UNIQLO to Launch UNIQLO x Theory Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

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Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces that it will launch a Fall/Winter 2021 collection of UNIQLO x Theory, a collaboration with New York-based contemporary fashion brand Theory. 

This latest lineup of sophisticated everyday wear combines the functionality of UNIQLO with the stylish urban design characteristic of Theory to create everyday settings that everyone finds beautiful, expanding the boundaries of gender and sensibility. This is new LifeWear for the new age. The items are now available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit88 store and uniqlo.com. 

Taking a look at the collection, immediately one can spot it as highly sophisticated, minimal wardrobe styling. The nine finely honed designs in this collection comprise an interwoven world of black and white. The minimalist look matches any lifestyle, and items can be layered to suit different climates. The functionality, together with designs carefully created for a pleasant feel, makes everyday life more comfortable and sophisticated.

The collection also takes special attention and focus on neutral form. The UNIQLO x Theory Fall/Winter 2021 collection features items with neutral designs that neatly fit everyone. The lineup includes skirts with graded pleats for added elegance, seamless 3D Knitwear to create a standout silhouette, minimal shirt jackets with a finishing based on a men's shirt, and double-pleated pants to enhance the volume around the waist.

Take a look at the collection via a special website here

Just a bit on Theory, which revolutionized the contemporary fashion market with its concept of the urban uniform. Headquartered in New York City the brand balances luxury with accessibility in collections that are known for their exceptional fits, innovative fabrics, and enduring styles. Know more about Theory here.

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