Malaysia Airlines: Grand Travel Deals - get your cheap, affordable flights NOW!

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Malaysia Airlines will be running new promo starting from 23 till 29 April 2018 (for travel from 25 April 18 to 31 March 2019!) - Need a holiday? Time to book that flight!

Yupe, you heard it right. Malaysia Airlines’ Grand Travel Deals is here, offering customers from up to 40% off air tickets to selected destinations as well as a wide range of travel perks including discounted children’s’ fares, extra baggage and hotel bookings. 

From 23 until 29 April 2018, you will be able to enjoy all-inclusive return fares on Economy Class from as low as RM259 to Phnom Penh, from RM299 to Jakarta, from RM699 to Hong Kong or Colombo and from as low as RM2,829 to London. These fares are valid for travel from 25 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

One-way all-inclusive Economy Class fares from Kuala Lumpur are also available from as low as RM99 to Terengganu, from RM139 to Kuching, from RM149 to Miri and from RM189 to Kota Kinabalu, all valid for travel from 24 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.
The above-mentioned fares are available on website.
As part of this promotion, Malaysia Airlines will also be offering a wide range of attractive offers for those planning to travel solo or with their loved ones. Exclusively for Business Class customers, special companion fares are available for those travelling in pairs.
This not-to-be missed deals also allow customers discounts of up to 50% off on children’s air fares, save 50% on their hotel stay in Malaysia when they book their rooms on as well as enjoy 10% off on advanced purchase for 10kg of extra baggage plus seat selection. Terms and conditions apply. You can also redeem complimentary domestic MHinsure coverage with every purchase of domestic flight. 
Meanwhile, Enrich members can fast track to their next tier status with exclusive 2X Elite Miles offer with every flight booking. Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Arved von Zur Muehlen said: 
“We are constantly looking for ways to excite our new and loyal customers via unbeatable deals and latest product offerings. We encourage customers to take advantage of our Grand Travel Deals as we are offering 40% off on air fares to selected domestic and international destinations. Our fares include checked-in baggage allowance of 30kg on Economy Class, plus complimentary meals and superior in-flight entertainment and no hidden credit card charges.”
For more information on our latest promotion, visit Malaysia Airlines’ website here.
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Review: Beko smart tools for your kitchen and everyday cooking needs!

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From time to time, I buy equipment to....

Well, make my kitchen look more pro and of course, to equip myself with better tools for better cooking and cook a fantastic meal that makes everyone go....


But we all know how tedious cooking up a storm is.....

It physically drain you and the washing...... Yupe, we don't want to even go there.

And then, comes the price point. It has to fit our wallet and budget, don't you think so? So, when I am moving house and all, someone introduce me to Beko (you can find out more here).

I decided to do a quick intro and review to you guys!

(I actually posted on my IG before actually...)

I am gonna start with something I really like.


Beko Chopper, RM169

This wonderful automatic chopper has a contemporary design that has an anti-slip base (removable one) and is dishwasher safe. 

I love the 'feel' of the glass, giving me the 'assured' feeling rather than a 'might break' plastic feeling. It has the perfect size for smaller portions or ingredients such as vegetables, baby food, and pasta sauces.

Think GARLIC - if you need a lot of it, this little guy can help you, little yes, but this baby is heavy duty, well, with 400W of power and 2 speed settings, it can chop up your food quickly, saving you a lot of time while preparing food. Like... OMG! 

The stainless steel surface and a 1 L glass mixing bowl that can be cleaned quickly and easily after use. See, I don't want to wash multi parts and the feeling of lazy to use it again, quickly disappear with this. 

Quick Spec Facts:
  1. 400 W
  2. 1 L glass mixing bowl
  3. Dishwasher-safe bowl & blade
  4. 2 speed settings
  5. Stainless steel chopping blade
  6. Special features: 400 W High Power, Thermoresistant Bowl, Dishwasher Safe, Anti Slip Base, Stainless Steel Surface
My personal rating?
4.5 out of 5.

Beko Hand Blender, RM179
This multi-purpose hand blender from Beko will let you blend or whisk your ingredients perfectly with ease. It has a scaled beaker (so you don't have to keep checking how much ml of liquid you put it in, again and again!), leaving you equipped to tackle any food preparation task. Oh and... this hand blender set comes with variable speed settings and a turbo function too, helping you save time in the kitchen, because, why not? Will I buy this? Yes, I do soap at home, and every 'pro-home soap maker' will tell you, a hand blender is god-send!

Quick Spec Facts:

  1. 750 W
  2. Variable speeds settings
  3. Detachable stainless-steel blade
  4. Scaled beaker
  5. Special Features: 750 W High Power, Variable Speed Settings
My personal rating?
4 out of 5.

Beko Hand Mixer, RM159
I would love to have a good mixer - I have a huge one, of course, it comes with the hassle of.... cleaning and more cleaning. This one? NOT A PROBLEM. The Beko Hand Mixer is designed to handle a variety of kitchen tasks such as beating eggs, mixing cakes and whipping cream. Compact and durable, this model offers five dedicated speeds for you to experiment with the settings until you find the ideal speed for your needs.  

Quick Spec Facts:
  1. 350 W
  2. 5 speeds & turbo functions
  3. LED indicator
  4. Soft grip handle
  5. High quality stainless steel beaters & dough hooks
  6. Eject button to release attachments
  7. Special Features: 350 W High Power, Easy Cleaning, Stainless Steel Surface, Compact Size, 5 Speed settings

My personal rating?
4 out of 5. I would rate it lower for being more on the heavier side, but because it's easy to clean, I am scoring it higher.

So, which one will I buy? I definitely going for the chopper and hand blender! Well, for the obvious reason, of course! Price point is ok with the quality I am getting and functions, easy to handle, easy to clean, I got no complain!

What's your best tool in the kitchen? If you have any to share, let me know at the comment box!

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