Breaking News: Malaysia Airlines revamps its Economy Class with an increased investment in meals

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Yupe, the word just got in! Can't wait to share with you!

Malaysia Airlines Berhad today announced that a new and improved Economy Class experience for passengers with a complete revamp of its Economy Class meals in a concerted effort on improving customer service. Yes, you heard it right! That sound like music to my ears! Maksudnya, more value for your money lah, yes? Oooooh-some news!

Screenshot from Malaysia Airlines site - I am waiting for the official images, sabar lah ye.... kita tunggu dulu....

As part of its overall transformation, our national carrier will be investing significantly more on its existing menu with heartier three-course meals for guests on both short-haul and long-haul flights. The new menus will not only see an overall improvement in ingredients, more than doubling the protein size and bigger portions, but also the over-all presentation of the meals. Sound just right to me!

The new investment in meals will also see the introduction of hot meals on short haul flights and options which will be tailored to specific routes. This includes dishes such as Japanese inspired appetizer Shrimp Salad with Spring OnionSesame Seed Chicken Teriyaki served with Japanese Rice and also Korean influenced Kimchi Chicken with Asian greens and Deep Fried Queen Fish and Kung Pao sauce for North Asian destinations. More Malaysian dishes will also be served on flights between Kuala Lumpur to Australia including Curry and Rendang as part of the airline's move to provide a truly Malaysian experience to reflect the cultural richness of the national airline. Yay yay! Sound like we gonna win more awards lah!

The airline’s team of food and beverage experts spent several months developing the new menu which has already received extremely positive responses from customers.

Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Simmons said, “We are very excited about the new menus which are the result of an extensive meal development process based on feedback from customers and research on comfort factors for passengers on-board. We have invested an additional 20% into the cost of creating the perfect menu to suit the variety of guests on Malaysia Airlines. Our team of chefs has carefully crafted delicious meals which we are confident will significantly elevate our passengers’ traveling experience. Guests will see a significant increase in meal portions, high quality ingredients and an extensive selection of new dishes onboard."

“Malaysia Airlines is going through a period of rapid transformation as we rebuild from the inside out to become one of the very best airlines in the world, focussed on providing the best customer experience. The Economy Class meal improvement is just one of the many initiatives introduced as we invite passengers  to see us in a whole new light as we prepare to roll out additional and exciting new offerings in the coming months”, he added.

The meal offerings began in early May and will be served to passengers on all outbound flights from Kuala Lumpur. So, for those going with Malaysia Airlines starting from early May, you will be greeted and served with this new, exciting meals! I can't wait to try it when I am onboard in my next flight with Malaysia Airlines! Yay!

News from Malaysia Airlines official site.

I will be updating the blog when I get more updates from Malaysia Airlines team.

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9 May, 2016