Experience Venezuela simply through FOOD!

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Venezuela, such beautiful country!

Some of the first things that come to my mind is those beautiful women (Miss World, Miss Universe), and outstanding national parks, and that Angel Falls, it's the world's highest uninterrupted waterfalls, standing at 978 meters tall.

Apparently, to go to Venezuela, you probably need to spend at least 24 hours of flights in total to get there. Imagine all the delicious and mouth-watering food that we missed!

Fret not, the Venezuela Week is here and you can enjoy all the food, right here in Malaysia, at the Pullman KLCC, Eccucino Restaurant!

This Venezuela Gastronomic Festival happening now till 31 Oct!
Yes, this Venezuela Gastronomic Festival is here! Starting from now till 31 Oct! It feature some of Venezuela's iconic and traditional cuisine, which is staple to the local there!

As usual, best to call and make your reservation...
Chef Enrique, Chef Federico and major eater Dee! Even their names is sexy! Damn!

Chef Enrique Limardo and Chef Federico Martin Tischler is tasked to cook up a storm for this festival. Just a bit on our chef, Chef Enrique Limardo is highly coveted, one of it is "Best Cook of the Year 2008" and co-authored some cook books: I Love Aji Dulce and Nuestra cocina a la manera de Caracas. He is currently the executive chef at 'Alma Cocina Latina' in Baltimore USA.

As for Chef Federico, he is the co-executive chef of 'Alma Cocina Latina' in Baltimore USA, also co-authored 'Our Cooking Caracas Style' and appeared in radio programme. 

And now, the food galore, I will describe it in captions. :)

I will start with........ the traditional, basic food of Venezuela!

Apparently, this is the Venezuela version of our Nasi Lemak - Coconut rice, banana, black beans - and highlight is the beef! Super soft and full of spices! I thought it will be tough - oh boy, I am wrong. This beef is a must try!

Using the flat bread, you can add beef or any other ingredient, as you wish. Like what chef suggest, it's all about mixing and matching it with ingredients and sauces!

Seafood cocktails! I thought it will be spicy - nope, it's a little sour and flavourful!  

Desserts in traditional ingredients!

Quesillo (Venezualen Flan) - in gula melaka!

I love gula melaka and this is just perfect!

This is Bien Mesabe (Coconut Cake) and yes, lots of coconut in the dishes!

Served in small piece, it's almost bite size, this is Torta de Pina (Pineapple Tart).

And look no further, this is Torta de Jojoto (Corn Cake)! It's pretty dense but balance in term of flavour!

You will think this is Pisang Goreng, yes, it is indeed Pisang Goreng. We are closer to Venezuela than you thought! :P

Oh, yes, the highlight of the night for me! Made from tenderloin part, infused with spices and of my goodness kind of tender! I should have taken the whole TRAY!

Cachapas (Fresh Corn Cakes with cheese) - taste macam like pancake but I taste it macam masin, I assume there's garam to it.
This is Arepas - Venezuelan eat this on  a daily basis! :)

This is the Arepas station, and you should try all the sauces - the Venezuela style!

Not kimchi for sure. Taste wise, it's not as strong as I thought it would be, but just a bit spicy, like to tease you!

This is the everyday bread for Venezuela as explained by chef; it is Pan de Bono (Cassava Bread).
Roast beef with guasacaca, grilled vege and sauces!

This is Coriander sauce if I am not mistaken

If my memory serve me right, this is avocado and green pepper sauce. This is my first time tasting such sauce and it very suitable with the roasted beef!

Cocktails and salad medley the Venezuela style!

There's more style to eat simple food, eat it plain or add ice cream and cheese!


This is the soup but it is a little too salty for my liking. My suggestion is to go with rice!

This is Green Mango Jelly and I added strawberry sauce to accompany it, living to what chef suggested! Mix and be experimental!
This festival ends on 31 Oct so better book and reserve fast! Call 03-21708888 or email to restaurant@pullman-klcc.com for reservation! Check our their Facebook too! :)

The venue is at Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences and it is located in the heart of the trendy Bukit Bintang district, the hotel offers 445 spacious hotel rooms and 157 serviced apartments, boasting spectacular views of the city skyline. Formerly the Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, the well-maintained hotel will undergo a full refurbishment over the next two years to reach global Pullman standards of excellence, so we will be expecting more of Pullman KLCC. Remember to visit or call the restaurant!

The chef and us (Wendy, Deelicious and Rane!)

We definitely had some good time there! Hope you have a good time at this gastronomic deal! :)

Be deelicious,

25 Oct 2015


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