It's Christmas soon. Have a little (or big) Sparkle & Magic from M&S!

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Yes, it's the time of the year where our wallet bleeds for Christmas. And timely for my blog - means I get to blog about Christmas and holidays stuff a lot, like....a lot. If you are scratching your head because you need to buy lots of gifts and for many people - from friends and family to your lovely colleagues (and that bxxxh in your neighbourhood), fret not - I got that covered, even for the bxxxh (it's ok to be nice sometimes, it's Christmas anyway).

Let's start.

Marks & Spencer, as you know, one of the leading retailer in UK (based in Leeds!) and has over 130 yearof history (woah…!) and so, if you are looking for something of a premium value and quality – get M&S stuff.

This year, the theme is Magic & Sparkle. In the UK, M&S collaborate with Make-A-Wish UK!

Watch their Xmas ad here.

For M&S food, here’s their party food packs (don’t think it’s available here in Malaysia) that will make you go ga-ga over it, watch the ad here.

Back to Malaysia, let’s get deelicious, M&S aim to tantalize your tastebuds.

All-Time Favourites: 6 Lattice Mince Pies (300g) - RM23, Christmas Tea (125g) - RM 25.00, Rotating Musical Christmas Tree Biscuits Tin (250g) - RM95, Christmas Eve Tin (with spinning snow globe scene tin) (300g) - RM95, Belgian Collection Biscuits Tin (400g) - RM89 and Classic Christmas Pudding (454g) - RM39

White Bauble Tin
The gastronomy experts at M&S have created their own festive flavour, featured in many of M&S Christmas selection of food and confectionaries that embody the warmth of the holiday season – which is available individually or in bundle in desirable hampers. The element of ‘Sparkle’ also makes an appearance, from signature cookies to chocolates housed in exclusive tin designs that is delightful as a present to loved ones. A host of artisan chocolates and confectionery delights mean that nobody will be disappointed on Christmas morning either! Yum yum! :)

Complete your look with the finest materials to add a stylish edge to your style. I see a lot of red this season. :)

Brown Leather Belt

Oval Cufflinks

Not forgetting for her, M&S offers decadent and feminine indulgences galore. Surprise her with a gift that embodies her personality, whether sophisticated and stylish, confidently cool, dark and mysterious or even graciously warm. Choose from fashionable dresses and separates with impeccable workmanship, accessories decorated with hints of gold or silky-soft lounge wear accented with delicate lace – the possibilities are endless.

And here’s some of M&S’ signature gift options: it’s luxurious, cute and presentable.

Santa's House Tin - This so cute! Hello Uncle Santa!

Hello Kitty Coin Purse

Alice & Eliza Hand Cream

Need something bigger? Sure thing, M&S hampers!

M&S Gourmet Treats (RM250)

More on M&S hampers, click here.

Oh yes, M&S’ Christmas collection of ‘Magic & Sparkle’ is available at M&S outlets in Malaysia: Suria KLCC, One Utama, The Gardens Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall and the newly opened KOMTAR JBCC.

So, have some ‘Magic & Sparkle’ this Christmas for you and your loved ones.

Be merry, be happy...

Be deelicious,


Exciting New Chapter, Page 1: This is Deelicious!

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So, here's my first post.

What to expect here?

Basically, me writing about things I like, tried, experienced, and putting down my views. And I will be covering from foods, coffee, fashion and beauty for men - yes, pretty much lifestyle. Think "feature" and "beauty" segment in the magazine you usually read. Yupe, that's pretty much it.

Life is a juggling act - and yes. I do agree - that's what I am doing now: work, study and blogging while sipping my coffee, all at the same time.

While writing, let's get creative with Tortilla chips and Bovril! LOL! #makanlah

Life is interesting when you are doing things you love. A blogger friend of mine asked me why do I want to blog - in my heart, I pause a moment and think to myself: "Why not? I love expressing and I like to write my views down. Yes, the word: LOVE." So, I said to her, "passion" and continued saying: "my passion is burning (hell ya!)".

I might be new to blogging, oh.....I am not new to communications or writing.

Anyway, I will try to blog as much as I can, and I hope some of you might find it interesting and useful with the things I put down here, and of course, support my blog, leave a comment or two. :)

There's a few more things I need to do - like my site and etc. (wah lao eh, banyak susah nak blogging nowadays....), so I need to slow slow learn about blogging and making it interesting!

Making life deelicious,