Corn Muffins, anyone?

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SUNDAY, oh Sunday!

It's usually a day spent with family and friends. If you are looking for some activities to do, why not try baking?

Recently I tried some awesome corn muffins (or was it cornbread? #forgetful) and I am inspired! So I hope, you can impress someone with this simple, fun and easy-to-bake muffins!

This is a pictorial, step-by-step recipe and guide, hope it is exciting enough for you! Baking is fun and everyone in the family can just join in... This recipe is for 12 muffins!

Before you begin, make sure you got the below ingredients:

1. Multi purpose muffin base (500gm)
2. One can of corn cream (roughly 200gm)
3. Butter (roughly 80gm or more if you want it more buttery)
4. Two eggs (medium or large is fine)
5. 200ml of milk (best to be fresh milk if you got it)
6. Muffin cups
7. A bit of olive oil

Preheat oven to 180C/350F before anything else.

And then prepare the rest in separate bowls, this way it's easier to manage.

Next, put in the muffin base and eggs into your mixer. Put in the rest of the butter, olive oil too.
Remember your milk? Slowly add that in. Yupe, I use Dutch Lady Milk, full cream for a more creamier taste.
Mix it till smooth, roughly around 5 mins.
Put it some corn cream now. Don’t put everything in, leave some for the top later.
Mix again for another 5 mins.
Now, make sure your oven is hot and ready.
Prepare all the cups, susun dengan cantik dan selari....
Put in the base, finish with some corn cream on top of the base. Tips for you, don't fill the whole cup, around 3/4 of the cup is good enough, it will rise nicely to cover the rest of the cup.
Let it bake for 25 mins (that's what usually baking time, but I usually bake for 30 mins).Tips: Please don't open the oven door, the heat will escape....
Ini dia, magic!
Yum yum!!!
And this is the inside, the texture is smooth and soft. You can basically use the same recipe for almost all type of filling, it can be raisins, dates or even dried fruits. Give it a try, afterall, you can keep this for breakfast the next day, no need to rush or keep it for teatime at office!

If you got anything else you want me to explore and try out, let me know, I'll try it out and make necessary adjustment before sharing the recipe or guide. Leave a comment or email me! Yummy!!!!

Enjoy trying and be deelicious, 


  1. oh my fucking shit.... if only I still have my oven...... can u just bake this for me..... n i bayar u...

    1. I didn't put any shit in it, but I know it look damn nice, TASTE EVEN BETTER! I will give you first 5 muffins FREE! After that, you kena bayar liow..... LOL!