"Sifu" is here to save your day!

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Today, I am pretty glad that I woke up early, did my review on a F&B outlet (yes, not easy to be a blogger) after some planning and re-working on the postings scheduling and so on, the night before.

Yes, happy that I did my homework and.....

I stumbled upon "Sifu".
It's like calling out to me.

"Come, lai.... come in, sifu help you."

This is a new branch - located at Hartamas.

Must be my imaginary friend telling me that, anyway.... I decided to give it a try (it's new in Hartamas area, so why not?)

Guess what? Got promotion ler.... *gasp*

I tried the "Si Fu Relax"
And I tried the "Si Fu Relax" treatment. Macam very worth.

I start with foot reflexology. First first, a warm foot bath. :)

Quite ok jugak kan?
Deelicious rendam kaki, warm and relaxing :)
Lepas rendam tue.... jom urut kaki, my therapist name is Jamil. He is friendly, with strong hands yet gentle during the treatment, but firm with the pressure. If you are there and you need strong hands, you can ask for him.

Kuat sikit ya.... :P
I have to say, it's clean and tidy. I like.
After 30 minutes of foot reflexology, I proceed to a small room for my body massage. Sifu guna Australian Essential Oil blend - when I asked, I was told that the oil used for my treatment is master-rub, base is almond oil blend with nutmeg essential oil - although I macam terbau lemongrass lah... but regardless, still best lah...


For body massage or treatments, I been to places where the oil is just normal body oil, no essential oil, just light aroma or lightly fragrance oil.

But here in Sifu, the moment the oil is rubbed on my body, it's not only smooth, light texture but the fragrance, immediately made me relax and calm. That's awesome - that's the plus point.

Another plus point is Jamil really massage my neck - which is good. I have stiff neck. And he focused a bit more on my neck as he asked me, so he is actually very attentive. I like.

The body massage is exactly 1 hour - that's 60 minutes, if you want to extend, you can do so by informing your therapist.

As for the not-so-good, it's actually not very private. By saying that, I mean the "rooms" are actually cubicles (not individual room like those in spa or hotel treatments), so it's not exactly sound proof - and it's shop lot, apparently, Hartamas people kind of like to honk a little, so expect some honking. It's bearable, not like it will kill the whole experience totally. I can live with it, for the price and service, it's ok for me, after all, it's the massage that counts.

Teh Halia or hot ginger tea after the massage - nice!
So, after the body massage is done, I pakai baju, keluar and served with hot ginger tea. Best jugak lah....

I am not sure if I can say I am relaxed after the treatment. Matter of fact, I am not just relaxed, I am rejuvenated and refreshed! Thanks to Sifu Jamil!

You can also check out their full services and info here.

Yes, I do recommend this place for all who seek for some pampering or massage for the tired body - it's year end already, relax a bit and let sifu handle the rest! 90 minutes for RM75 - it's a deal! :P

Be deelicious,