Hello Taiwan! It's #TimeforTaiwan!

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Let me start by proclaiming my love for Taiwan.

I love Taiwan.

Let me just warn you.... this article may post very serious desire to go over to Taiwan immediately.

I mean....

Just look at this.....

Sugar/honey coated fruits and yummy duck noodles, xiao long bao and mixed rice....

or this?

Damn, I am literally salivating looking at these pics...

perhaps this?

Tea in every dishes!

Or maybe this?
Me at Yehliu area and seafood? No problem....

Taiwan is so full of #deelicious food! Everywhere you turn, left ke, right ke.... all food and all the drinks you ever want! And for some reason, fruits in Taiwan is extremely #deelicious!

Well, I recently went to the #TaiwanTravelFair2015 and I am so inspired to blog about Taiwan. So I compiled all my previous trips to #Taiwan and share with everyone on what you can actually experience in Taiwan! So here's a pictorial blog for you guys!

So I covered some food earlier. Here's more...

Taiwan's signature "rice in a bowl" - you can find this almost everywhere in Taiwan! A wide variety of dishes is available, similar to our "mixed rice" in Malaysia!

Taiwan sausages is one of my FAVOURITE. I have this everyday, end with a big big cup of fruit juice! Yum!

One thing I like is..... almost every part of Taiwan I go, I enjoyed food with a great view. Almost always.

You can't leave Taiwan without drinking Taiwan Milk Tea with Pearl, can't you? And that's a signature coffee finished with gold flakes on top - how classy! Of course, we have that tiramisu after dinner!

Or simply get one of these healthy fruit punch - raw, healthy and yummy!
Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or in betweens, there's a WIDE variety of food to choose from. 
You enjoy Din Tai Fung in Malaysia - have you try the ORIGINAL one in Taiwan? Haven't? You should - with friends of course! 

Even at Jiufen, our hostel got creative during breakfast time - and creativity at its best - it's yummy and #deelicious!

At night market, this sight is pretty common. I understand that Hsu-Ji is particularly famous in this, since 1984 eh!

And then of course........

After enjoying all the food..... #timetovisittaiwan

As long as you do it carefully, selfie is allowed. LOL!

Taken at Yehliu - perhaps, not to go too near? But this is spectacular, ain't it?

Taken at Wulai, with my bestfriend. Ah, I almost didn't want to leave. I mean, who would....

So, Starbucks is everywhere, so don't freak out. Taipei is a hit for celebrating New Year!

Taipei 101! I got a nice shot, ain't it?

And more of Taipei 101 from far, taken at Miramar Entertainment Park!

I come to Taiwan National Palace Museum every single time I go to Taiwan! :)

The Queen and me, I did stumbled upon the "Japanese Geisha".... click here to find out more!

No matter how you dress up, you will look good at Taiwan. Perhaps it's the weather!

Even the rocks look better in Taiwan. LOL!

I am not sure if a lot of people know about this. This is taken on top of a small mountain beside Yehliu.... this is so awesome, glad I climbed that mountain!

Beautiful? Indeed!

As usual, me being me, animal lover - I can't stop taking pics with those animal that I terserempak on the streets.

Yupe, just too adorable.... #idiedfromoverdoseofcuteness
Scenery at Yehliu!

Taken at Jiufen - from where I had breakfast, the window open up to this. I would eat breakfast everyday like this.

I mean, who won't, right?

Everything is like so peaceful.

This is real gold at Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park!

And you must #selfie here

Or go shopping! I mean why not?

Feeling like you must be healthy and feel the nature? Go to Taroko!!!!

Enjoy your time here!

Take a moment to enjoy the scenery!

Walk slowly! Smell the nature!

Or take some #selfie and pose with the rocks!

Or you prefer water, streams?

Jambatan juga ade....

And more jambatan....

Yes, that's to protect you!

But no one say you cannot #selfie eh!

See what nature has to offer!

Just stunning - I don't think my photo do justice!  You have to be there to see this!

Wondering what to wear? Wear something comfortable - you can either walk or look at those guys behind me, cycle your way up!!!!

This spot.... when you look up - it's the map of Taiwan, sorry, I could only take half. LOL!

As long as you don't fall over.

And smile all the time!

Because with nature, you will smile naturally.

They say don't look down, I say, why not?

I even sit down and took pics! LOL!

Or if you like, jump! (18SX)

And LOHAS!!!! I cycled around Hualien! Best way to appreciate Hualien! I am telling you that!

And make new friends!!!! Go crazy!!!!

Or take lots of selfie.

Even inside the ex-gold mine.....

Yupe, ex-mine.

Those were the days in mining!

At Jinguashi!

At the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Grand ain't it?

Or visit any temple!

Or take some awesome photos at Danshui Lover's Bridge. Or kacau other couples taking pics....

Or be totally cool, walk around Danshui area, like me!

And of course, you can visit this 228 Peace Memorial Park - read about it here.

Lots of hostel available in Taiwan - practically every corner. The person holding the Taiwan flag is the owner of the hostel I stayed the last I was there. You can opt for better hotel too if you have the budget - like W Hotel. :)
As I go through all my photos of all my Taiwan trip...........

I can't help but to..... research a bit for my next Taiwan trip!

It's direct flight and the price is reasonable. Of course, there's other options available - it's really up to you when you want to go and what service you want, but do check up Eva Air - they offer good promotion from time to time!

So, with this, I hope my photos tease you enough to pick your bags and travel away to Taiwan because it's #TimeforTaiwan! Aaaaah, I #heart Taiwan so much! :P

For more information about Taiwan, you can also click the links below. :)



Be deelicious,