New Policy on AirAsia's Flights for PowerBank?

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I am sure by now, some of you read or your friend share with you the announcement made by AirAsia on the powerbank usage restriction on flight. You might even ask, then why do we even bother bringing powerbank on-board and so on. Bla bla bla....

Fret not. We understand from AirAsia's corporate department, they confirmed that AA updated their policy and the earlier announcement is NOT applicable.

Airbus A330 Aircraft
AirAsia's Airbus A330 Aircraft (from AA website)

This is the earlier announcement:
Earlier announcement that apparently circulating on FB.

I would like to suggest to read up their latest policy on prohibited items for baggage here before your trip. I noticed it's updated too.

I noticed the update date is today. Here's the link for you to read more.

Hope this helps and clear your doubt! More information on baggage: 

Travel safe and enjoy your travel if you are flying soon!

Be deelicious,
30 July 2018

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