Hey! It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

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I don't know about you, but I can't stop listening to Michael Buble's Christmas songs over and over again - and one of my favourite is (as the title suggests): "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas".

And if Michael Buble didn't get you into the mood, I don't what else will. Oh wait. Maybe this....

Maybe some songs from Mariah Carey will do the trick (and I know some of you might pronouns it as Mahlia Kari, that's ok too), if this failed as well....

OK, what about coffee? Yes....? No.....?

I take it as YES. And I admit, I am addicted to coffee - yes, like many of you, although most of the time....they get your name wrong.... and you feel like....

But you still love to go to Starbucks, order the same thing, sit down and WIFI lama-lama, selama-lamanya, selama yang mungkin. Yes, we love Starbucks.

And when you are there, you can't help but to notice this big sign: "Keeping Spirits Bright"

Bright red and Christmas d├ęcor all around. You start listing people you like (and hate) - miraculously you start counting how many gifts you want to buy for your best buddies, friends, dad, dad's friends, mom, girlfriend 1, girlfriend 2 and the list goes on and on....

And I tell you what. Starbucks has it all.

Just look at these.....

You sure you don't want this? You can't even take your eyes off!

Yupe, RM138.00 for the Starbucks Holiday Bearista Set
Nice kan? Starbucks, I pinjam guna ya... Look at the thermos!
And of course, Starbucks is introducing Christmas Cookie Latte, which is a buttery and creamy latte infused with shortbread cookie sauce + whipped cream + shortbread cookie and butter cookie crumbles! Yes, Starbucks did not forget our favourites! The ever popular Toffee Nut Latte is back, now topped with a creamy espresso caramel whipped cream (oh gawd.....) AND my personal favourite, oh, my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Your mocha + peppermint = OMG, love it!

All these festive beverages are available in hot (panas), iced (ais) or if you want, blended (sebati, diadun, atau campur, atau "be-len-det", ok, don't confuse your barista please.... LOL!)

Oh yay! My Peppermint Mocha is back! :)

And there's more.... more gift choices....

Starbucks Stacking Snowflake Mug Set - RM165.00 - if you are buying this for colleagues (which you can give 3 to your colleagues, keep one for yourself, RM41.25 each secara puratanya), I am not sure if this is available individually, but do check with your friendly barista...
Tengok nie... MINI!

The perfect gift for Christmas, the Starbucks Exclusive Zesty Pineapple Treats
That's RM50 (if you pay with Starbucks card!)

The BIG news is.... announced today.... the Starbucks Sterling Card!!!!!!

Ohmygawd!!!! I so want the #SterlingCard
More info here!
Not in the mood to buy? No worries.... just redeem......... a planner. :) :) :)

Don't know how it look? I got that covered.

I have to say, I do like the "Starbucks" metal bookmark!
NRP is RM168!
Inside. See that matching bookmark and design! *love*

Inside cover, you can keep large notes, paper...

Name cards perhaps.

Pretty nice, come with pen holder as well....

Just in case you need to know.

While you are at it, read this too. Please note on the 5 Christmas beverages as part of the redemption T&C.
I really don't mind the Starbucks planner, available in two colours, you better hurry before it is all out!

There's no excuse for you, not knowing what gifts to buy - ini macam-macam ada! Happy Starbucks-ing! While you have a cuppa latte, pick up those gifts too (or redeem)!

For more information, go to Starbucks Facebook and website. :)

From Starbucks, "Keeping Spirits Bright".

For me, let's be deeliciously bright, keep calm and drink more coffee. Such a bliss!

Be deelicious,