Memorable Experience of Photo Taking with LaFame Bridal (and Shiro!)

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I just want to share my latest collaboration with LaFame, by far, one of the most interesting one. It's not just me but involving my little Shiro, a doggo of Shiba Inu breed.

In case you have not see my doggo before, here's my little Shiro.

How long did we spent to take the pic above? We spent about 30 mins.

We need 3 person, after taking 150+ shots before we can get 1 perfect one, see more here.

When you take selfies with your pets, sometimes, it's almost impossible. In case you need some reference, see it here.

I share the same sentiment as you, pet owners.

Turn that reality into.... the expectation with LaFame.

Hello! This is Shiro and the proud owner!
What I realized is, the team is very friendly, despite some challenges I posed, due to lack of experience with pet shooting. They tried their best to accommodate and work on it immediately.

Here's what I can say about the whole shoot.


The thought of having a shoot with your pet, can be quite daunting at time - not sure what will turn out to be, working with babies and pets - NOT EASY, it's not like they can listen to your instruction all the time. But my experience with LaFame kind assured me that it's possible to have a good shoot. Look at the images, the final output from them, I have to say, I am loving it. It's seems easy but I can tell you that the team working on the shoot is the one who is the one making it work. LaFame team work seamlessly and communicate well with each other, ensuring good atmosphere for all, I like this part of them.


And then there's change of props and dressing for my doggo too. Minor adjustment and shifting of props or even getting your dog to sit still can be a struggle. However, LaFame team - somewhat did it promptly and fast. When I still trying to adjust my doggo's bow tie, the props is already ready setting. I somewhat feel like I am slow in getting ready, and that's a good thing, means more time for shoot, getting more shots, so you will get your million dollar shot during that session. And for my doggo, means lesser time spent = doggo getting upset or irritated. And that's important to me.


Timing is everything. If you missed the moment, you probably won't get it back. I don't quite see LaFame team let go of their camera, they are like a hawk eyeing on their prey - which I believe, is good for US. You never know when your doggo or pet start to act cute and give you the most candid act, you just need to be ready, and LaFame is.


Another big aspect why the shoot can be such a quick and successful one is that the LaFame team is very patience. I can see the team patiently waiting for some "moment" to happen and when it did, I can hear the camera *captures* clicks X 100  1000 times. Not only this save me time but it get the job done, after all, I am here to capture those beautiful moment of me and my doggo - I want to keep it forever in my heart, other than to remind me while I frame and display them around my house.


I really appreciate that the whole experience is no frills, easy, simple and worry-free. I kinda sit back and wait for my photo shoot with my doggo. I just let them do their things and I just walk into the setting and smile. Even Shiro is relax somewhat (bring some treats of course!) and it's done less than 1 hour, we took a lot of wonderful shots!

So instead of having you to selfie with your doggo or pet only, for once, maybe.... you can try pet photography! And, if you would like to try their services, I would like to introduce you to the introductory offer they plan to run in June and July 2018!

Pet Photography (Weekday Promotion) - RM599 (instead of RM1,500)

What can you expect from the package?

  1. 1. Coverage up to 2 hours (studio only)
  1. 2. Unlimited Exposure by in-house photographer
  1. 3. 2 sets of self prepared outfits
  1. 4. 18 poses selection with full retouching
  1. 5. 1 or 2 models & 1 pet
  1. 6. LaFame 2 in-house scenes

Please take note on the additional items that they offer, in case you need it but do inform them in advance.

  1. Make up & Hair styling @ RM250 per person, and additional pose selection @ RM60 per pose

I just realized Shiro gave a tongue 'blek' on one of the images! LOL!

Do click here for more info on their FB or call them to make appointment. Let them consult you face to face is the best, in my own opinion.

Enjoy your session with LaFame team and make your session enjoyable with your pet, memories worth keeping for sure!