The Season Of Giving with Elevete Patisserie Christmas Confectionery - Send Some Love to Your Loved Ones!

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This festive season, home ground patisserie brand, Elevete Patisserie officially announced their Christmas confectionery collection and dessert lovers can now purchase and enjoy a variety of Christmas desserts this holiday season.

Brownie Tower

Elevete Patisserie has lined out the best desserts of cakes to keep you feeling jolly during this Christmas. Elevete Patisserie encourages its customers to anticipate and rejoice Christmas this December even if the entire country is still fighting the pandemic.

Why not brighten someone’s day with Elevete Patisserie Christmas Stacked Brownies decorated with actual Christmas ornaments and fruits. Have the Elevete Patisserie Santa’s Little Hats, something quirky for kids and adults too. 

Have some little Santa's hats!

Apart from exciting desserts to choose from, Elevete Patisserie stays true to the Christmas celebration with original and staple desserts such as the Elevete Patisserie Grandma’s Fruit Cake, made with mixed fruits soaked in orange juice, walnuts, cinnamon and fondant brulee. 

Mouth watering Elevete Patisserie Christmas Log Cake made with salted caramel chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting. Dare to be different and order the Elevete Patisserie Christmas Wreaths that comes with 15 pieces of Macarons of Cherries and Blueberries with flavours including Rose Lychee, Salted Popcorn and Red Velvet.

Elevete Patisserie Christmas Confectionery extends its offering to non-christmas themed cakes. Have yourself a Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake, Macaron Tower with Brownies and Sugee Loaf or surprise someone with any of these delectable confectionery.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of celebrations were scaled down to a small celebration as Malaysia tightened the rules and regulations during the festive season. This has inspired Elevete to introduce a Virtual Party package where customers can purchase their favorite desserts to be sent to their loved ones.

You won’t miss a single sharing moments abound with laughter and conversations, even if it is virtual!

Received this and pretty happy with the nice touches and finishes, really pretty and great idea to send to your friends and family or even business associates!

Christmas is a very special occasion where families and friends gather to celebrate in the spirit of love and togetherness. Where hatchets are buried as we remind each other about the importance of tolerance and forgiveness.
Begin your festive planning with Elevete Patisserie here,

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Mix & March Cake Bites - perfect for self-indulgence or for home party and gathering. Or simply deliver to your loved ones!

So if you are looking to surprise someone, this could be it. And why not? Send some cheers and love this holiday! And also note that all confectionery is available for delivery within 24 hours.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all, from!

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