Club Med Cherating: Great Moments Begins HERE!

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Just before I start, I just want to say, I first come to know Club Med from my mom.

Yes.... My MOM.

She loves to travel (in her younger days, of course) and I remember seeing her in swim suit (pretty sexy back then), asked her, where is this?

MOM: Club Med, at Cherating - best moment of my life! They have everything there, you just need: YOU and friends and pretty much all your loved ones!

Me: When is this?

MOM: Many years back, when I am young and hot. And.... (bla bla bla...)

Me: Ok, thanks mom.... (I am like.... this place can't be good, it's like.... old and probably rundown?)

But.... what lingers in my mind is... if my mom remembers it till now, it has to be good, yes? So when I got the opportunity to review this place my mom raved about, I took it - IMMEDIATELY.

I couldn't just go alone, right? Mom said bring friends or loved ones - since I get to bring another friend, well..... I invited my bestfriend, Tammy to go along. It's our very first trip together, IMAGINE THAT? We are so excited!

So, our first trip, to our very first CLUB MED! *MEDAL UNLOCKED - CLUB MED MEDAL*

We packed our bags, pump petrol and hit the road.... pretty long road, I have to say....but smooth drive, so it's ok!

We talked and laughed....

Until we saw this........

Oh yeah...... 
We pretty much quite excited and nervously anticipating to our arrival because we don't know what to expect.

What if.... it's really old and rundown? What if the activities is not as fun as what we see in website? Those what if questions kept running in our heads.

I worked in a hotel before, hence, I do have high expectations on hospitality and service. While Tammy, she is used to reviewing places and stays - so we kind of expect some kind of good great hospitality!

The moment we arrived, we are greeted by GOs (which is Gentils Organisateurs (GO) or kind organisers) and we are referred as GMs (which is Gentil Membres (GM) or kind members), we don't even have to carry our luggage - it will be sent to our room after check-in. I am like.... AWESOME!

Welcome drinks and COLD TOWEL - is a must!

Meanwhile, we just chill..... before checking-in.
Club Med really, truly want to be a true creator of happiness, where they invented a new form of shared experience and a unique style of holiday: which is all-inclusive holidays and resorts in the world’s most beautiful locations (Cherating Beach included, of course!) - this is where we all can recharge our "batteries" through contact with nature, sports and like-minded people! Best of all, you don't have to worry a thing - because the price you pay covers for everything! You just walk in and the fun begins!

For those who has yet to step into Club Med, here's a short video of Club Med Cherating, drone version:

First impression: It's CLEAN. Although, in my mind, it's a lot bigger but a room for two, this is a good size.

Bathroom is tidy and clean too. Amenities provided..... (I kind of forgot that this is ALL-IN holiday village!)
They have it all, including body lotion.

I actually did a bathroom check, really. It's clean - they must have scrub it hard.

When a woman sees mirror - one can stare and look at the mirror for.... hours. LOL! Tammy refreshing before we go for lunch!

The view from our room! Ah! Me likey...

So we tour around Club Med, looking for some activities to do during our stay here....

GMs Reception/Lobby area - neat and tidy. Oh, did I mention that the GOs are generally friendly and smiles a lot? I didn't quite noticed it on the first day but.... I realized that on the second day onward, the amount of smiles you get is.... overwhelming but delightful!

The pool area - for adults and a separate one for kids.

One of the highlights during our stay here! Tammy and myself enjoyed the spa here a lot, we actually went twice!

To be honest, Tammy and myself pretty much enjoy most of the activities here - despite we both enjoy different activities and our personality is different too... I doubted at first that we will both enjoy the same things, but Club Med surprisingly, caters to everyone! To us, it's not just a holiday, we took time off and bonded, we want to create our very own moments too! Here's some of the good GREAT moments we had....

When we.... turned the train to be.... unicorn-train!

Yes, we wanted to ride on unicorn - we turned the train into one!

And the train look perfect!
We look pretty satisfied with our new unicorn decor!

And we took the unicorn train to.... the Zen Pool + Beach area....

And then we had....

Archery! At first, it's just me, in the end, Tammy join in as well! GO Alan is our coach!

Damn, we had lots of fun! Nope, we don't always hit the target but we laughed so hard when we missed!

Archery is not really that hard....

We wanted more session but time's up!

Our GO: Alan is our COACH of the day for archery!

Other than unicorn, we.... well... had donuts with us, in case....
Speaking of donuts, reminds me of great FOOD we had.... (in large quantities and countless of wines!)

I have to present this first - my fave among all the food I had. This is Lamb Rack Provencal Style @ Mutiara Restaurant. It's tender and the mint sauce is perfect!

Tammy and myself wanted to book Rembulan for one of the night but it's all full - if you prefer a sit-down service, this is the one for you - advice: BOOK IN ADVANCE.

After a dip at the pool, we had lunch at the side of Rembulan...

There's different desserts every time we dine... another blog will be solely on food soon!

I love having a full, nutritious breakfast - and Club Med seems to think the same too. Although my selection seems simple, trust me, there's more selection, catering to everyone's need!

Most of the F&B outlets have wines - at the Noodle Bars, we have it with our noodles...

4 types of noodles and soups for you to choose from at the Noodle Bar! This is one of my fave + wine!

Egg Ramen in clear soup with shrimp and shredded chicken!

Sichuan Noodle with Minced Beef!
Most of the bar has good selection in each category! You will be spoilt with all the choices!

For our short stay there, we visited the ZEN pool everyday, because I love the Zen Pool, and here's why:

Great view at the pool - it's quiet and serene. I can see why they named it ZEN POOL.

Time seems to kind of slow down at the pool. This is why we are here, to rejuvenate our souls and to bring nature closer to us. 
And to make the stay a little more perfect, have a cup of coffee (or more!) while enjoying the beach view, from your very own shade!

It is so relaxing that while taking pic, my dear Tammy fell asleep!

I mean, with such view + soft, gentle wind blowing on your face, anyone will eventually fell asleep (myself included!)

And it's CHERATING BEACH, you can't just forget about the BEACH, kan? And remember the unicorn? Yupe, unicorn right at the beach....

For the fun of it, I had to.

And then there's more....

And yes, a wefie with our unicorn, A MUST!
And of all the activities we had, one stood out.

I don't think every resort or hotel will have this. One of its kind activity that I get to do in Club Med (which really surprised me is....)

My very first trapeze!

In my mind, I felt crazy for doing this!

And you gotta train before going up the real trapeze! I am not sure if I actually can.... 

At the training, apparently, I can. LOL! I CAN DO IT! I am just not sure if I can do the real thing...


First attempt: Totally failed.
Second attempt: *Can I just get down? LOL!*
Third attempt: I gotta do this! And I did.
I am glad I did it and super happy to nailed it! PHEW!
This pretty much sum up my trip with my best friend, Tammy! We enjoyed our stay there and we had great moments (surprisingly, more than I have imagined!), and of course, the GOs made us feel at home!

Question is, will I be back?


With promotion running currently, I might find myself back to Club Med, this time, with more selection of other villages around the region - I am actually eyeing on Bintan and Phuket!

Here's some promo that I know of...

Opening Offer (Snow Resorts only) - Save up to 40%
Booking Period:  Now till 8 March 2017
Travel Period: 1 November 2017 to 31 April 2018
Resort: Hokkaido / Yabuli / Beidahu / Tomamu

For Club Med Cherating, a quick check on the latest pricing that I found that their website, (which you can ask for a quotation), price starts from RM1,119! That's like almost 50% discount!

If you want to book early, you can go to this page to get deals up to -45%! And I heard there's more promo and deals for Club Med in the coming MATTA FAIR, I will post about it soon!

There's a number you can call as well, in case you have any questions: 03-20531888

FYI, here's a quick fact sheet on Club Med Cherating:

For more information about Club Med Cherating, click here or visit their FB here.

I think my mom is gonna be proud of me! Well, my mom enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, we all created our moments, uniquely at Club Med, time to create some great moments for you and your loved ones? This place is great for family, or you can go with your friends - and with the concept of all-in, there's really nothing that you need to worry about, just bring home some good memories!

I hope you enjoy Club Med, the way I do too! 

Been to Club Med Cherating or other Club Med villages? Share your experience at the comment box - I will be happy to read it!

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26 Feb, 2017


Mamonde: Park Shin Hye X Mamonde's FLOWER DAY

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Hello! 안녕하세요!

Yes, I did managed to meet Park Shin Hye - after a loooooooooong wait. LOL!

The new Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream - in store now.

Mamonde’s brand ambassador and popular Korean actress, Park Shin Hye arrived in Malaysia to officially launch Mamonde Flower Day. Mamonde Flower Day is celebrated to inspire us to show love and appreciation to those we love and admire with the gift of a flower. It is also a day dedicated to admiring the beauty around us, be it the beauty of people or the beauty of Mother Nature. Arriving in Malaysia for the first time, Park Shin Hye greeted fans and exchanged flowers with Mamonde’s management staff as a gesture of appreciation and love for welcoming her to the launch of Mamonde Flower Day.

Themed around Mamonde’s flower of the month – the Hibiscus, the LG, Oval Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre is transformed into a flower garden with Hibiscus as the main highlight amidst Mamonde’s other four key flowers i.e the Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Lotus and Camellia. The event was a fun-filled affair featuring a myriad of activities and flower attractions. Participants at the event were treated to game stations such as the Flower Dice and Cotton Candy, photobooth, 5 Key Flowers activity booths and a contest with a chance to win prizes. At the Mamonde Flower Garden, the public was given an opportunity to experience of Mamonde’s Five Key Flowers while enjoying special sets and gifts with purchase.

“The Mamonde Flower Day is a significant event for the brand as we wish to instil among Malaysians an appreciation for flowers as a symbol of love and gratitude towards nature and mankind. We are truly honored to have Park Shin Hye grace our event as she personifies the true beauty of a flower and what Mamonde stands for,” said Celine Diong, Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia.

Park Shin Hye X Mamonde

Park Shin Hye was appointed as Mamonde’s brand ambassador in 2014. She began her acting debut in 2003 in the Korean drama Stairway to Heaven. In 2006, she starred in the South Korean-Japanese series Tree of Heaven and later received acclaim for her leading roles in the television dramas You're Beautiful (2009), Heartstrings (2011), Flower Boys Next Door (2013), The Heirs (2013), Pinocchio (2014–2015) and Doctors (2016). In 2015, Park was included in Forbes Korea list of "40 Most Powerful Celebrities" in Korea.

Since its launch, Mamonde has transformed women through the amazing benefits and energy of flowers. Years of research by Mamonde have revealed the moisturizing and skin nourishing ingredients of flowers which have helped women radiate with blossoming beauty. Mamonde Flower Day will be a yearly celebration of love and appreciation by Mamonde in the month of October, which coincides with Mamonde’s introduction in Korea in October 1991.

Apart from celebrating Mamonde Flower Day, Mamonde also launched two new additions to its Moisture Ceramide range which was an inspiration from the Hibiscus flower – the Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener and Moisture Ceramide Emulsion. Utilizing the powerful moisturizing substance of the Hibiscus flower, the Moisture Ceramide range is formulated with the exclusive Hibiscus Ceramide Plus ingredient to give the skin a completely moist skin barrier. The moisturizing ingredients found in the Hibiscus are thoroughly filled into the empty spots in dead skin cell layers. On the other hand, the high-content ceramide which was exclusively developed for 20 years tightly packs loosened dead skin cells. The MAMONDE Moisture Ceramide Range contains the natural moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus and ceramide that are similar to skin components which keeps the skin feeling well moisturized and healthy. The range contains the following benefits:

Exclusively Developed Hibiscus Ceramide Plus which contains essential ingredients to strengthen cellular walls

Similar to the skin’s structure, it has a binding effect which adheres and absorbs upon contact with the skin

Fortifies the skin’s moisturizing walls to regenerate the skin daily

Exfoliates dead skin cells and maintains a smooth texture to give the skin a glossy finish, making it easy to blend makeup

Naturally derived and safe ingredients to offer long-lasting comfort and moisturizing effects to the skin
Moisture Ceramide Emulsion, 150ml (RM79)
An emulsion that leaves the skin feeling refreshed by delivering abundant moisture deep into
the skin without any sticky feeling. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky
feeling to keep the skin.
How to apply:
1. Every morning and night after applying skin softener, take a small amount (2 or 3 pumps) and lightly tap it on your face for full absorption.
2. Wrap your face with your hands gently to make the skin well-moisturized.
Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener, 200ml (RM69)
A skin softener that delivers moisture to the skin and softens dead skin cells to help the skin better absorb other skincare products. It is a highly moisturizing toner which is creamier than other toners in the market.
How to apply:
Every morning and night, take 0.5ml of the formula (size of a ginkgo nut) and
gently tap it on your face to achieve full absorption.

Yes, that's right. They called my name and I did not go up. Yes, I am sorry. LOL!

The Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener and Moisture Ceramide Emulsion
are available at Mamonde’s counters at Cosmetic Floor, AEON 1 Utama, PJ and AEON Mid
Valley, KL.

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25 November, 2016