Cremorlab | Review of Cremorlab Range of Skincare

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After trying a few of their products, I like this best. This fresh water gel, it's just simply light, easy to absorb and no sticky feeling, almost immediately upon application
I am intrigued by Korean skincare - yes, some are pretty fancy but some are just simple. But simple doesn't mean it's not effective.

I had the chance to attend to an event by MUSE by Watsons (invited by Butterfly Project Malaysia) and I have to say, I like how simple, is being more.

Basically, the range of products by Cremorlab, with T.E.N.

What is T.E.N? It is water composed of tiny mineral particles smaller than your very own pores, blended with essential natural ingredients which then delivered to your skin in the most optimal proportion, effectively.

Where do they take this water from?

It is a thermal water, 1,100m below sea level in a small town of Geumjin, Gangwon province. Beneath the earth's surface, the secret water has minerals, in its purest form that undergone natural purification for a very long time.

You probably asking now.... "How long?"

Answer: 260 millions years.

That's right - 260 millions years, straight into your skin.

Even the images send to me for feature is simply....gorgeous.

Cremorlab foam cleanser
This is Essence Tonic with T.E.N

This is the HERO - Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence - it's almost scentless, yet felt gentle on skin
I tried it for at least two weeks - although I have to say, you still need to use moisturization after application. Some toner or pre-serum have immediate effect of hydrating so your skin won't feel dry but this need moisturizer after application, but fair enough, it's a toner and pre-moisturization step, so to me, it's ok.
The mood shot of some of the main products, including sun protection and moisturizer

Full range products from Cremorlab

I just had to post this video up. you can see the bubbles just "grow" on your skin, working it way to moisture your skin as it react with the oxygen in the air.

Let's just watch the making of the ads, shall we?

And of course, for more wonderful videos of Cremorlab, click here and FB page and IG. Cremorlab's range of skincare is exclusively available in Watsons and MUSE by Watsons - check out their FB here.


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24 September, 2016