Exciting New Chapter, Page 1: This is Deelicious!

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So, here's my first post.

What to expect here?

Basically, me writing about things I like, tried, experienced, and putting down my views. And I will be covering from foods, coffee, fashion and beauty for men - yes, pretty much lifestyle. Think "feature" and "beauty" segment in the magazine you usually read. Yupe, that's pretty much it.

Life is a juggling act - and yes. I do agree - that's what I am doing now: work, study and blogging while sipping my coffee, all at the same time.

While writing, let's get creative with Tortilla chips and Bovril! LOL! #makanlah

Life is interesting when you are doing things you love. A blogger friend of mine asked me why do I want to blog - in my heart, I pause a moment and think to myself: "Why not? I love expressing and I like to write my views down. Yes, the word: LOVE." So, I said to her, "passion" and continued saying: "my passion is burning (hell ya!)".

I might be new to blogging, oh.....I am not new to communications or writing.

Anyway, I will try to blog as much as I can, and I hope some of you might find it interesting and useful with the things I put down here, and of course, support my blog, leave a comment or two. :)

There's a few more things I need to do - like my site and etc. (wah lao eh, banyak susah nak blogging nowadays....), so I need to slow slow learn about blogging and making it interesting!

Making life deelicious,


  1. what the hell is the combination of bolvril and tortilla chips for.... *faints*..

    I just finished a bottle of salsa and Nachos from yesterday night until this morning..

    wondering who is your blogger friend...

  2. I am out of hummus! So I gotta be creative mah! :)

  3. And and..... that blogger friend hor.... her name is Tammy! LMAO!

  4. HHAHAHHA.... kns lah uuuu....... nvm u can continue to refer me as "blogger friend" hahhaa

    1. I don't whether to shout out loud or not mah... Hahaha! Now I know, I shout loud loud!!!!!! #TammyMiu