Samsung: Is this NOTE9? Samsung Note9 Launching on 9 August 2018!

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You know, it's August now. Every time I look calendar, I see March and August as the Samsung month. It's almost a common practice and a tradition for Samsung Mobile to launch its devices in those months.

And Samsung just dropped their teaser and boy oh boy... it's more than just a hint.

Just look at the twit announcing it. If it's not Note 9, I am not sure what that is....

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Additionally, I have received all the teasers to introduce some key highlights that we are expected to see in Note 9 (although no one indicated it's Note 9, it's my presumption that it is, let's hope I am right).


Ever growing need for power, bigger capacity means, you do more, play more, work better in bigger way! Way better but... from the comments I see, I am not sure if this time, the power will go up to 4k onwards? Not sure.

If you tell me no need to take powerbank out and about - I am already in love.

Is storage always a problem? For me, yes. Files and images - and the tons of music I have + Spotify + all and all, I am just greedy (and lazy), I want all my files in my phone. Period.

What about performance? WHO DOESN'T NEED THIS? Seriously? No one will want to face problems like those highlighted in the teaser video. LOL...

However, my biggest suspicion and I almost can confirm based on the hints from the teaser twit - is the S PEN.

This Note8 S-Pen have great function - which is one of the SOLE reason why I love Note series. Almost the entire teaser video on twit is on the Samsung Galaxy S-Pen itself.
I wonder what and how else they will improve on this. Now, now, I am truly excited!

Personally, I am a Samsung Note user - I have almost every generation - notably, Note 7 (my fave), now using Note 8 - I don't mind a Note 9 if the 3 promises as per the teaser is delivered, especially on the S-Pen too.

Malaysia is definitely one of the key market in term of smartphones for Samsung - which traditionally you see pre-order right after the global launch. My Note8 retails at RM3,999 and I got it with Digi for a good deal! 

Digi doing promotion for Note8 with postpaid. Can't help to wonder, what promo will Digi and others be running for Note9?

When will we know the price and promo for Note9?

9 August 2018.

If you want to pre-register (like I just did), you can do it here.

Can't wait till 9 Aug 2018!

Be deelicious!