Discover The Essence of Vietnam’s Coffee Culture at Cộng Caphe

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If you are looking for Viet-brewed flavours in a nostalgic Hanoi atmosphere with an exclusive theme, head to Cng Caphe and ‘time-travel’ to Hanoi in the romantic past and enjoy a cup of aromatic Vietnamese coffee in Malaysia. The swanky Vietnamese café, Cng Caphe, promises a transporting experience with its history-themed interior and aromatic strong Robusta brews that evoke the bustling café streets of Hanoi.

As C
ng Caphe’s fans would know, no two Cng outlets are alike. Each conveys an exclusive story and atmosphere that are both Instagrammable and deep in meaning – the themed settings are crafted based on the childhood memories of Cng’s founder, Ms. Linh Dung. 

Born in 1975, Linh Dung grew up during the Subsidy Period in Vietnam. It was a time of hardship for the country, when food, goods and services were purchased with coupons or food stamps. Yet her childhood in the outskirts of Hanoi, surrounded by the military barracks, held warm memories for Linh Dung. Her father made and sold musical instruments while her mother operated a café that served local drinks. The marriage of art and café business in Linh Dung’s origin story shaped the direction of her eventual creation – the Cng Caphe brand. 

Established since 2007, Cng Caphe opened its first outlet on Trieu Viet Vuong street, the historic café street in Hanoi, Vietnam. The name “Cng” is simply the first word of Vietnam’s official name: Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam). The inspired founder was meticulous in every detail that makes up the story of Cng Caphe – from the food and drinks, to the unique menu design, to the interior paint colours and even the furniture design. Her nostalgic yet trendy vision was brought to life in over 60 stores in Vietnam, seven in Korea, and three in Malaysia, – each of them featuring a unique theme and will soon be making its mark in Canada. 

For example, in Malaysia, the Cng Caphe outlet in 1 Utama was designed based on the interior of a textile factory during the Subsidy Period. This means wooden furniture and fittings lit with dreamy light boxes, colourful thread lines of loom, and a rustic atmosphere accented by military cloth. The setting is markedly different from the Cng Caphe in Nu Sentral mall that opened in 2019 – which emulated the look and feel of a library in the Subsidy Period. 

“With every café we open, we create a different Cng story, which is at its core a Vietnamese story! The environment and design of the cafés are inspired by the community living and camaraderie in Vietnam’s historical settings, such as the classrooms, meeting halls for communities, and old neighbourhoods bustling with activities,” says Jaemie Lew from Business Development Division of Cng Caphe Malaysia.  

She explains that the community-inspired setting makes Cng Caphe a comfortable and cool place for family and friends to hang out, take some chic pictures together to share on social media, and enjoy the food and drinks that Vietnam is famous for. 

Coffee lovers are especially spoilt for choice with Cng Caphe’s wide selection of authentic Vietnamese “Phin”-based brew and classic coffee, which use high quality Robusta beans from the Lam Dong province in Vietnam. Its signature Coconut Milk with Coffee Smoothie is a must-try – the exceptional recipe makes it the most in-demand beverage at Cng Caphe. Bạc Xỉu, a bitter but yet creamy and sweet coconut coffee with condensed milk gives you the authentic taste and aroma from Vietnam. The Hanoian Coffee is one of the Vietnamese signature drinks you should not miss!  The aroma and silky-smooth texture of this strong coffee is made with their in-house signature condensed milk recipe. Savor the satisfying flavors of Cng Caphe drinks in every sip!

If coffee is not, well, your cup of tea, how about actual tea? The Honey Kumquat Tea and Peach Tea with Passion Fruit lend interesting twists to the soothing beverage. There are also refreshing juices and comforting cocoa beverages to satisfy your non-caffeine thirst. 

You can also load up on the iconic Vietnamese delicacy, Banh Mi, which comes with a selection of tofu, beef or chicken; or a Vietnamese Rice Noodles with sweet and savoury taste, traditional Vietnamese dish which you can pair with homemade ham, spring roll or tofu at Cng Caphe. To satiate any sweet tooth cravings, a set of Croissant with Condensed Milk is sure to hit the spot. The various hot food and snacks selection at the café is available for both dine-in or takeaway.

“At Cng Caphe, we are driven by the excitement to bring Vietnam’s world-famous café culture and flavours to Malaysians so that they can experience it as often as they like without having to travel there! Hence, we are planning to open more outlets in the future so that we can continue to serve authentic Vietnamese beverages paired with light Vietnamese inspired food to more Malaysians,” says Lew.

Cng Caphe is also excited to announce its special Ramadan menu during the fasting month. They are introducing a Malaysian favorite with a unique Vietnamese twist – Rendang Ayam and Daging in Bahn Mi. And that's not all – they will be paired with delicious Gula Apong coconut smoothie or Gula Apong Pandan coconut smoothie, both of which are guaranteed to leave customers satisfied.
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