You can NOW FLY to Mauritius with AirAsia X!

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YES! Finally, we can all fly to Mauritius with AirAsia X!

AirAsia X launched Mauritius as its latest destination today with all-in-fares from as low as RM299 one-way. Present at the launch are His Excellency Mr Issop Patel (centre), High Commissioner of Mauritius to Malaysia, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (3rd from left), Group CEO of AirAsia X and Benyamin Ismail, CEO of AirAsia X Berhad.
Mauritius now part of AirAsia X’s growing route network, flying to Mauritius 3 TIMES weekly from Kuala Lumpur! Flights to Mauritius will be on sale starting from now on during the travel period from 4 October 2016 until 22 May 2017! So this is your GOLDEN opportunity to go "paradise on earth"!

Hello, Mauritius! Image Credit

AirAsia X becomes the only airline to offer nonstop flights between Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius, with 3 times weekly flights to commence on 4 October 2016*

All-in-fares from as low as RM299** one-way available for booking from 26 May to 5 June 2016!

Beautiful Island of Mauritius!
Image Credit
It is recently announced that Mauritius as the next idyllic place AirAsia X will connect directly from Kuala Lumpur, with three times weekly flights commencing 4 October 2016*.

This brand new destination will be operated on the Airbus A330-300 with a capacity of 377 seats, inclusive of 12 award-winning Premium Flatbeds, and marks the AirAsia X Group’s 22nd destination throughout its route network.

His Excellency Issop Patel, High Commissioner of Mauritius for Malaysia launched this brand new destination at a press conference today accompanied by Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X and Benyamin Ismail, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X Berhad.  Introductory all-in-fares from as low as RM299** one-way on standard seats and from RM999** one-way for the Premium Flatbeds were also launched during the event, these promotional fares are available for booking from 26 May to 5 June 2016.

These promotional fares will be available online at as well as AirAsia’s mobile app on iPhone and Android devices, and the mobile site The travel period for this promotion will be from 4 October 2016* until 22 May 2017.

Benyamin Ismail said at the press conference, “At AirAsia X, we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to fly further at the most affordable rate. We are very proud to be the only airline to offer nonstop direct flights on this route, and to add Mauritius into our growing list of nonstop travel options from Kuala Lumpur. We are sure that the announcement of this route will definitely excite the market, especially here in Malaysia. Apart from that, the flight to the paradise of Mauritius is perfectly timed to connect to all points in our vast network in Asia and Australasia using the FlyThru service.”

Arik De, Head of Commercial for AirAsia X Berhad added that, “Mauritius is the perfect stepping stone for those Malaysians who wanted to go beyond and explore the beauty of Africa – from beautiful Cape Town to the exotic lands of Namibia, Madagascar and Botswana.”

Situated in the southeast coast of the African continent, Mauritius was once a volcanic island and is famous for its beautiful beach setting with white sand, warm sub-tropical climate and a topaz shoreline of the Indian Ocean.

Guests can choose to relax on the longest beach in Mauritius at Belle Mare Beach sipping fresh sugarcane juice, or experience scuba diving, as the island is known for its excellent underwater visibility and warm temperatures that attract an abundance of marine life. If you are feeling a little adventurous, embark on an Underwater Walk around the ocean bed in an oxygen helmet and mingle with the fishes.

For a little bit of culture and history, head to the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis which boasts a plethora of colonial monuments or follow the pilgrimage route to Grand Bassin, whereby the second largest statue of Lord Shiva in the world is standing at the entrance to the natural crater lake on the mountains.

In Mauritius, guests will be greeted to a multitude of ethnic groups in the country, inviting them to absorb the diversity from mouth-watering food to the many cultural festivalsavailable throughout the year. This tropical island indeed is an all-year-round destination that hosts many exciting things to see and do while addressing the needs of all types of travellers such as adventure seekers, honeymooners, families, or solo travellers.

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via Twitter ( and Facebook (

*Inaugural flights are subject to regulatory approval.
**Promotional all-in-fares quoted are for one-way travel only inclusive of taxes. Terms and conditions apply.

Flight Schedule for Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Mauritius (MRU)

Flight No.
Flight Schedule
D7 006
1025 hrs
1325 hrs
Tues, Fri, Sun
D7 007
0255 hrs
1420 hrs
Mon, Wed, Sat
Note: All times depicted are local time at respective destinations.

Ok folks, since you have read this blog, you may now..... buy your tickets to the paradise on earth! See you there!

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26 May, 2016


This is my 7-Eleven #FreshtoGo Experience!

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First of all, I got a confession to make!

In the beginning, it was about contest => #FreshtoGoContest2016 by #7ElevenMY, but after trying for awhile.... I macam ter-convert to 7-Eleven, I am like buying and trying all the #FreshtoGo food stuff one by one!

Well, I do find it convenience to pre-buy food the night before, prep my breakfast, just heat up and voila, food served!

For the first round, I had bihun goreng, sandwich chicken mayo salad, roti ikan bilis and a pocket pie!

Although at first, it was all about contest but after awhile, I realize, hey... this suit my lifestyle! What the hack!

So I decided to just show you.... my shopping experience with 7-Eleven, in video. Take that! LOL!

So, this is at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 5... I like this outlet (yes, I went to multiple outlets!) and find this one pleasing, everything is so tertib, clean, stock up to the full, bright and it has everything! #justsoveryperfect!

I am serious, I starving in office and thank goodness I got this life saving bihun goreng! In my office area,
I got like four 7-Eleven! Phew!!!!!! :)
To have food in office is important, need that extra energy when you need to complete all the work!!! If not, you will be like.....

Or you might be like....

Yes, you might just faint, exactly like her - if there's no FOOD.

But I have yet to try the Nasi Lemak, I really want to try it! Entah kat mana boleh dapat, or maybe it's so good, it's always sold out when I visit 7-Eleven... I will try to go earlier next time!

If any of you try something new in 7-Eleven, feel free to comment or leave feedback! Would love to hear from you guys! :)

For more info on the full range of the offering, click here. FB page here and Instagram here.... :)

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May 19, 2016


Rohto Eye Drops for that Healthy, Sparkling Beautiful Eyes

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You got tired eyes? Similar to this ---> @.@ ?

Do you wear contact lens for long, like freaking long hours? Need something to... well, moisture it?

Or you just want to refresh your eyes, just like how you want to soak and embrace the waterfall?

Sure, you can.

Introducing.... the Rohto Eye Drops Cool, Aqua and Dry Aid!

The all-new Rohto Eye Drops, Cool and Aqua is suitable for those contact lens wearer...

Because with it, you can have great looking eyes. I mean like... who doesn't want eyes that can do like what Emma Stone does it....? Right? Kan?

Oh, hello!
Or maybe like how the God-frey dance and wink at the same time?

I don't know, but I can't possibly do that!

But trust me, when you have great eyes.... you feel exactly like....
God-frey like.
Like seriously, similarly to....
That God-frey like confidence! Oh so good! I mean the eyes....
You know what I mean?
Got it, like God-frey? Ok, good!
Ok, back to Rohto Eye Drops.....

From health and wellness to skin care and grooming, looking good is an effort in which we often spend most of our time to pull the perfect look-of-the-day. Of course our eyes have to be perfect as well, kan?

In this digitally-inclined era, people spend long hours in front of computers, laptops, TVs and mobile devices which eventually lead to strained and dry-eyes. Not only the growing reliance on digital devices strains our eyes, eye irritation also stems from environmental irritants like smoke, dust, haze and air condition which further contribute to more conditions ranging from simple to complex. 

Hence, you may want to consider finding ways to give your weary eyes a break, a few droplets of Rohto eye drops to effectively retain moisture as well as to provide soothing relief for dry, irritated eyes.

When it comes to vision health, eye drops play a huge role for healthier and refreshing comfort through the day. Introduced by Rohto, the number-one global eye care brand, Rohto Cool Eye Drops comes with a unique cooling formula that provides you with an instant cooling sensation which soon fades to be replaced by a totally refreshing feeling for your eyes. Unlike other variants of eye drops that are available off-the-shelf, the cooling formula aids in producing more natural tears that help to soothe your eyes and reduce eye fatigue by increasing perceived image clarity.

Rohto ensures consistent safety and quality through strong governance and compliance to applicable regulations and standards. Rohto Cool Eye Drops and other variants are carefully formulated by eye care specialists in full compliance with FDA’s over-the counter Ophthalmic Drug Products Monograph, manufactured under Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 13485 standard guidelines to ensure the product is safe and effective for minor eye irritations or dryness. Safe, one word, SAFE!

Each ingredient is filtered and sterilized, from the bottle to the cap and nozzle through gamma sterilization or electron beam sterilization. The process from filling to packing is fully automated and conducted by machines to ensure complete product hygiene. It uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter for air-conditioning during the manufacturing process, under a controlled environment (ISO 14644 Grade A) whereby the classification of the air cleanliness in the surrounding vicinity is at the highest standard of safety and quality.

Tired Eye Relief - Cool & Refreshing

Moisturize, Refresh and Provide Immediate cooling relief to:
 Dry, strained and tired eyes due to prolonged exposure to TV/computer usage. Effectively retains moisture and natural tear in eyes. Dryness and eye discomfort due to wearing of contact lenses with protective moisturizing veil. Minor eye irritations due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water by giving soothing relief, blurred vision. It is suitable for usage with or without contact lenses. 

Tired Eye Relief - Gentle & Moisturizing

Moisturizes, refreshes and provides gentle soothing relief to:

Dry, strained and tired eyes due to prolonged exposure to TV/computer usage. Effectively retains moisture and natural tear in eyes. Dryness and eye discomfort due to wearing of contact lenses with protective moisturizing veil. Minor eye irritations due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water by giving soothing relief, blurred vision. It is suitable for usage with or without contact lenses. 

Advanced Dry Eye Relief - Restores Moisture

It effectively relieves dry eye symptoms and enables long lasting relief. With the advanced formula, it soothes irritated eyes and restores balance of the 3 layers of tear film: Oil Layer (Sesame Oil) this is to prevent evaporation of tears, water layer (Hypromellose) to provide moisturization, and Mucin Layer (Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene Glyycol) which enable tears to stay on the surface of the eyes. However, it is only suitable for non-contact lens wearer. 

And because now we have wonderful product for the eyes, yes, you do not want vision like below with your dry eyes....

Use the eye drops please.....

The Rohto Cool Eye Drop is priced at RM16.90 (inclusive of GST) per bottle and available in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide. The eye drops are conveniently packaged in an innovative, transparent, slim and sleek bottle that has a non-squirting, single-drop dispenser said to be the only packaging of its kind in the market.

Formulated to be contact lens-friendly, the eye drops are compatible with or without contact lenses. For more information, visit
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been producing and marketing eye drops for over 100 years. Rohto® is the number 1 brand of eye drop in the world and has been number 1 in Japan for the past 40 years. Rohto Cooling Eye Drops launched in the United States in 2001.

Love your eyes, dudes! :) 

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16 May, 2016


Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel Now Available in Malaysia (New Product!)

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Searching for the wonder jar that give you multiple benefits?

A quick search over the web, you probably see tons of products but I recently tried this pretty amazing product of Sekkisei, called the Sekkisei Herbal Gel. It provides you with 6 skin benefits in just one amazing product.

The Sekkisei Herbal Gel - newly launched, available @ Kose counters nationwide

SEKKISEI introduced a new and exciting product today that’s set to change the way you think about skincare. Combining an innovative texture with oriental herbal know-how, SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is the current rising star in the beauty world – even Malaysian celebrities and personalities are big fans of the product!

Pretty cool, eh?
Dubbed the ‘wonder gel’, SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is a multifunctional gel that combines 6 skincare benefits in one convenient jar, making it the perfect companion for women and men who are always on-the-go and appreciate occasional quick fixes for a translucent complexion. All you need is this item after prepping your skin with lotion, and it will feel as though you’ve given your complexion a full course of skincare treatment. With ONE simple step, your skin gets the treatment of an emulsion, serum, cream and it can even be used as a massage gel or a nourishing sleeping mask!

On top of SEKKISEI’s proprietary trio oriental plant extracts – Angelica, Melothria and Mugwort, which are present in all its products, the SEKKISEI Herbal Gel contains two selected active ingredients to effectively moisturise and promote translucency in the skin. They are:

Fermented Coix Seed – harvested from a plant that originated from East Asia, the seeds are fermented and its extract is used to promote ceramide production in the skin to improve skin barrier function and provide high moisturising effect

Fermented Coix Seed (file image from Kose)
Loquat leaf – the loquat tree is another native plant of East Asia, which leaves are used medicinally. As an ingredient in SEKKISEI Herbal Gel, it promotes blood circulation and prevents dullness to give skin a translucent look.

I have never imagined that Loquat and its leaves is like that! But ok, if it makes my skin aawesome, I am all in!
(File image from Kose)
So what is the benefits of using SEKKISEI Herbal Gel?

Benefit #1: HydratingAngelica plant extract delivers intense moisture, keeping your skin well-hydrated while locking in a translucent glow.

Benefit #2: Radiance-boostingFermented coix seed extract (an amazing antioxidant) and loquat leaf extract (promotes blood circulation) work together to help you achieve that lit-from-within radiance.

Benefit #3: SmootheningA cocktail of plant-based oils soften the skin for a highly emollient feeling. As a result, skin stays soft and beautiful for hours.

Benefit #4: Anti-inflammatoryMugwort extract soothes the skin and provides anti-inflammatory effects to keep skin in stable condition.

Benefit #5: Suppleness-enhancingFormulated with a high concentration of water-based moisturizing ingredients, the non-sticky Herbal Gel emulsifies upon contact with skin, creating a healthy glow with lasting suppleness.

Benefit #6: Ultra-nourishingMelothria extract naturally plumps up your skin with essential nutrients, leaving it beautifully-soft to touch.

Besides its long list of benefits, the sensation of SEKKISEI Herbal Gel’s after-application is just as impressive. Thanks to its innovative gel-texture, which leverages on emollient capsules technology to achieve affinity to the skin and efficiently delivers active ingredients into skin. Firstly, it allows the herbal gel to spread smoothly and lightly without any slippery or sticky feeling; it is then quickly absorbed into the skin to give a firm and cushiony feeling from within. On the surface, the skin feels deeply moisturised and stays firm, dewy and smooth for more than 8 hours. When used before bedtime, you can expect to wake up to a radiant complexion. It does not compromise in delivering excellent moisturising and skin texturing effects that can be achieved with multiple products.

Mr. Masaaki Hara, Managing Director of KOSÉ Malaysia, explained that SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is a must-have skincare product for those who lead a busy lifestyle. “The modern women and men of today juggle many tasks at one time. They spend a lot of time taking care of other people, but often forget to take good care of themselves. While SEKKISEI’s full range of skincare helps take care of their skin properly, there are times when they need a quick fix or simpler solution without compromising on skin benefits -- that is why we created SEKKISEI Herbal Gel with them in mind. With one product, they can enjoy 6 benefits in just 1 hassle-free application,” he said.

For these Malaysian celebrities and personalities whose demanding lifestyles take up most of their day, SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is their skin saviour. Actor Jeffrey Cheng, who is already a SEKKISEI user mentioned, “As a man, I find multiple skincare steps troublesome and time consuming. But I still follow my regime diligently because my job requires my skin to be in good condition all the time. Recently, after discovering this multi-functional Herbal Gel from SEKKISEI, I can choose to go for a simpler skincare routine whenever I don’t have the time. This one product helps keep my skin feeling and looking great even when I am very busy. Not to mention, it really hydrates my skin and make it feel smoother”!

Just as busy is actress and singer KeQing. Her hectic lifestyle used to make her too tired to enjoy her night skincare regime. “It’s really tiring after a whole day on set. Especially on days when I have both shoots and vocal training, all I want to do when I reach home is collapse on my bed and go to sleep! So it’s a painful process to go through my complete skincare routine of toner, emulsion, serum, moisturiser and sometimes, a night mask to replenish the moisture I’ve lost during the day. The new SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is good news for me because I don’t have to keep myself awake just to apply my skincare products. I can now choose to apply one product on my face and get more beauty sleep. I particularly like to use it as a sleeping mask, as it gives me radiant skin when I wake up the next morning!” she exclaimed.

Runner-up of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 in 2015, Monika Sta. Maria who is a fitness addict and frequently travels, finds carrying bottles of products around rather troublesome. The model who is now based in Malaysia said: “My work requires me to travel quite a bit and I don’t look forward to the packing process because I need to bring my full range of skincare products whenever I move. Plus, I hit the gym every day, which means I have to standby a separate set of travel size skincare for use after workout. I simply cannot neglect my skincare regime due to travel and workout because I have sensitive skin, which requires proper care. But now, with the revolutionary SEKKISEI Herbal Gel, I only need to carry one product whenever I fly or hit the gym; its anti-inflammatory benefit actually suits my sensitive skin well”.

Singer, songwriter, rap artiste, TV host and a mom, Hunny Madu couldn’t agree more with Monika. “As a working mom, I like to pamper myself with a full skincare regime whenever I can. But there are days when I really have to leave home early for work after settling my 3-year-old daughter Eva Medina, and I can’t do so without any skincare on or I’ll feel totally dehydrated in an hour. That’s when I started using SEKKISEI Herbal Gel. My skin feels so plump and supple after application, and I still look good at the end of the day! It’s truly a wonder gel,” she commented. “I also love its light and non-sticky texture, and how fast it absorbs; it’s like I don’t have anything on my face! Most importantly, my skin actually feels nourished and supple all day long,” added the working mom.

For a quick fix in between your full skincare regimen, apply one scoop of KOSÉ SEKKISEI Herbal Gel (the size of 2 pearl drops) after applying lotion and massage until fully-absorbed. For a special treat, apply two scoops as a leave-on sleeping mask to soothe dry and tired skin before bedtime. Gym addicts, frequent flyers or anyone who wants a quick hydration boost can apply one scoop to clean skin to stay moisturised, even when you’re actively moving around.

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Herbal Gel retails at RM130, and is available at all KOSÉ counters. For more information, follow KOSÉ Malaysia on Facebook or visit KOSÉ Malaysia’s website at

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12 May, 2016


Breaking News: Malaysia Airlines revamps its Economy Class with an increased investment in meals

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Yupe, the word just got in! Can't wait to share with you!

Malaysia Airlines Berhad today announced that a new and improved Economy Class experience for passengers with a complete revamp of its Economy Class meals in a concerted effort on improving customer service. Yes, you heard it right! That sound like music to my ears! Maksudnya, more value for your money lah, yes? Oooooh-some news!

Screenshot from Malaysia Airlines site - I am waiting for the official images, sabar lah ye.... kita tunggu dulu....

As part of its overall transformation, our national carrier will be investing significantly more on its existing menu with heartier three-course meals for guests on both short-haul and long-haul flights. The new menus will not only see an overall improvement in ingredients, more than doubling the protein size and bigger portions, but also the over-all presentation of the meals. Sound just right to me!

The new investment in meals will also see the introduction of hot meals on short haul flights and options which will be tailored to specific routes. This includes dishes such as Japanese inspired appetizer Shrimp Salad with Spring OnionSesame Seed Chicken Teriyaki served with Japanese Rice and also Korean influenced Kimchi Chicken with Asian greens and Deep Fried Queen Fish and Kung Pao sauce for North Asian destinations. More Malaysian dishes will also be served on flights between Kuala Lumpur to Australia including Curry and Rendang as part of the airline's move to provide a truly Malaysian experience to reflect the cultural richness of the national airline. Yay yay! Sound like we gonna win more awards lah!

The airline’s team of food and beverage experts spent several months developing the new menu which has already received extremely positive responses from customers.

Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Simmons said, “We are very excited about the new menus which are the result of an extensive meal development process based on feedback from customers and research on comfort factors for passengers on-board. We have invested an additional 20% into the cost of creating the perfect menu to suit the variety of guests on Malaysia Airlines. Our team of chefs has carefully crafted delicious meals which we are confident will significantly elevate our passengers’ traveling experience. Guests will see a significant increase in meal portions, high quality ingredients and an extensive selection of new dishes onboard."

“Malaysia Airlines is going through a period of rapid transformation as we rebuild from the inside out to become one of the very best airlines in the world, focussed on providing the best customer experience. The Economy Class meal improvement is just one of the many initiatives introduced as we invite passengers  to see us in a whole new light as we prepare to roll out additional and exciting new offerings in the coming months”, he added.

The meal offerings began in early May and will be served to passengers on all outbound flights from Kuala Lumpur. So, for those going with Malaysia Airlines starting from early May, you will be greeted and served with this new, exciting meals! I can't wait to try it when I am onboard in my next flight with Malaysia Airlines! Yay!

News from Malaysia Airlines official site.

I will be updating the blog when I get more updates from Malaysia Airlines team.

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9 May, 2016