The Most Interesting, Amusing (and amazing) 10+ Items That I Found on LAZADA (NSFW)

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In the recent 11.11 online sales over all kind of platforms - there's just so much hype about the sales and great deals, bargains that is simply just AMAZING. I was quite reluctant to succumbed to those sales and deal - for I fear of it. LOL!

But like everyone else, I find myself scrolling my mobile screen using the LAZADA app, my fingers just glide, slide, tap and so on and so on....

And occasionally, I stumble upon some very interesting, intriguing and almost unbelievable deals, bargains products and items that I did not cross my mind, or perhaps I did not expect to find but it's there.

I had to tap and find out more. I got no choice. And I find it so interesting, I had to share it with you, in the case if you need it, you know where to look for it.

Most of it is self-explanatory so I won't want to describe it much, I probably won't be able to, I am too shocked/surprised.

Let's begin, shall we?

#1: Alternative Lipstick for your lips Clitoris


#2: The product packaging that killed shocked me beyond words.

 At first it seems so practical till....

#3: Hey, stimulate your nipples! Or maybe your clitoris (again!)

And yes, you get to save RM8.10 too!

#4: Hair Fillers
I believe, this is one of the most practical or most tempted to purchase item on the entire LAZADA. Well, for me.

#5: The Sucker
I have to say, the images is convincing somewhat.

The last image.... gain my ultimate reaction:


#6: Let's get BIGGER, give your partner the "super size"
*and it's only RM16.50 or RM15.00

Me again:


#7: Patch yourself up (or down)
Er... RM15.90 for this? That image is not that convincing, no?

I am not sure, very not sure. Anyone used this before?

Basically, me:


#8: The cutest thing on the internet now.

#9: I am a NINJA fisherman.
I didn't know what it was at first...

And then I start to be suspicious.... it's not a NINJA mask?

 And then I finally realized what it is for...

#10: Cosplay with DISGUSTING FACE MASK.
Yupe, it's on the title, I didn't come up with that.

#11: Beer Foam Maker/Server.
Interesting, truly.

#12: The not-so-practical-kitchen-tool-BUT-you-will-buy-it-anyway item!
Yupe, that's right. To make a hole by DRILLING or DIGGING.

#13: Cover me nicely.
Believe it or not, I am considering this. At times, when I do wear very thin shirt/white T-shirt - or when it's cold, it's all out there for you to see.

#14: You don't see me. BUT NOW YOU DO.

#15: ADAM Men Sex Toy (for MEN) - BONUS, it has 2 holes.
I am just here to read description, comments and reviews. But I read the title for so many times, and I still don't get it. Do you? Psssst, with 38% discount, it's a good bargain though. #justsaying

BONUS ALERT: It has free gift too!

#16: Do you want to buy a DOLL?

Yupe, sex doll. It's on sale, 19% discount to be exact. I think can be used with #6 - I don't know.

Yupe. there's real people asking real question!


#17: Do you want a..... DILDO?
I think can use together with item #16, I am not sure.

And I go.....


#18: Affordable comfort with crystal jelly dildo.
We are not done yet.

Save more when you buy more!

Different colours to choose from.

Why stop at #18, when you can have #19? Note: Read carefully, 500 TIMES/minute. That's 8.33 pump/second. Pair it with whatever you want. This is a monster. Guess what? It's available in PINK.

And then I went completely....




Never a dull moment, it's so amazing! Continue shopping people! Have a fun time shopping online! If you found anything interesting on LAZADA or any other platform, do share!

Be deelicious,
19 November, 2017