definitely my before treatment look.
Just a bit more on Truefitt & Hill, it is awarded and by appointment to H.R.H the Duke of Edinburgh Hairdressers and certified the world's oldest barbershop! Read about it here.

I am on standby, waiting for my barber!

Assessment and check on my skin, hair and what to do with it. I think my barber kind of massage my face with oil too.

Remember my posting about hot water or towel before shaving. So the professional will wrap my face with hot towel to open up my pores! I know, I look weird now...

And then, the barber will use the professional brush to put the shaving cream on your face, pushing it bit by bit, so every corner and area that need to be shaved will be covered. (smell really nice too!)

And we are ready, let's shave clean!

Easy, easy there....  Don't worry a thing, they are professional and has more than 10 years of experience. After shaving, it end with applying aftershave and moisturizer, AND cold towel!!! :)
You probably asking how to use the brush and the right way to put on the cream. I know.... here's the video....

And you wonder how the barber shave it clean for me? Here, take a look at the video.....

The room that I am in for my shaving and later, a hair cut. 

Everything just look so posh and luxurious in Truefitt & Hill!
Photo from Truefitt & Hill.

My barber doing his magic!

The chair you sit on and turn around and fit nicely to wash your head after the cut. Woah!

Of course, a little styling goes a long way!

Ah ha! The barber responsible for all my fantastic services! He doesn't speak much to me but, he already know what to do, no words needed! Thank you so much for the haircut!

Closer look at the trimming and cut! Damn, it's good!

This is like the Wall of Fame, customers' very own brush. How creative and interesting!

Truly exceptional services. I will definitely be back.

For royally treatment, yes, this is the place.

And when you have the right cut and treatment, you face the world the way you want it, bend it the way you want it! :P

This is some of the stuff I got from Truefitt & Hill! This 1805 shaving cream is a must have! It's velvety texture is very suitable for shaving and easy to manage. Smell wise, it's not over-powering and definitely refreshing - it's their signature item in the shop!

Look closer, this is it! The ultimate shaving cream!

This is another line of products that I would really recommend. Yes, they have quite a number of fragrances and range, but I do like this a lot. Trafalgar has this light but captivating scent, I believe it is the scent of Cedar and Sandalwood, it has light Jasmine and Spice as well. The full range has cologne, aftershave, shaving cream (in bowl and tube), aftershave balm, soap and of course, Bath & Shower Gel!
This is the Edwardian Set - which is the next thing I am gonna get from Truefitt & Hill - their shaving brush is all handmade! This set come in a stand for both the razor and brush!
Photo from Truefitt & Hill.

Like I have mentioned, Truefitt & Hill has many other products for men as well! Seriously, who say we don't have products catering to our needs? Here's everything you need for your face!
Photo from Truefitt & Hill.

For those who really love leather stuff, here's some irresistible leather goods that you want to consider!
Photo from Truefitt & Hill.

I save the best for the last. You probably knew I will definitely try the Nose Wax. When I first look at it on the menu, I know I had to try it. Yes, I got the video of the nose wax too. Yes I do!

Here you go! :)

And no, it's not painful. It look painful but it's not. The post-treatment is ok as well, no pain and no discomfort. So don't worry if you want to try it. I think it's RM30 for this treatment.

In total, other than some shopping I had, some of the treatment I enjoyed during my visit is the traditional shave, nose wax and the signature haircut - which is The Royal Haircut! You can make your appointment by calling them and here's Truefitt & Hill page and do you know you will get 10% off if you reserve online? Why not right? Here's the page for reservation! Follow them on FB page as well.

Will I be back? Yes, of course! Kidding me? This is like the best place to go for shaving and maintain your facial hair (if you intend to keep it). Like their tagline, this is the place to groom men for greatness!

I covered about a good shave before, you can read it here.

Be deelicious,