Be Merry this Christmas with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

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Dundee Cake: I love this cake - usually prepacked but you can get fresh one from CBTL! And if you want to adjust the sweetness level, you just have to inform CBTL staff, three days in advance! :)
Image by CBTL

I love Christmas. Who doesn't?

Other than gifts and self-pampering moments - it's a lot of feast and gathering of friends and family, a definite holiday moment.

And somewhat, I find Christmas songs all merry and nice!

You probably are organizing some Christmas gathering soon. Need some idea? What about cakes and cookies? I mean.... here's some reference.

Oh yes, CB&TL Jivara Raspberry Log! Easy to serve too!
Image by CBTL
Hmmmm, yes. They have ginger bread man too! This Jolly Breadman is RM5.80 per piece.
Image by CBTL

Oh yes, the CB&TL Classic Christmas Log and Jivara Raspberry Log! Image by CBTL
Wanna go traditional? Here's CB&TL German Stollen! It's RM38/600g. Image by CBTL
And yes, CB&TL Christmas Cookies is a nice giveaway too!
RM6.50 per piece, 2 pieces is RM12.35, 4 pieces is RM23.40 (and I ate them all, it's nice! My favourite is Swiss Lemon Butter...) Image by CBTL
This exclusive Christmas menu is developed by award-winning Chef Johnny Loh features Scottish-inspired Dundee Fruit Cake. Do you know that the sales from Christmas gift tags will aid the Malaysian Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Association?

Get into the mood with the Toffee Nut Latte, Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa or be welcomed with a Christmas Surprise Sampler, German Stollen, Classic Christmas Log, Sugar n’ Chai Cheesecake and of course, the highlight of the menu: the marvelous Scottish-inspired Dundee Fruit Cake! 

Look like we are all set for Christmas, yes? Image by CBTL
During the exclusive ginger dough-making workshop, Chef Johnny shared his expertise with several bloggers, like me! Chef guided me on the steps for creating the perfect base from which to make gingerbread biscuits, a classic offering that’s also available on the festive menu. And I nearly won the Warm Winter House (worth RM88.00/1.7kg) but alas, Bowie (another blogger) took home the prize. I am first runner up in the Ginger Bread Man decor challenge! LOL! 

Ingredients all set for the decor...

Some colours to be merry!
Chef Johnny Loh and Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development, at the launch of the Christmas series.... 

Me and my ginger bread man! LOL! So colourful!
Final creation, not too bad lah! I like it! Can't help it, had to do a photo shoot with this ginger bread man!

I am very happy to know that CB&TL continues to support the Malaysian Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Association through the sales of specially-designed Gift Tags – sold for only RM2, all proceeds will benefit the Association’s Malaysian Lupus Resource Centre.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, incurable auto-immune disease which causes the body to produce large amounts of anti-bodies which then react against the patient’s own tissues. The condition primarily affects women; in Malaysia, an estimated 10,000 individuals have been diagnosed with SLE over the past 30 years but the Association believes many individuals remain undiagnosed. Founded in 1994, the Association relies on public donations and corporate support, such as the sales of CB&TL’s Christmas Gift Tags, to carry out its many activities.

Sidney and me and a whole bunch of ginger bread man!
Bergambar pun mesti with the whole gang! Hooray!
All the bloggers with Chef and CBTL team! Thanks for having us!

All the cute decor for the cake is too adorable, perfect for Christmas gathering!
I managed to grab a bite of the Dundee cake - the gracious and kind CBTL team reserved a piece for me! I am so touched!
Although it's a bit sweet but I get to know that you can definitely adjust the sweetness by informing the CBTL staff, if you order in 3 days advance lah....

For more information about CB&TL’s Christmas offerings, news and promotions, follow the CB&TL Facebook page, or their website

There you go folks!

Be deelicious this Christmas,
21 December 2015


AirAsia’s travel 3Sixty° magazine celebrates 100th issue!

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AirAsia’s travel 3Sixty° magazine celebrates 100th issue!!!! Yupe, this is the magazine you pick up to read every time you board AirAsia's plane, while waiting to depart, you read this while the plane taxi or even throughout the journey! It was at Marini's 57 - at Tower 3, beautiful place!

Night view from Marini's 57 - my first time here, it was after rain and it was jam but this view, it's worth it! :)
Cantik, kan? Inilah KL! :)
This award-winning in-flight magazine "travel 3Sixty°" marked its 100th issue with a celebration event, also marking the eighth anniversary of the publication which has grown to reach over 3 million readers monthly, since 2007 it has developed into sleek, stylish and informational magazine that it is now; apart from being the only in-flight publication to be audited and endorsed by the Audit Bureau of Circulations of Malaysia (ABCM).

While waiting for the party to start, jemput ambil gambar dulu! LOL!
Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said that the core mission of the magazine has always been to showcase the best of travel, culture and lifestyle and we want our readers to continue to experience and enjoy the magazine through an array of media – both print and digital. 100 issues is surely no easy feat. Yeah, I totally believe that - even to publish a blog is damn a lot of work, let alone magazine in both print and digital. Woah....

In conjunction of the party and celebration, a special contest themed ‘Invite travel 3Sixty° was also announced in conjunction with the magazine’s 100th issue. This contest provides readers of the magazine opportunities to invite the editorial team to visit their hometown and be featured as the cover story, enabling local stories to be shared on a regional front through the magazine.

The inspiration for this special contest came from a school teacher from the rural area in Tebedu, Sarawak who emailed the editorial team and shared his story on how he has been using travel 3Sixty° to teach his students about other cultures in the region, apart from improving their English. His initiatives reached the ears of the editorial team when the school teacher wrote in to request for old copies of the magazines to be donated to the school. Since then, copies of travel 3Sixty° have made regular appearances at the school as part of their lessons. travel 3Sixty° has won many awards and accolades since its inception in August, 2007.

Most recently, in June, 2014, the magazine clinched the Platinum Achievement Award at the 2nd Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s Tourism Award 2014 in the International Print Media category which had 22 shortlisted publications from all over the world competing in the category. The magazine is also available online at

If you are keen to know more, or a big fan of AirAsia, follow the magazine’s updates on social media via Twitter and Facebook

And pssssssst! I won a trip to Taiwan! LOL! Damn lucky that night, who would thought of that, right? Anyway, I am still waiting for the vouchers! Been waiting since November.... Hmmmm..... We shall see....

I am going to Taipei! Woohoo!
(Yes, I am still waiting for my vouchers from AirAsia....)

OH, yes, I met with Izara Aishah as well! Still as friendly as ever! XOXO

Izara and me! At last, we meet again! :P

While writing this, I am also booking my flight to Singapore! Woohoo! #AirAsia rocks!

Till then folks.

Be Deelicious,
12 December 2015