Movie Review: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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This weekend, even if you don't have time.... you gotta watch this movie - Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails - perhaps not gonna be running much time on cinema, so better catch it.

I have to say, I like zombies (think The Walking Dead) and I like Hunger Games. So this is like.... the perfect blend of both. Tammy (my blogger friend) said it's a lot like The Island, that clone people and harvest organ - well, agreeable, in this case, harvesting blood for.....immunity.

The maze was just the beginning - and still is the beginning. LOL!
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And if you haven't even watch the trailer, you should. I'll make it easy for you, click and watch the trailer right here on my blog:

This action movie, is pretty draggy - the first 30 to 45 mins or so, they are trying to figure out whether they are with the good guys or the bad guys. Apparently, it's bad. Before you can figure it out, it's pretty confusing.

It's about 132 mins running time. It is directed by Wes Ball.

Love zombie? Love Hunger Games? This is for you.
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Who doesn't like him?
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I tend to like this girl at the last part of the movie.

Asian's favourite, yes?
So yes, these Gladers have no choice but to brutally face their greatest challenge for now, searching for clues on whether the party who "saved" them is the good ones or the bad ones - of course, our main hero can smells something fishy is going on. Yes, they gather up and run for their life - again.

This run is slightly different. It bring them to Scorch, filled with obstacles and finally managed to team up with the resistance fighters.

Along the way, zombies made their way into the screens but they are faster, meaner and more... expressive! Thanks to technology I guess!

Although the ending is pretty abrupt but I do enjoy it throughout the movie! If there's a rating system for my blog, I will rate this movie four stars out of 5. Yupe, a **** rating! :)

Leave a comment or two after you watch it ya! :)

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26 September, 2015


  1. I so love this movie... agree :D it deserves 5 star for the ones who didn't read the book haha

  2. LOL! Oh yes, indeed! But if you read the book already, you probably give 3 stars for the zombies..... :P