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I remember reading this word when I am just a little child. I came across this word in one of the many private tutoring sessions given by my very beloved Malay teacher, at her home, I read this word out loud but do not quite understand it. It is found in Kamus Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (yes, I read the entire kamus, thanks to my Malay teacher, and I thank her for that, Puan Khadijah, if you are reading this, I want to tell you that, you're a great educator, I can't thank you enough!).

Back to the word, it is defined as:

/merdéka/ bebas drpd penjajahan, kurungan, naungan dll; tidak bergantung pd yg lain; berdiri sendiri: Malaysia negara yg ~ dan berdaulat.
Merdeka as defined by DBP, just in case you don't know what it means. :P

And, I usually do not post things about politics or personal views that is sensitive in such public avenue, but then, I then ask myself, if I am expressing my love for my country, why not? Who is stopping me to declare my love for my country? And it is the time of the year where we celebrate our nation and with so many things going on, it's time to hear what some of us has to say, if some politicians is reading this. This is our voice and how we feel about Malaysia and what it means to be merdeka.

So I started a question on social media about what it means to be merdeka or simply express your love for the country.

I can write what I want, but I don't want to do it alone. I want to hear from Malaysians. Although, I admit, I didn't get a lot but here's some I managed to get some and it's interesting.

I took this shot in PJ. I feel very proud to be Malaysian.
And of course, before we go to those entries, I watch some cool advertisement and some touching ones from independent producers and Youtubers. Some of the interesting ones, I stick it here for you, do watch it.

From TheMingThing "Janji Kita Tahu (As Long As We Know)":

And then of course, very meaningful one from Petronas:

Petronas Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2014: A Walk Through Time:

And then we got this, if you have time, please do watch this video from MAS.

Sometimes, we don't have to search high and far. The answer might be in front of you (or near you), only if you care to open your eyes and that we need each other to be successful and be happy, as a nation. As much as I agree with charity starts at home, I say, starts from your heart.

So, if you got more time, watch this interesting video I found, also by Petronas but I never really seen it before, but after watching it, I realized, we can work together as a nation (I always wonder, why not? Who to say we can't?)

And now, the real deal.

Here's some of the entries I got (thank you peeps for sending it to me.... much appreciated!!!)

First stop.... a short, simple but nicely done, is by Tammy Lim, she is one of the top female blogger in Malaysia.

She said: Despite all that, I'm still proud to be a Malaysian because of the hearts that stand united for the love of this country 
#projekmerdeka #Malaysiaunite #kamimerdeka #malaysiamerdeka
I get her. I am not about you. Despite what situation we face at times, we look for hope and people for stand with us, that is what fuels and build the nation.

Shaiful, who is a celebrity copywriter and fashion critique (glam sangat his title....), please follow him on IG: shoeboy5684

He has something to say:
Malaysia to me is more than just a country ー it's home and a state of mind. It's a piece of land that stretches from the Thai border down to the coast of Johor, bordering Singapore. I was lucky to be born here circa 1980s. In fact I consider myself lucky to be born post-Independece because compared with the time when my parents were born and grew up (1950s to 1970s), there are so many opportunities laid in front of me. Men and women enjoy equal rights in almost everything and there was little censorship imposed on the art scene - a true sign that we were progressing back then. Though it seems to me that the new generation today are so inclined to go backwards all in the name of protecting religion sanctity as well as the humongous dark clouds that have been lingering above our political landscape (and don't get me started on the Ringgit devaluation), rest assured I have not lost my hope on this country. As what most people in their golden years would tell you, 58 is still young, I believe Malaysia still have a long way to go in becoming a truly progressive and developed nation - just as what our previous leaders had always dreamed. And when the day comes, I can imagine seeing Tunku looking at us from above with ear to ear grin, thanking each and every Malaysian for fulfilling his dream. Happy Merdeka! <3

I think he is thinking what to write, expression has never been so glam before. LOL!

And from Innanie Ariffin, also a blogger (Check out her IG:

Follow Innanie on IG: @innanieariffin

Tak punya seindah negeri selain negeri sendiri, tak punya nikmat cinta selain cinta pada tanah air sendiri, tak punya bangga lain selain menjadi anak emas tanah Malaysia ini. Salam Merdeka ke-58. 
Moga Malaysia MASIH & KEKAL aman! 

I have almost the same sentiment as Innanie. After travelling quite a bit, I still love Malaysia - especially my hometown. And I am proud to be Anak Malaysia, ini tanahairku! Yes lah, some genius politicians say I am not bumiputera, well.... that's what you say, I say, I am pure "bumiputera" in many ways, that make me a true Malaysian. Sound sensitive to say, but really? Do we want to stick to just titles and glory? It's a bit over I think. Ape zaman you live in? Like it or not, I am pure-breed Malaysian, lahir kat sini, fasih Bahasa, makan dan minum, tarik nafas pun sama macam you all. What makes me different? I can't find any.

One of my friend, got creative. If you want to follow him.....make him famous, you can follow him on IG. And Kian draw his expression as seen here:

He said: When you can see pass the skin colour that separates us and start focusing on the beautiful things inside, you will find that we all can speak the same language... MANGLISH. #malaysiaunite #projekmalaysia 
I seldom see this guy expressing anything but what he did, shocked me, I didn't even know he draws. OMG. I am so touched! So let's speak Manglish now people!!!!

Another entry is from Waylon, also a friend of mine.
Pretty straight forward and to the point.

When I was abroad, people asked me, "How does a Malaysian dish usually taste like? is it spicy? is it sweet? is it salty?" I replied: "There's no one particular Malaysian dish, but it is a combination of dishes and flavours on the same table that makes it Malaysian."

Using food to explain simple logic and concept, is such a spot on! How can we just have bread saje kan? We have assam pedas, chicken rice, chappati, kari.....ok, I am hungry. But you get it.

Add on:

Misz-Ella, one of my blogger friend, although lambat, tapi takpe, asalkan hati tetap sayangkan Malaysia, I feature juga! Terima kasih kerana mencurahkan sayang pada negara beb! <3

I have to say, she really look hard and deep into that MY word. Really that much of love ya? LOL!
And she said: Walau apa yang terjadi, Saya Tetap Anak Malaysia. Born and raised in Malaysia, I love my friends doesnt matter what races and religion you are. We are one family under the same roof. I 
 MALAYSIA. #projekmerdeka #merdeka2015 #selamatharikebangsaan2015 #selfie #sayaanakmalaysia 

And here's mine. I tried to keep it simple.

Earlier this year, we had a fun, simple project, it's called #projecthometown. I went back to Melaka and this old house of mine.

Yupe, orang Melaka should know this house! LOL!
I can't help but remembering all the beautiful moments I had there. As a child, I do not know what is the concept or the meaning of racism, politics, money, hatred, grudges, Cina, Melayu, India and so on. What I know and still have in memories is:

I have a "girlfriend" who we always hang out together, play together, spend time together either at my house or her house. Our parents is ever so happy and very welcoming. When I go over to her place, auntie always welcome me and I am spoilt with cookies and tea. I am Chinese, she is Indian.

Opposite this house, it's Klebang Beach (not the one you see today), it's open beach and got nelayan banyak-banyak tu, rest there after a long day at sea. I usually play at the beach (not usually, I memang tiap-tiap hari kat sana pun) and hang out with pakcik-pakcik. I eat what they bakar, it's either ikan, prawn or horseshoe crabs (yes, they exist last time!).... I tell you, they so sayang me! I am Chinese, pakcik-pakcik semua Malay.

I go to TES (before SFI) -  TES stands for Tengkera English School. No one kecoh pun about the name. Why not Tengkera Malay School? No such need, jangan lebih sangat. Most of my friends is Malay, tak kecoh pun, semua steady je....

But because I never had to call another person differently or label them, I never knew we are different. As stern as my father is, and at times, he is ridiculously garang, he always ask me to respect everyone. I guess now I know what he means.

I remember that I travelled to Taiwan alone, years ago. First 3 days is good. Then it hits me hard. I want nasi lemak. Then assam pedas sudah dalam mimpi I. Laksa..... kari ayam, rendang... unbelievable that I am actually home sick. How weird is that. What is even more weird is that, when I am coming home, on the plane, while the plane is descending, I saw KLIA and the land. I tear up. Why? I don't know. I am just happy to be home.

I call this land my home. It's my home and no one shall say otherwise. And you should not let others tell you otherwise.

I know I am not supposed to touch on Bersih. But I attended one of it. I see that it give people a sense of togetherness. After a long time, I finally get back those feeling I once felt when I am still a child. The person who doesn't understand then meaning of racism or being different. I felt so Malaysian. Everyone helping everyone, talking to everyone. It's so beautiful.

So, I know, there's hope.

And I finish this article by asking:

Adakah anda merdeka

And more importantly, how do we keep our nation and country, MERDEKA?

Jangan dijajah oleh hasut dan orang yang tamak. Biar kita merdeka dari hati, minda dan nurani.

Let's us have hope and faith in this country. Own this country and we will celebrate many more years of kemerdekaan, because end of the day, we are all Malaysians, anak Malaysia, berbangsa Malaysia, berhati dan berjiwa Malaysia.

To Malaysia, I love you and happy birthday. May we merdeka in every way possible!

My Malaysia. I love you!
A Malaysian, who care and love Malaysia,


  1. Thank you for sharing and organising this patriotic movement. My thoughts are with you as one with Malaysia <3 Dee Leonard. I am filled with the spirit of Malaysia and your post has strengthen my desire to be here and support our people for the betterment of Malaysia.

    1. And thank you for supporting this #projekmerdeka. It shows that we are one Malaysia - satu bangsa, we don't need politicians to tell us so. Let's have hope. Lead us to a better Malaysia. Much love Tammy! <3

  2. We are Malaysian. We love Malaysia. This land is ours. Lets care and love it together.

    Thanks for this patriotic Entry, Dee.

  3. We are Malaysian. We love Malaysia. This land is ours. Lets care and love it together.

    Thanks for this patriotic Entry, Dee.

  4. And you're welcome babe! Thanks for supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!