Things to do at home during movement control order. Quite a lot actually, mostly FREE.

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Now is not the time to go out and mingle. Whether you are living alone, with housemates or with family, here are some ideas for you (and your mates) during this MCO time, especially during the weekend when you MUST be home-bound. While you stay home during this movement control order period, there are some interesting things to do at home.

I am trying to keep it short and simple. I will update this particular blog with more ideas, so if you have more ideas that you think should be on this list, let me know. 

1. Home improvement/recycling. 

Home improvement can be even re-arranging your stuff. Or install that cupboard you wanted since 2 years ago. Or drill that hole to hang your favourite painting to you swear you will do but it has been 1 year ago. Do it. 

Do your part to recycle, while you KonMari your stuff because not everything is meant for the rubbish bin. Keep those that spark joy, and those not so much of joy; repurpose or recycle it.

Just in one day, I can recycle 1 IKEA bag. In the last round, I did a full clean up of my kitchen, it was 5 bags of stuff that can be recycled. Not easy, take time but once you muster some guts (you need it, trust me), and when you start, you can't stop. Or at least, just clean up your home. So, just do it.

Just 1 day worth of recycling stuff.

2. Shopping (or window shopping) - DIGITALLY. 

You can't go out and shop (except for grocery) - but you can still shop. Do everything online. Why not? Even if you are not buying it now, you can just drop it into your wishlist or mark it with "love" or "favourite" it, come back later.

I myself needed some new clothes, I do so with... UNIQLO. And I did a quick shop for their loungewear - hey, you need to be as comfortable as you can, even at home. And I love how versatile it is for me to wear it, for all the video conferences that I will be doing at home during MCO. 

Like hello...... comfortable wear....... (and hello free delivery with order more than RM150)!

Loungewear Info 19FW
Image from UNIQLO site.
I screenshot this from the UNIQLO app - you can shop there!
No shipping cost - if you purchase more than RM150, it's free delivery to you! Yay!

Not even joking. Free delivery - it's not just UNIQLO, many other online stores are doing the same thing. One of the best time to make some purchases with all the promotions, who say that we cannot be comfortable and stylish at the same time? No one. 

3. Cooking + be the Chef of the house.

Always wanted to cook for the family or try out a new recipe? It's about time you do it, and if you can't find the time, this is it. 

I cooked this simple meal at home. 
It's good to experiment and enhance your cooking skills now, even for those who know how to cook. I even managed to try with something new or expected.

I tried making jeruk (or mango pickle) because I happened to have one huge mango that is not ripe but I had cut it open, instead of wasting it, I googled some simple recipe. Recipe included in caption.

Recipe for Mango pickle: 1 huge mango, sliced or cut to your liking, clean it - add two tablespoons of salt. Wait for 1 hour, let all the juice come out, drain it, place it into a jar and pour in sugar water (in my case, I use brown sugar just because I want to see whether it work or not, it did work for me). Make sure the sugar water is at room temperature, not hot. Keep it in the fridge for at least 24 hours. It is that so very simple.

Or simply order food, try new things, I mean why not? Lee Sharing (another site) provides a list of delivery takeaway that is running promotions, including KFC, McD, Grab and many more - read it here.

Need to top up your grocery or cooking ingredients? Here are some lists of online grocery delivery, thanks to KL Foodie and NST, click here and here (I particularly like this one because it has extended list even for organic stuff).

And I got you covered for beers (click here) and wine (click here) too. You are welcome.

4. Netflix your way.

If you got time to kill (which I bet you do now), needed some good entertainment, glue yourself to... NETFLIX. 

Hello Malaysians, I know what you are doing. Thank you for making this No.1, I guess?
Netflix is like a pandora box - and Malaysians are so darn good at choosing movies and dramas, I simply just go to "Top 10" to see what others are watching. And today, Fifty Shades Freed is No.1 in Malaysia. Way to go, Malaysians! 

Another hot choice that everyone is dying to watch is... 

They have family-friendly titles too, so don't worry. 

What's the price? Here's the price chart: 

To be honest, not really expensive. Mine is premium and I get to share with my friends and family on different devices. Cool, ya?
If you are keen to sign up, you can do it here

Interestingly, Iflix is currently offering FREE access to all their shows and content during MCO - till when I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that it's free now.

More info, check it here.

5. Home spa.

There's no need to sacrifice your look, beauty and the much-needed pampering for your skin, face, body, and soul

Some of the items that I am currently using at this moment and would like to recommend to you.
AHC face masks; L'Occitane Immortelle Divine face oil and Herbae body wash; Claire's anti-acne facial scrub; Neal's Yard essence oil; Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate; and LUSH's Ocean Salt (face and body scrub), Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner and BIG Sea Salt Shampoo.

If you don't have it now, it's ok. There are some beauty and grooming sites that you can get all your beauty must-haves. Like Althea, Hermo and  Sephora.

Interesting eh? ALTHEA is giving FREE hand sanitizer + free shipping with a minimum order of RM99! Yay!

Want to know how to make some interesting body scrub? Let Priyanka Chopra show you how: 

Or you can always try this at home, using home ingredients, FREE as well: 

And for the men, let's not appear like a caveman after two weeks, here are tips on how to shave, read my post on shaving the right way

6. Read or write.

Do you know you can borrow ebook from our National Library? Like OMG. How can I not know this? 

Wow. Apparently, more than 14,000 books FREE for you to download and read. Click here to find out more and e-Sentral is the direct link, make sure you search for FREE.

I mean, it's FREE you know... 

Another one is Open Library that I absolutely love. 

You can search thousands of titles in Open Library.

7. Learn something, every day. 

Improve yourself. Learn new things, every day, at your own time and leisure. Best of all? It's free. Most of it is free - but if you want the certification, you can pay for it, but the point is, be a better person. Here's a list of site that offer e-learning or courses that is free. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. 

This is so darn genius!

Learn as much as you can - at your own pace, from all the leading learning institutes around the world.

8. Keep yourself healthy.

Again, FREE. CBS News compiled a list of free workouts. Go to any of the sites, there's lots of live-streaming, classes and sessions to choose from. No excuses, even YouTube have a long list of home workouts and yoga. 

9. Get ready for some EPIC GAMES!

Install some interesting games on your laptop, tabs or mobile. Even Pokemon Go introduced some changes to their game rules since there's restriction in movement. Tons of it, FREE if you will. 

All yours to choose from. Free or special discounts and deals.
Even Playstation is giving away free games (T&co applies), click here

10. Spend time with your loved ones. Guess what? It's FREE.

Not sure if you know but..... video conferencing is practically free now. Yes, apparently Google and Microsoft announced that their conferencing tools are now free, connecting enterprises and those in education, doing conferences or lectures on digital. But you can do it now too with your family and friends, using the same tools. 

Other than that, consider the following list: 

1. Zoom, special version during COVID-19, click here.
2. Skype

Of course, LINE, WhatsApp and WeChat - can connect you via video but from one device to another device. If your family and friends is like all around the world, Google (Meet or Hangout), Microsoft (Team), Skype and Zoom is very much recommended. And of course, it's FREE.

Zoom offering free video conferencing during this difficult time.

As of now, this is what I can think of but I guess it's enough for all of us to spend our time wisely. If you have more ideas, do reach out to me and I will update the list.

And if you want to find out more about all the essential services during MCO, FMT covered it extensively, read here

Meanwhile, be safe and stay home!

Be deelicious and stay safe guys!
21 March 2020

And no, this is not a sponsored post - but a disclaimer, I did copy my Netflix code as part of their referral program, I mean, why not? 


Maserati starts testing the prototype of the new MC20

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The news is out. Maserati starts to test its prototype of the new MC20, the super sports car has emerged from the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena.

Maserati has 100% Italian DNA and is in continuous movement: the Brand has identified and selected a series of iconic locations in Italy that effectively convey the “Masters of Italian Audacity” global statement, of which the new MC20 is the first and ultimate expression.

The prototype has been photographed at night in Piazza degli Affari in Milan, below Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture L.O.V.E., a symbol of Italian audacity in international contemporary art. Pretty cool, eh? Kinda like the whole vibes and message, it's a strong start, I say.

Now, this marks the start of a period of road and track tests, in various conditions of use, to acquire vital data for the preparation of the car's final setup. During the next few days the prototype will visit other locations symbolic of Italian audacity, before returning to Modena.

I sense a strong statement at the final line in the release: Maserati: Masters of Italian Audacity

More to come, I believe, I am looking forward to the exciting news coming from Maserati.

Be deelicious,
6 March 2020


Celebrate Your Weekend and Secretary With Some Love from Hilton!

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Available at Iketeru, Hilton KL
A wholesome meal made easy with this bento set! The weekend calls for a well-deserved treat to an authentic Japanese Bento box packed with delicious flavours.

Choose from Shokado Bento with seasonal simmered dishes and grilled fish served with vegetables, Sushi Bento with California Roll, assorted sushi and hotel buckwheat noodle with bonito soup and Tenppanyaki Bento with salmon and scallop accompanied by Miso butter sauce and beef, chicken or lamb served with garlic sauce.

Indulge in a hearty meal that comes with rice, salad, and other sides with coffee or tea.

Promotion Period: From 7 March 2020 | 12 - 2:30pm | Every Saturday & Sunday
Price: RM160 nett (inclusive of Japanese Green Tea)

And if you are looking to celebrate the unsung heroes in the office, can't live without secretaries! Celebrate them and recognise all their hard work, Hilton presents to you, two special set menus. 

Find this Secretary's Specials, only at Tosca, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Choose Prawn Bisque, Chicken Parmigiana or Mushroom Risotto as your main course and complement it with iced lemon tea, coffee, or tea and raspberry sorbet for dessert. Walk away with a discount voucher for a massage at Oriental Signature and a homemade chocolate lipstick too! 

Promotion Period: 1 - 30 April 2020

Price: RM35 nett for 2-Course Set Lunch and RM48 nett for 3-Course Set Lunch

For reservations, call Hilton at +60 3 2172 7272 or visit

Be deelicious, 
6 March 2020


UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON 2020 Spring/Summer Collection to Launch on March 27 Includes Long-Awaited Kids Line

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The news is out! Mark your calendar, 27 March is the day! 

2020 Spring/Summer UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON - Available from 27 March, nationwide. 
Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces that it will launch its 2020 Spring/Summer UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collection on Friday, March 27. Developed once again with leading London-based fashion brand JW ANDERSON, the latest collaboration is themed “British Country Style” and includes a long-awaited line for kids.

The collection combines the functionality and details of LifeWear with Jonathan Anderson’s playful take on such traditional British patterns as gingham checks and patchworks to add fun to spring and summer. This marks the very first time for the designer to create a kids’ line.

Jonathan Anderson By Scott Trindle

The traditionally inspired collection includes numerous new items in JW ANDERSON’s signature bold hues. Men’s pocketable parkas are updated with in-trend anorak styling, for a genderless look. For women, the line features patchwork dresses and skirts, tote bags with large gingham patterns. 

Designs and details for the kids’ line are essentially the same as for adults, only in commensurately smaller sizes. There are also linen blend blouses inspired by vintage sailing apparel. Regular fit shirts incorporate stitched panels for an additional styling touch. All items for kids coordinate easily with adult outfits to make family outings more fun.

The range will be available globally and all UNIQLO stores will stock some items from the collection, while the full lineup will be accessible through Fahrenheit 88 and at

Check out more of the designs at UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON website: 

Just a tiny bit on JW ANDERSON.... who is a Northern Irish designer, Jonathan Anderson established JW ANDERSON in 2008. At first an elaborate collection of accessories, it quickly attracted attention and enabled the fledgling label to show on-schedule during the 2008 London Fashion Week season.

The success of this debut collection earned both critical acclaim and commercial success for Anderson, whose label is now regarded as one of London’s most innovative and forward thinking brands. 

JW ANDERSON has received the following awards:

  • 2012 British Fashion Awards for Emerging Talent, Ready-to-Wear
  • 2013 The New Establishment Award
  • 2014 Menswear Designer of the Year
  • 2015 British Fashion Awards for Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year

Alright guys, see you at the UNIQLO store on 27 March!

Be deelicious, 
4 March 2020