Movie Review: Visions

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This movie, woah, I shall keep the review really short.

I have to say in two words. Yes, just two words.

Typical and expected.

This movie features Isla Fisher, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Parsons (yes, that American guy who played Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory) and this movie is by Blumhouse Productions - which I think has good line up of good movies. But, to my surprise, nope. It's not as good as I thought it will be. I know it's gonna be simple, but well, I didn't know it's gonna be that simple.

I definitely did not expect that this movie is as dry as your dehydrated guava peels and as bad as your cracked heels.

The synopsis is pretty simple. One woman accident, got pregnant, move to a new house that has bad record (perceived to be), padahal, whatever that is happening to her, visions she experience is premonition to what is going to happen to her and her hubby and survived.

Yupe, that's it. #thisisit

It's still a horror movie but one that has not much of horror, not rich, simple plot, no twist, just....simple, dry, flat horror movie that leave you feel.... "what did I just watched?" #FML

Like..... well, like this:

Yupe, exactly how I feel about this movie.

You can watch this in GSC cinema, it's distributed by GSC by the way, and it last about 82 minutes.

So if you got nothing much to do this weekend, have 82 minutes to spare, you can watch this.

Be deelicious,
15 September 2015