Hellmann’s Launches a New Range of Salad Dressings, Packed with Real Ingredients and Real Taste

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Elevating a whole new joyful experience of Healthy Made Tasty, Hellmann’s introduces an all-new range with three flavours that put life into pleasure by featuring a bold and exquisite taste – Blueberries & Lime, Triple Citrus and Miso Ponzu.
Inspired by a combination of Asian flavours with fresh premium ingredients, ranging from farm-fresh Blueberries, a concoction of Yuzu, Lemon and Lime, as well as Japanese styled Miso and Ponzu that are naturally healthy and tasty. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, these new dressings will not only up your salad game but can be integrated into other healthy meals, making your daily meal even more scrumptious.

Hellmann’s have been all about bringing the best in real, pleasurable food moments – and in every culture, food plays a big role in people’s lives. At Hellmann’s, the brand believes that both taste and health are made possible through their delicious dressings. Today, Hellmann’s aims to cultivate Malaysians to make healthier choices with the selection of the best, premium ingredients. Healthy food can be tasty and rightfully so.

With the trendiest flavours to excite your palette, Hellmann’s brings you tasty and healthy meals. Grab them today in stores or online at Shopee store or Lazada’s Grocery store

Explore many more healthy and tasty recipes that you can pair with new Hellmann's salad dressings at https://www.nakmakanapa.com.my/
. I am definitely recreating some of them!

Meanwhile, stay safe!


UNIQLO to Launch UNIQLO x Theory Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

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Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces that it will launch a Fall/Winter 2021 collection of UNIQLO x Theory, a collaboration with New York-based contemporary fashion brand Theory. 

This latest lineup of sophisticated everyday wear combines the functionality of UNIQLO with the stylish urban design characteristic of Theory to create everyday settings that everyone finds beautiful, expanding the boundaries of gender and sensibility. This is new LifeWear for the new age. The items are now available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit88 store and uniqlo.com. 

Taking a look at the collection, immediately one can spot it as highly sophisticated, minimal wardrobe styling. The nine finely honed designs in this collection comprise an interwoven world of black and white. The minimalist look matches any lifestyle, and items can be layered to suit different climates. The functionality, together with designs carefully created for a pleasant feel, makes everyday life more comfortable and sophisticated.

The collection also takes special attention and focus on neutral form. The UNIQLO x Theory Fall/Winter 2021 collection features items with neutral designs that neatly fit everyone. The lineup includes skirts with graded pleats for added elegance, seamless 3D Knitwear to create a standout silhouette, minimal shirt jackets with a finishing based on a men's shirt, and double-pleated pants to enhance the volume around the waist.

Take a look at the collection via a special website here

Just a bit on Theory, which revolutionized the contemporary fashion market with its concept of the urban uniform. Headquartered in New York City the brand balances luxury with accessibility in collections that are known for their exceptional fits, innovative fabrics, and enduring styles. Know more about Theory here.

Meanwhile, stay safe!


WIP Welcomes the Return of Dine-in Patrons with New Exciting Flavours

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Recently, a lot of us found some happiness when we are allowed to dine in. 

Almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants across the city continue to close or downsize, some because their concepts could not be adapted for takeout and delivery, but more often because their owners saw no other choice but to roll their shutters down. The SOULed OUT Group however has been able to persevere and continue to hold its presence as one of Kuala Lumpur’s leading F&B purveyors with its list of entertainment haunts.

Always ahead of the curve and prepped for action, Kuala Lumpur’s favourite happy hour hang-out, WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), welcomes the return of dine-in customers with open arms and an array of new dishes and beverages.

Boasting over 80 different dishes, the refreshed menu reflects the brand's vision of bringing scrumptious delicacies that tantalize tastebuds to its customers whilst simultaneously ensuring that it does not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

Ranging from bar snacks, soups, salads and appetizers to Western, Asian, Indian and pasta and pizza mains, catered by four different kitchens, WIP BSC is poised to deliver meals made only with the freshest and finest ingredients. WIP Group Chef, Azlan Mansor has kept crowd-pleasers such as the Coastal Aglio Olio, Slow Braised Mutton Varuval and Chicken Makanwala which have become permanent fixtures, whilst other menu items such as the Black Angus Fried Kway Teow have had a recipe makeover to cater to the more sophisticated palates of today’s food lover. 

He has also added to the delectable range of unique entrées such as the Short Rib Nasi Lemak, Kashmiri Lamb Rack and the Seafood Tom Yum Fettuccine that infuses the best of both Asian and European cuisine, which are exclusively available only at WIP.

The beverage menu has also been elevated by the group’s new Bar Maestro, Alvin Au Yong. Having plied his trade in some of the best watering holes in the region, namely The Library (Singapore), Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore), Golden Monkey (Melbourne), and Baker Street Social (Bali), Alvin returns to his homeland with more than just bartending flair up his sleeve. Rendering new liquid specialties that veer towards new-age concoctions like Djinn & Tonic, Fresaquiri and Orientini, the latest beverage menu delivers an elegant selection made with all-natural ingredients and the finest range of spirits.

“Encapsulating various elements of the city’s enchanting charm, from its colourful heritage to the plethora of cultures, our upcoming menu aims to transport guest’s taste buds back to the city that never sleeps. Our team has created a F&B menu that will see our guests eat and drink their way through the rich diversity of Malaysia’s local and international offerings, one bite and sip at a time,” said Nelson How, Group Marketing Head of SOULed OUT Group. 

Stringent SOPs have also been put in place to ensure that guests enjoy peace of mind while dining out. With ample open-air dining for better ventilation, vaccinated staff are equipped with face shields, face masks and strict dine-in requirements which will enable customers to enjoy a day or night out without any qualms.

With a stronghold on urban renewal, WIP will continue to embrace the new and bring exciting experiences to its patrons. Don’t forget to also keep watch on the new WIP opening in the heart of Kuala Lumpur this coming October. 

Check out their social media page here.

Stay safe!


Spritzer Malaysia Supports Families Affected by Flood in Kedah and Perak

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Spritzer Malaysia, one of the leading and Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water, is again bringing aid by sending bottled water to victims of the flash floods in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia who are in need of safe and clean drinking water sources following the recent heavy downpour.

The brand sent more than 30,000 bottles of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water to flood victims in Gurun and Yan in Kedah, as well as Alor Pongsu in Perak whose homes were affected by the floodwaters, with a number of residents in all these areas having been evacuated to relief centres.

Spritzer has been donating aid to flood victims and rescue crews, especially those in flash floods affected areas, 
where victims may not have access to drinking water which is important for hydration and ensuring hygiene at all times. Spritzer draws its silicon-rich mineral water sources from an environmentally safe facility in Taiping, Perak surrounded by a tropical rainforest that is more than 200-million-year-old; which silicon-rich mineral water has also been found to be beneficial to health, which helps reduce or eliminate aluminium toxins found in bodies.


UNIQLO's "LifeWear: Made for All” Quality Clothing for All People and All Situations

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Recently, global apparel retailer UNIQLO launches LifeWear: Made for All,” a multimedia campaign featuring personal, insightful interviews with tennis legend Roger Federer, renowned NYC artist Futura, UNIQLO Team Sweden’s table-tennis champ Anna-Carin Ahlquist, Uniqlo U Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire of the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center, the company’s social mission partners, and other voices from all over the globe.

LifeWear is the unique UNIQLO philosophy regarding clothes, rooted in the belief that rational and excellent design, plus the best in modern production techniques, creates perfect high-quality and affordable clothing that meets the needs of everyone’s daily lifestyles. This practical philosophy underscores how UNIQLO views the world, and LifeWear guides the company in everything it does - from creating thoughtful, life-improving clothing to its efforts around sustainability and community engagement.
I support the company’s LifeWear philosophy. LifeWear’s mission goes beyond creating great quality clothing - it’s about improving the lives of all people, all around the world.” Roger Federer, UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador.

Watch the short film and explore the interviews (click here) to hear individual stories and learn about what LifeWear means to UNIQLO employees and friends. 

Through their eyes, the company sees how LifeWear is relevant to everyone, everywhere, in everyday situations - from a spirited NYC street soccer game to the dedication of a volunteer Milanese Alpine rescue team. These and other inspiring stories show that LifeWear is a positive force helping people live better lives.

If you take a look at the website, you will understand that LifeWear is:
— The highest quality for everyone
— Inspired by life’s needs
— Ingenious in detail
— Simple and perfected as a component of any style
— Looking ahead and continuing to evolve

That’s the promise of LifeWear. That's very relevant to all of us, ain't it?

Meanwhile, please stay safe!

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MINIMALIST LAB for Raya or perhaps, for any occasion

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Donning accessories is not necessarily just for festive or Raya. Accessories completes your outfit of the day or mood. It is a statement. This is why Minimalist Lab has curated a wide selection of our MNML ELEMENTS products into their Minimalist Raya Collection but do feel free to browse their many designs as well. 

MNML believe in classy and versatile minimal jewellery that is timeless and can be worn for all occasions and no occasions at all (as when you think it's right, it IS RIGHT...), I like that. 

Leave behind the “wear once and done” festive shopping behaviour this year with our products that are made for the everyday women. Wear them on their own for your day-to-day outfit but dress them up to complete your look of the day by stacking and layering them!


These jewelleries are simple enough that more is definitely more! MNML curated a few suggestions for you to pair them together and show you how these minimal jewelleries can definitely complement your festive style. They are fashionable and easy to style, you’ve just got to mix and match them and experiment with your own aesthetic.


MNML have stores located in Mid Valley and Pavillion and you can order online as well. If you feel that today is the day to don some accessories, why not?

Be deelicious and stay safe!


Make A Memorable Celebration with Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special

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Are we still in the mood for Raya? I guess we do, Raya is for the entire month and with good cakes or desserts, it's a celebration, any time of the year!

Elevete Patisserie has officially rolled out their Raya Special ready to be enjoyed by everyone this festive season. These exclusive collections are made available online from now until 27th of May to spark joy during this festive Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Reminisce your Hari Raya back in kampung with Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special by treating you and your loved ones to these delicacies. As it is the month of reuniting between families and friends, Elevete Patisserie wishes a blessed Ramadan and a delightful Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you and your family.

On the Raya Special menu, one of the best-sellers, The Locale Cake is now redesigned to the Pandan Delight Cake. Making a twist for this joyous occasion, it is topped with coconut chocolate decoration and hand rolled ondeh-ondeh, perfect to be the centrepiece of your dessert table. Looking for a dessert gift box instead?

Mesra Delights is a wholesome box of Raya cookies galore with Pineapple Tarts, Ketupat Design Butter Cookies, Raspberry Chocolate Bonbons and Nutella Pods, surely warm enough to be gifted to the ones near and dear to you.

Hype up your kuih raya table with Aneka Aidilfitri Platter, a mixed platter of traditional local desserts including Pandan Gula Melaka Cake Bites, Nutella Pods, The Batik Indulgence, Ondeh Ondeh Roulade and Premium Dates, ideal for your Aidilfitri celebration. The Batik Indulgence imitating Batik prints, is a classic recipe with a modern twist, enriched with chocolate ganache for the sweet tooth of yours.

Meriah Treasure is like a treasure box. With the new addition of Butterscotch Cookies Cake Bites and Tokeru Cheesecake Bites, this treasure box is a mix and match of six flavours of cake bites, gathering six pieces of cake bites from each flavour. The last fine piece on the Raya Special is the Ondeh Ondeh Roulade, a light delicate pandan sponge rolled between coconut buttercream mixed with gula Melaka sugar crystals, topped with refreshing Hawaiian coconut flakes and mini pandan leaves.

Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special is now available online on Elevete Patisserie’s official website. Pre-order your choice of exclusive desserts now at this website or you can contact 018-3703770 or email to hello@elevete.com.my to place your order.

So, if you need a reason to bite into something sweet and lovely, why not try Elevete Patisserie's Raya Special or check out their signature desserts and cakes too! 

Be deelicious and stay safe guys!


Taco Bell Malaysia Opens Its First Restaurant in Cyberjaya (and soon, in Tropicana Gardens Mall!)

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Taco Bell, the world’s largest Mexican-inspired American fast-food brand, officially opened its doors for the first time in Malaysia on 2 April in Cyberjaya, the heartland of Digital Malaysia and home to a thriving community of innovators within Selangor.

This restaurant truly captures Taco Bell’s “Live Más” brand philosophy which translates to “Live More”, as in more fervently and authentically, giving customers a truly unique dining experience accompanied by great food. Recognizing Malaysians’ passionate love of food, Taco Bell Malaysia introduces the spirit of “Live Kaw Kaw” – a colloquial expression that encourages Malaysians to make every day extraordinary through a truly unique dining experience.

“We are excited to finally bring this youthful and iconic brand to Malaysia, starting with Cyberjaya, our first Taco Bell outlet. The Mexican-inspired cuisine of Taco Bell is most certainly the best in the world from a restaurant chain. The two-story restaurant design features Taco Bell’s signature iconic styles throughout the building from the rainbow-colored Taco ceiling to our indoor sunroom with high glass panels, reflecting the brand’s youthful Taco Bell spirit,” said Harris Beh, Taco Bell Malaysia’s Franchise Operator.

Taco Bell, started in 1962 by founder Glen Bell in Southern California, quickly became a global powerhouse as it expanded to over 30 countries. The brand is known for making a big splash whenever it enters a new market, embracing fans, young and old, and welcoming them to its iconic and contemporary brand experience.

One of the key features of Malaysia’s first Taco Bell restaurant is the centerpiece mural art that is an interpretation of how the spirit of Malaysian culture and the Taco Bell brand are perfectly blended; the mural is designed in collaboration with local Malaysian artist, Wilson Ng. This initiative is part of the brand’s commitment to supporting the local creative community. All the features in the restaurant combine to create a colorful, fun and Instagram-worthy space. 

Other restaurant features include an open-kitchen theatre where fans can watch their meals being prepared, free high-speed WiFi access throughout the restaurant, multiple stations to charge customer’s mobiles and laptops, buzzers to inform customers when their food is ready for pick up, and so much more. 

The Taco Bell menu is customizable to fit any customer’s preferences. Guests can taste the bold flavors, best-in-class ingredients, including the taco shell and tortillas, proteins such as seasoned ground beef, seasoned ground chicken, grilled chicken, and crispy chicken. Vegetarians can switch the protein to black beans for most items on the menu.

The brand is also proud to introduce the “Bell Rice Bowl”, featuring our very own Malaysian-made sambal to cater to the Asian palate; a menu item that is unique to Malaysia. For dessert, the brand recommends their delicious Cinnamon Twists and Chocodilla™. All our combos come with a side of Nacho Chips or Mexican Fries and we offer free refills of soft drinks for all our combo meals as well. Most importantly, all ingredients used to prepare the food at Taco Bell Malaysia are from halal-certified sources. 

“Malaysians will absolutely take to Taco Bell – a fantastic Mexican-inspired cuisine that is not only uniquely tasty, scrumptious, but also very balanced. The menu is easily customizable to fit anyone’s preferences and lifestyle. We plan to roll out Taco Bell to the urban areas across Malaysia so many more food lovers will be able to enjoy this exciting cuisine. They will have the choice of dining in or ordering take away, whereas delivery will be available in the near future,” said Harris Beh.

Ankush Tuli, Managing Director Asia Pacific Taco Bell, emphasizes the excitement with the Malaysia opening and future expansion plans for the market. 

“We are thrilled to bring the Taco Bell brand to Malaysia. There is such a rich food culture here and we are really excited to make Taco Bell a part of it with our craveable, Mexican-inspired food, youthful and adventurous brand spirit.  We are grateful to all our fans in here who have been waiting for the brand to open in Malaysia and we are delighted to invite all of them to come and try our signature and iconic food at our first location at Cyberjaya. We look forward to growing the brand to reach more and more fans throughout the country,” said Ankush Tuli. 

For more information about the brand, fans can visit Taco Bell Malaysia’s website www.tacobell.com.my or follow our social media channels Facebook, Instagram (@tacobellmalaysia) and Twitter (@tacobellmy). Restaurant Address: Taco Bell, Lot SD-02, Off Persiaran APEC, Cottage Walk, 63000, Cyberjaya, Selangor.

If you need the menu, it is here:

My personal favourite is The Taco Supreme (made fresh and taste really GOOD!) and the loaded nachos! And soon, of course, Taco Bell is probably opening REAL SOON in Tropicana Gardens Mall, PJ!!!

Be deelicious!


UNIQLO Launches New Game Wear for Roger Federer

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UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, today announces new replica game wear for styles to be worn by Roger Federer at the 2021 French Open.
The game wear was designed and developed at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center, led by Christophe Lemaire, in consultation with the athletes. It will include kids sizes. Federers iconic RF cap will also be offered in two colorway options to match the game wear. Items will be available at selected UNIQLO stores and through the uniqlo.com online store, starting Monday, May 24th.

Roger Federer commented: The UNIQLO design team and I have been working on this outfit for over a year now, and we are happy to finally show you at my return to tennis later this month. We hope you agree the colors go so well with the red clay and beautiful Paris in spring. I want to thank the team for their hard work, and I look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.”

Roger Federer model: The Roger Federer model makes a simple yet powerful impression, its main color of bright red reminiscent of the famous clay courts, with dark blue accents at the collar, sleeves, and base. The wear is made of ultra-fast drying DRY-EX material, and three different types of mapped meshing in sweat-prone areas for improved breathability and maximum support during intense play.

DRY-EX made from recycled polyester:
One of the sustainability initiatives being pursued at UNIQLO is the development of DRY-EX products made of polyester fibers recycled from PET bottles. This unique material was made possible through partnership with Toray Industries, one of the world’s top fiber and materials innovation companies.

New filtering technologies to remove impurities in recycled PET bottles allows for the production of high-quality specialty fibers. The new material retains the moisture-wicking functionality of DRY-EX, while providing a level of comfort that allows players to perform at their best.

Roger Federer Game Wear & RF Cap available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88, UNIQLO KLCC, UNIQLO Mid Valley Megamall, UNIQLO DA Square and at uniqlo.com from RM29.90 to RM129.90.

Be deelicious!